May 2021

  • 04/19/21-04/25/21 Troop B Weekly Report

    On 4/21/2021 Trooper’s Knight and Harrington travelled to CMCC to assist Trooper Willard with a scenario driven Police Operations Course for Criminal Justice students.  This was the final class of the semester and many of the students are currently in hiring processes.  The Troopers were able to also have a talk with the students after and answer any law enforcement questions.  Troopers Harrington and Knight are pictured with the students. 

    On 04/23/21, Tr. Knight conducted a MV stop on Rt. 26 in W. Paris after running the plates and the vehicle not matching what was on file. The operator could not produce a license and was found to be suspended. The rear passenger, Quentin Kelley of Mexico, had an active warrant for DV Terrorizing and Terrorizing. The operator was summonsed for OAS and Kelley was arrested on the warrant. The vehicle had recently been registered and the plates were confirmed to be valid.


    On 04/24/21, Corporal Casey stopped a vehicle for speeding at 117 mph in a legal 55mph zone. Upon investigation, the operator was found to be in possession of liquor. He was subsequently charged with Criminal Speed and Illegal Transportation of Liquor by a Minor.


    On 04/24/2021, Trooper Pyburn and Corporal Russell assisted Paris PD locating and arresting Sean Meehan, after a reported aggravated DV assault in the town of Paris. Meehan, who is on probation for DV, had previously left the scene and was reported to be acting extremely erratic. He was located at his residence on Buckfield Road in Paris and taken into custody without incident.  


    On 04/21/21, Tr. Lemieux conducted a motor vehicle stop on I-295 in Cumberland for an expired registration. Tr. Lemieux made contact with the driver who was identified as Kalila Abssi (32) who provided a Maine identification card only. ABSSI was cited appropriately and the vehicle was towed.


    On 04/23/21, Tr. Lemieux conducted a motor vehicle stop on Runaround Pond Road in Durham. The driver was identified as Ashley North (30) of Lisbon. Her Maine driver’s license was suspended. She was cited appropriately.


    On 04/21/21, Tr. Lemieux was traveling south on Rt. 1 in Falmouth. A U-Haul was traveling North on Rt. 1 with only the marker lights on. Tr. Lemieux turned around and caught up with the vehicle and saw the driver throw a cigarette out the window. Tr. Lemieux conducted a motor vehicle stop. He made contact with the driver (later identified as Stefan Hamilton 32 of Yarmouth). During Tr. Lemieux interaction with HAMILTON, he was using his shoulder to cover his face. HAMILTON provided his girlfriend’s name and date of birth. Further investigation found HAMILTON had four active arrest warrants, a revoked driver license and bail conditions. HAMILTON later confirmed his name. HAMILTON was placed under arrest and transported to York County Jail.


    On 04/22/21, Tr. Lemieux was traveling north on Rt. 136 in Durham. Near the intersection of Old Brunswick Road and Rt. 136. He saw a gray Toyota traveling south on Rt. 136 at a speed much greater than the posted speed limit of 50mph. Tr. Lemieux locked the speed of the vehicle at 77mph. Tr. Lemieux turned around and activated the police cruisers emergency blue lights and siren. Tr. Lemieux was having a difficult time catching up with the vehicle. At one-point Tr. Lemieux saw the vehicle from a distance. On radar the vehicle was traveling 86mph. Tr. Lemieux caught up with the vehicle on Rt. 136 near Chickadee Lane. The vehicle remained traveling 72-80mph while behind the driver. The vehicle then passed another vehicle on Rt. 136 with approaching traffic. The vehicle finally pulled over near the Freeport line. A high-risk motor vehicle stop was conducted. The driver and passenger were detained. The driver was identified as Alexander Osorio-Beliveau (20) of Auburn. BELIVEAU said he did not see Tr. Lemieux behind him. BELIVEAU noted he was rocking out to music. BELIVEAU was issued a USAC for criminal speed.  Freeport Officer Rice assisted.


    On 4/24/2021 Trooper Willard stopped a black Ford Taurus sedan for operating without lights after dark. The operator Jonte Chisholm (20) of Lewiston was found to be operating without a license.  The passenger did not hold a valid license either.  Jonte’s mother was called and she was brought down to provide a ride for Jonte and the passenger.



  • Tanker Truck Crash

    Crashed Dysarts Tractor Trailer TruckFrom the desk of Shannon Moss DPS PIO

    On Monday, May 3, 2021, just before 7am on Interstate 95 Southbound in Wells, a Dysart’s tanker operated by James Naaykens, 51, of Medway, Maine, lost control and drove off the right side of the roadway, striking several small trees.   

    The tanker was empty but the tank that supply’s fuel to the truck spilled approximately 55 gallons of diesel fuel. The Department of Environmental Management is on scene.

    One lane is closed and isn’t expected to reopen for a couple of hours.

  • Tractor Trailer Jackknifes on I-295 in Falmouth

    Jackknifed Tractor trailer on I295From the desk of Shannon Moss, DPS PIO

    On Monday May 3,2021 at approximately 1pm, Trooper Willard was traveling south on I-295 around mile 10, when he observed a black Freightliner Tractor with a box trailer start to brake and jackknife.  Trooper Willard was able to reverse direction and arrive on scene a minute later.  

    The tractor trailer was now blocking both lanes of travel bringing northbound traffic to a stop.  For a short period the driver, Jesse Philbrick, 66, from Limestone, was unable to exit the truck as one door was blocked and the other stuck.  The passenger side window was broken and Philbrick was assisted out of the truck without injury.

    Witnesses say Philbrick was traveling in the right lane, when a vehicle entered 295 from exit 10, failing to yield to Philbrick.  This in turn caused Philbrick to apply his brakes and subsequently jackknife.  No other vehicles were involved in the crash.  

    295 in the area of mile 10 was shut down for about 1.5 hours due to a large amount of fuel spilling from the ruptured fuel tanks.  Traffic was diverted to Route 1.    

    At this time only one lane of traffic is open as cleanup continues on the left lane.

    If anyone witnessed a black sedan that may entered the interstate just prior to the incident is asked to contact Trooper Connor Willard of Troop B in Gray, 207-624-7076.

    Other members of Troop B and K along with Falmouth Fire and Police and DEP / DOT assisted.

  • Troop Weekly Report 04-25 to 05-02-21


    Incident Type:         ASSIST OTHER AGENCY

    Date:                          4/26/2021

    Town:                        fort fairfield

    Trooper:                   TR. KILCOLLINS

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins assisted Fort Fairfield PD with arresting a non-compliant woman for trespassing and warrants.  The Fort Fairfield officer requested assistance due to the woman’s irrational behavior and refusing to follow instructions.  Tr. Kilcollins arrived and tried to talk to the woman but she would not listen to the officers.  After being told numerous times to leave the residence, she was arrested.  The woman resisted the arrest but was eventually handcuffed.  She was transported to Caribou PD for holding by Fort Fairfield PD.


    Incident Type:         WARRANT

    Date:                          4/28/2021

    Town:                        fort kent

    Trooper:                   TR. DESROSIER

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier received a call from the court in Fort Kent stating there was a male there wanting to turn himself in on a warrant (violation or protective order).  Tr. Desrosier met with the man, arrested him, and transported him to Caribou PD where he was held due to the Aroostook County Jail being closed due to COVID.


    Incident Type:         ASSIST OTHER AGENCY

    Date:                          4/28/2021

    Town:                        caribou

    Trooper:                   TR. KILCOLLINS

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins was requested by Caribou PD to assist with a driver that was slumped over the steering wheel.  Tr. Kilcollins arrived and during the course of the investigation, he located a woman that was sleeping in a truck that had two active warrants.  After Caribou PD dealt with the driver that was slumped over, Tr. Kilcollins arrested the woman on the warrants.  She was transported to Caribou PD where she posted bail.


    Incident Type:         OAS/Warrant arrest

    Date:                          4/27/2021

    Town:                        St. Francis

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin was in St. Francis when he saw a vehicle being driven by a man, he recognized drive past him.  Tr. Martin was aware that the operator’s license was suspended.  He followed him to a residence and after speaking with him, also learned that there was a warrant for his arrest.  He was arrested without incident and transported to Fort Kent Police Department and was later released on bail.


    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          4/28/2021

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton was on routine patrol when he observed a go-cart being driven on a public way.  He stopped the vehicle and after speaking with the operator determined that his license was under suspension.  He was charged with Operating After Suspension and the vehicle was returned to his residence.


    Incident Type:         Neighborhood dispute

    Date:                          4/29/2021

    Town:                        Ludlow

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton responded to a Ludlow neighborhood when an altercation was reported to be ongoing between residents.  He learned that a woman’s horses had gotten loose and went onto a neighbor’s property.  The horses were retrieved and in doing so an argument ensued between the involved parties.  Eventually the situation was resolved; and Tr. Cotton advised the owner of the horse that they could face charges in the future if the animals continued to get loose.


    Incident Type:         Warrant Arrest

    Date:                          4/30/2020

    Town:                        Crystal

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton had been working on an investigation of a felony level Violation of Conditions of Release earlier in the month.  Once his investigation was completed, a warrant for arrest was issued for a local man.  Tr. Cotton located the man and he was arrested without incident.  He was transported to the Barracks where he was bailed with more conditions put in place.



    Incident Type:         traffic offense

    Date:                          4/26/2021

    Town:                        monticello

    Trooper:                   tr. mahon

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Mahon was monitoring traffic in Monticello when he stopped a vehicle for an inactive expired license plate.  As a result of the stop, Tr. Mahon charged a 44-year-old Houlton man with Failure to Register a Motor Vehicle Class E and VCR Class E.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.


    Incident Type:         THEFT

    Date:                          4/27/2021

    Town:                        merrill

    Trooper:                   cpl. casavant

    Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Casavant took a theft report from a resident in Merrill.  The victim reported she was trying to purchase something online and sent 196.99 to a person via Venmo.  The person never sent the item and shut down their account online.  The investigation is ongoing.


    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          5/02/2021

    Town:                        Littleton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Mahon

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Mahon stopped a vehicle in Littleton after running a registration check on the vehicle and learning the registered owner had a suspended driver’s license.  As a result of the stop, Tr. Mahon charged the 38-year old Caribou woman with OAS.


    Incident Type:         CRIMINAL MISCHIEF

    Date:                          5/02/2021

    Town:                        Smyrna

    Trooper:                   Tr. Sylvia

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Sylvia responded to a residence in Smyrna for a criminal mischief complaint.  The owner of the residence advised he believed someone had tried to break into his garage and as a result, broke the window.  Nothing appeared to be missing and the investigation is ongoing.

  • Troop G Weekly Report 04/26/2021 - 05/02/2021

    On 04/27/2021, Cpl. Cropper stopped and summonsed a vehicle northbound in Kittery at 90 MPH. The vehicle was driven by Elena Smith (24) of Strafford NH. Troop G recently received an online complaint that this vehicle was driving from Wells to NH at excessive speeds. Four hours later, the vehicle was stopped again by Cpl. Cropper for speeding at 112 MH in a 70 MPH zone, southbound in York. Smith was driving again and was summonsed for criminal speed. Lt. Baker made contact with the complainant to thank them for the information on the vehicle. 

    On 05/02/2021, Sgt. Wilkinson checked on a female that was walking away from a vehicle at MM 46 northbound on the Turnpike. The female was later identified and stated the vehicle ran out of gas. The female operator was suspended, and a subsequent roadside interview revealed the vehicle had falsely attached registration tags and was stolen. The female operator was on bail conditions for theft charges and was charged with unauthorized use of property, violation of conditional release, and operating after suspension.

    On 05/02/2021, Tr. Darcy field trained Recruit Spates (Troop A) for a shift on the turnpike. Rec. Spates charged two individuals with OAS as the result of traffic stops.

    On 05/02/2021, Cpl. Physic’s basketball team won the silver division state championship.  Cpl. Physic is seated in front and taking a well-needed rest.




  • Silver Alert: Richard Wood

    Richard Wood photoUPDATE: Mr Wood was located safely. The Yarmouth Police Department has issued a Silver Alert for Richard Wood, 94, of  Yarmouth, who was last seen in Portland at 6:14pm when he asked for directions to Maine Medical Center.

    Wood is driving a beige 2009 Chevy Impala, Maine Registration 4861. Wood is a white male, 5’6”, 135lbs, has gray hair, brown eyes and wears thick eye glasses. Wood was last seen wearing tan pants and an oversized navy jacket. 

    If located, Wood may be confused.

    Anyone who sees Richard Wood or has information should call 911 or Yarmouth PD.