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Troop B Weekly Report 05/03/21-05/09/21

05/06/2021- MSP Honor Guard members Silk, Roddy, Martin, Dube, MSP Motors, and Troop E assisted with the Honorable transfer from Ellsworth to Bangor of Ellsworth Deputy Fire Chief Robert Dorr. Along the route, firefighters and civilians lined the route to pay tribute.  MDOT changed all their signs along the route to pay tribute to Deputy Fire Chief Dorr’s service. 

05/08/2021- Members of Maine State Police Honor Guard are pictured here with Trooper Harry A. Hansen (ret. #403.) beside the 100th Anniversary State Police cruiser. Tr. Hansen is the oldest living retired Trooper to date. The Honor Guard met Tr. Hansen after performing an honorable flag fold and presentation at a retiree’s remembrance ceremony in Litchfield on May 8, 2021.  Honor Guard members continue to bridge the gap between current and retired members in an effort to keep our retires more involved in the MSP.



On 05/06/2021,Tr. Knight located Brandon Wilkinson-Rall (25) in Brownfield. Trp. Knight knew PO Fillebrown wanted a hold on Brandon as he had not been complying with visits or rehab. Brandon was also on bail. 3.80 grams of Fentanyl was found on Brandon after a search. Brandon was arrested on probation revocation, felony possession and VCR. Oxford SO assisted.


On 05/08/2021, Cpl. Hink and Tr. Cowie assisted Cumberland County with a report of someone driving by a residence and shooting the windows out in a vehicle parked in the driveway with a BB gun.  It was also reported that a male was shot in the face with a BB gun during the incident.  Cpl. Hink and Tr. Cowie put out a BOLO for a black sedan with no luck. 

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03/29/2021-04/04/2021 Tr. B Weekly Report

·         On 04/03/21 Troopers from section 1 set up a move over detail on Route 4 in Auburn. Winn’s Towing brought out a wrecker loaded with a vehicle and parked it on the shoulder. From the hours of 1800-2000 there were 19 stops, 17 warnings and 2 tickets. The vast majority of the traffic obeyed the move over law. Many of the stops served as a good opportunity to remind and educate the public. We were also assisted by Androscoggin SO. April 3rd is a day Trooper’s and Law Enforcement across the State will never forget. This detail was focused on making the roadways a safer place for Public Safety workers. RIP Detective Campbell.


·         On 04/02/21 Tr. Watson stopped a vehicle on Rt 26 in Poland with no inspection sticker and a loud exhaust. The operator, Eric Pepin (21) was on bail and suspended from a prior OUI. Pepin also had empty alcohol containers inside the vehicle. Pepin was charged for both offenses and issued a notice to submit fingerprints within five days for Violating his Conditions of Release. making a bad pass on Middle Rd in Sabattus. The registration was suspended out of Connecticut and it was determined the plates belonged to the previous owner. The operator, Caleb Anderson (18) was not charged for the suspension as he had just purchased the vehicle the day before. The vehicle was towed off. Anderson was issued a VSAC for the not having insurance on the vehicle.


·         On 4/4/21 Cpl. Russell stopped a vehicle on route 26 in Woodstock for an expired registration.  The operator, Amy Boutilier was suspended and on bail for a prior drug possession.  A search was completed and suspected Heroin/Fentanyl along with numerous items of drug paraphernalia were located in the vehicle.  Boutilier was summonsed for operating after suspensions, VCR and additional charges for drug possession will follow after further analysis.  Tr. Pyburn and Tr. Wing assisted with the investigation.


·         On 4/4/21 Cpl. Russell stopped a vehicle on route 26 in West Paris for speed.  The operator held a suspended Texas Driver’s license and was summonsed for operating without a license.


·         On 03/31/21 Tr. Knight responded to King St in Hiram for a report of VCR. Cindy Hall (40) had Facebook messaged a male who she had conditions not to have contact with. Cindy was arrested twice the day before by Cpl. Hink for incidents involving both parties. Tr. Knight located Cindy later that evening and arrested her for felony VCR.


·         On 04/03/21 Tr. Lemieux was traveling south on I-295 in Falmouth. He noted a Dodge Avenger traveling in front of him. The vehicle had multiple defects and was swerving in and out of lane two. Tr. Lemieux conducted a motor vehicle stop and identified the driver as Lee Wilson. WILSON provided an Oregon identification card. LEE license in Maine was suspended and he only had an identification card in Oregon. LEE was on probation for Unlawful Possession of Scheduled Drugs. He also had a non-extraditable warrant out of Washington for robbery. LEE probation officer was contacted. A search of LEE person and vehicle did not locate anything worth note. The vehicle was towed, and LEE was issued a USAC for OAS.


·         On 03/31/21 Tr. Watson stopped a vehicle with no front plate on Rt 122 in Poland. The registration came back suspended. The operator was charged accordingly.

·         On 04/01/21 Tr. Watson stopped a vehicle making a bad pass on Middle Rd in Sabattus. The registration was suspended out of Connecticut and it was determined the plates belonged to the previous owner. The operator, Caleb Anderson (18) was not charged for the suspension as he had just purchased the vehicle the day before. The vehicle was towed off. Anderson was issued a VSAC for not having insurance on the vehicle.

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Troop G - Trooper Steven Stubbs Retires

Trooper Steven Stubbs is retiring from the Maine State Police after 25 years of service. His official last day will be Friday, May 29, 2020. Lt. Baker presented Tr. Stubbs with a plaque in honor of his 25 years of service and dedication to the Maine State Police.

Trooper Steven Stubbs retired after 25 years of service
Trooper Steven Stubbs retired after 25 years of service



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Troop B Weekly Report 03/09/2020-03/15/2020

Incident: Accident

Date:                                     3/12/2020

Town:                                   Falmouth

Trooper:                              DET. ROYLE, TR. FLANAGAN, TR. KEIM

Brief Synopsis:  Det. Royle responded to a Tractor Trailer Unit that had left the roadway in the area of MM 11 NB.  The male operator identified as HATCH, PAUL S (48) stated that he had been suffering from a chest cold for the past couple of weeks and had blacked out.  The TT Unit drifted off into the median and narrowly missed a vehicle travelling in the SB passing lane due to the cable barrier.  The trailer which was loaded with 30,000 lbs. of processed human excrement, separated from the Tractor and overturned spilling a significant amount of its load into the SB passing lane.  I-295 was reduced to one lane in both directions for several hours as Stewart’s Towing recovered the vehicle and MDOT crews cleaned up the median and roadway.  Troopers Flanagan Keim assisted and dealt with three secondary crashes and crossover violators while the clean-up was in progress.






















Incident Type:   Honor Guard

Date:                                   03/08 & 03/09/2020

Town:                                  Auburn & Lewiston

Trooper:                              Sgt. Farley, Cpl. Casey, Russell, Hink, Tr. Wells, Plourde, Flanagan, Dunn, Burke

Brief Synopsis: The Honor Guard fulfilled a request for Legendary Trooper Bureau’s wake in the city of Auburn.  Family members had requested a casket watch during the wake. Participating members were Wells, Casey, Hink, Russell, and Farley. On 03-09-20 the Honor Guard fulfilled a request for Legendary Trooper Bureau’s funeral services and Honorable transfer to final resting place in the city of Lewiston.  Family members had requested an Urn team and Honor Transfer from the Auburn funeral home to the Basilica in Lewiston. Participating members were Plourde, Flanagan, Russell, Dunn, Farley, and Burke.  The Honor Transfer was worked in close conjunction with the motor unit and members of Troop B.  Honor Guard personnel also worked with the Marine Corp Honor funeral services unit at the cemetery.

Incident Type:   DV ASSAULT

Date:                                     3/11/2020

Town:                                   WALES

Trooper:                              Trp. Nadeau

Brief Synopsis: On 3/11/20 Tr. Nadeau responded to Wales for a report of a domestic. The caller reported she found a female on the side of the road walking who was all beat up from a fight she had with her husband. The caller reported that the male suspect had fled into the woods. Once on scene Tr. Nadeau spoke with a female (37) of the above address. The female stated she got into an argument with her husband (42). She stated her husband hit her in the face with a storage bin, pushed her down and then fled out the back door. The female had a black eye, a laceration on her neck and stitches on her hand had ripped open from a prior injury. Tr. Nadeau was able to locate he husband down the road and  arrested him, transported him to ACJ, and charged him with DV Assault. DHHS was also called because the female’s 9-year-old daughter witnessed the assault.


Incident Type:   OUI

Date:                                     3/13/2020

Town:                                   NAPLES

Trooper:                              CORPORAL CASEY

Brief Synopsis:  Corporal Casey observed a vehicle pull into a parking spot at a business on Route 302 in the Town of Naples and strike a barrier with the front of the vehicle. The operator exited the car and appeared unsteady on his feet. Corporal Casey made contact with the man, determining he had been drinking. He was arrested after failing SFST’S and charged with 1st Offense OUI.


Incident Type:   WARRANT

Date:                                     3/09/2020

Town:                                   Brownfield                                                                                                         

Trooper:                              trooper PYBURN, Corporal Russell

Brief Synopsis:  Trooper Pyburn and Corporal Russell arrested Michael Korona, at his residence in Brownfield, for an outstanding warrant for theft. Units had responded to the address a week prior, when Korona overdosed. He was transported to the hospital that evening for treatment, but law enforcement was never notified upon his release. Trooper Pyburn, Corporal Russell, and Deputy George (Oxford County SO) made contact with Korona at his residence on the evening of 3/9. During the interaction Korona became uncooperative and was taken into custody after a brief altercation. Korona was transported to the Oxford County Jail and charged with Refusing to Submit to Arrest (class D).


Incident Type:   VIOLATION OF BAIL

Date:                                     3/09/2020

Town:                                   Norway                                                                                               

Trooper:                              Trooper PYBURN

Brief Synopsis:  Trooper Pyburn arrested Daniel Dunn of Waterford, after a traffic stop on Route 118 in the town of Norway. Dunn, who is on probation, was taken into custody after a large number of various prescription pills were located on his person. Dunn was transported to the Oxford County Jail without incident, where he was charged with possession of Schedule Z drugs, Violating Conditions of Release.


Incident Type:   ACCIDENT

Date:                                     3/12/2020

Town:                                   Paris                                                                                                     

Trooper:                               Trooper PYBURN

Brief Synopsis:  Trooper Pyburn covered a crash involving a Paris PD cruiser, at the Family Dollar in Paris. No injuries were reported, and the crash was determined to be non-reportable. 

Portland-Area Man Arrest on Warrant

Levar Green, 42, of Portland-Area

WEST GARDINER, Maine - A Portland-area man was arrested earlier today after a traffic stop revealed he had a felony warrant.

On the morning of Feb. 1, 2020, a Trooper from Troop D stopped a vehicle traveling Northbound on Interstate 95 in West Gardiner for operation. During the roadside investigation, it was learned a passenger in the vehicle was Levar Green, 42, of the Portland, Maine area, had a fully-extraditable Felony Arrest Warrant out of Kennebec County for Domestic Violence Assault and Violating a Protection from Abuse Order. 

Green was arrested without incident and transported to Kennebec County Jail where bail was set at $5,000.

Troop B Weekly Report 11/18/19-11/24/19

Incident Type:           ARREST - OTHER

Date:                           11/21/2019

Town:                         Topsham

Trooper:                     Tr. James

Brief Synopsis:         Tr. James took a report of a 10-59 “bucket truck” at mile 34 in Topsham. Tr. James found the truck trying to drive down the breakdown lane with two blown tires. The driver and passenger were warned to have a wrecker tow the vehicle and not to move the truck any further; they agreed. Tr. James circled back around an hour later to find the truck now at mile 31 and still moving. Tr. James stopped the truck and radioed for a commercial vehicle unit to assist. The driver, Lorezno Garcia (37) of Florida was charged with Operating Without a License. Tr. Northrup was also going to charge the company with several federal violations.


Incident Type:           OAS

Date:                           11/24/2019

Town:                         Portland

Trooper:                     Tr. Flanagan

Brief Synopsis: Tr. Flanagan stopped a vehicle for traveling 70 mph in a 50 mph on I-295 in Portland during a snow storm. Upon further investigation, he discovered that the subject only had an identification card in Maine and did not possess a valid license.  The subject was charged with Operating without a license (Class E) and released from the scene with a licensed driver.   


Incident Type:           OAS 

Date:   11/22/2019 

Town: Leeds

Trooper: tR. Paquette

Brief Synopsis: Trooper Paquette summonsed Walter Donnell of Turner for OAS.


Incident Type:           OUI Alcohol

Date:   11/20/19                     

Town: Hiram

Trooper: CPL. HINK

Brief Synopsis: Cpl. Hink responded to a single vehicle crash on the Shotgun Gulch Rd. in Hiram. The investigation revealed Pricilla Howard was the operator of the vehicle. Howard showed obvious signs of impairment and was subsequently arrested for Operating Under the Influence – Alcohol.

Troop B Weekly Report 11/11/19-11/17/19

Incident Type:   Felony theft

Date:     11/13/2019 

Town:   W. Paris

Trooper: Tr. Fillebrown & Tr. Recruit Lemieux

Brief Synopsis: Shane Rines was arrested in West Paris for felony theft by receiving after Troop Detective Fillebrown and Tr. Recruit Lemiuex located a stolen trailer and tools from Gardiner at Rines residence.   The investigation started after Tr. Recruit Lemieux had observed tools in the back of Rines pickup during a traffic stop the evening before in Auburn.  The tools had names written on them and after calling the company Lemieux was advised of the theft. (Troop Detective Fillebrown and Lemieux had interviewed Rines a month prior in regard to other stolen trailers at his previous residence in Buckfield).  Through the investigation more information was revealed in reference to a stolen trailer in Greene and Androscoggin SO charged Rines with felony theft. Investigation is ongoing and further charges are possible.

Incident Type:   OAS 

Date:     11/16/2019 

Town:   Bethel 

Trooper:   Tr. Pyburn 

Brief Synopsis: Trooper Pyburn summonsed Mathew Perkins of Norway, with Operating After Suspension. The stop occurred on Route 2 in Bethel, for a hands-free violation. 


Incident Type:   OAS & false name

Date:      11/12/2019

Town:     Portland

Trooper:  Tr. Flanagan & Recruit Lemieux

Brief Synopsis:  Tr. Flanagan and Recruit Lemieux stopped a vehicle on I-295 in Portland for speed and seatbelt violations. They made contact with the female operator and three passengers.  Upon further investigation, they discovered that the female operator was providing them with a false name.  They eventually received the correct name and discovered that the female operator was suspended.  She stated she thought she had active warrants out of New Hampshire which was not true.  The subject was charged with OAS (Class E) and released from the scene with a licensed driver. 

Tr. B Weekly Report 11/4/19-11/10/19

Incident Type:   Assist other agency - MV Theft (With 3 young kids inside)

Date:                                     11/09/2019

Town:                                   Livermore                                                          

Trooper:                              Tr. Reny, Tr. Hall

Brief Synopsis: Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office received an emergency 911 call from a resident on the Butter Hill Road in Livermore reporting a disturbance between a male and female. Deputies were advised that the female had taken off on foot heading towards the area of Brettun’s Variety, (Route 4) in Livermore. Deputy Mike Mejia arrived at Brettun’s Variety minutes later and was flagged down by a male who reported his vehicle had just been stole, while he was inside paying for gas.  The male informed the Deputy that his three young children, ages 6, 4, and 2 were inside the vehicle, which was described as a black 2010 Jeep Wrangler. Deputies immediately notified all surrounding law enforcement agencies to be on the look-out (BOLO) for the vehicle and began searching for the vehicle.  At 9:00 am, Livermore Falls Police Officer Bachelder observed the Jeep heading north on Route 4 in Livermore Falls.  Officer Bachelder attempted to stop the vehicle but the vehicle failed to stop, maintaining the posted speed limit, and continued north on Rt. 4 in the town of Jay.  Jay Police Officer Morin then joined in the pursuit.  Maine State Trooper’s Marcus Reny and Randy Hall were able to use a tire deflating device on the vehicle as it continued on Rt. 4 in North Jay.  The vehicle turned onto Greenridge Way, which is a dead end roadway and crashed into a garage and residence at the end of Greenridge Way. The operator, who has been identified as Shannon Lee Dupree (42) and was taken into custody.  The three children were not injured and were quickly reunited with their father.  It was confirmed that Dupree was involved in the initial disturbance call on Butter Hill Road.  The operator was arrested and has been charged by both the Androscoggin County Sheriff’s Office and the Livermore Falls Police Department.


Incident Type:   DOMESTIC VIOLENCE/Warrant Arrest

Date:                                     11/06/2019

Town:                                   Hiram                                                   

Trooper:                             Tr. PYBURN, Lt. Tilsley

Brief Synopsis:  Trooper Pyburn responded to Richardson Road in Hiram, for a report a domestic disturbance between Mathew Hartford and Stephani Ferguson. Upon arriving on scene and interviewing both parties, Trooper Pyburn noted injuries on Ferguson and Hartford. Trooper Pyburn learned Hartford was on bail for a previous DV incident between the two, and Ferguson had an active warrant.  A predominant aggressor determination made, and Trooper Pyburn arrested Hartford for DV assault, and VCR. Deputy Huston (Oxford Sheriff’s Office) arrested and transported Ferguson on the warrant.


Incident Type: Domestic Violence

Date:                                     11/10/2019

Town:                                   Brownfield

Trooper:                              Corporal Hink

Brief Synopsis:  At approximately 0130 hours, Cpl. Hink was called out to a domestic at 58 Denmark Road in Brownfield where it was reported by Michelle Reed that her husband, Daniel Reed, had been punching her like a punching bag.  ARCC advised Cpl. Hink that Michelle is on bail conditions but both parties are not wanted.  Cpl. Hink arrived on scene and noticed Fryeburg Off. Lee arrived, and Michelle was being evaluated by Rescue.  Michelle told Cpl. Hink that Daniel was sleeping on the couch with their 2-year old son.  Michelle admitted that both she and Daniel had been drinking and Daniel had approximately consumed a 12-pack of beer.  Cpl. Hink contacted Daniel and was able to separate him from his son.  Cpl. Hink asked Daniel to go to another room and away from his sleeping son and he did.  Cpl. Hink advised Daniel he was under arrest for Domestic Violence Assault and Daniel resisted arrest.  After a short struggle, Cpl. Hink was able to get Daniel in handcuffs and escorted him to his cruiser.  Cpl. Hink transported Daniel to the Oxford County Jail and charged him with Domestic Violence Assault and Refusing to Submit to Arrest.  At approximately 0930 hours, Cpl. Hink contacted Michelle and conducted a 48-hour follow up. Cpl. Hink charged Michelle with Violation of her bail conditions due to her drinking.  


Incident Type:   OAS & VCR

Date:                                     11/08/2019

Town:                                   Freeport                             

Trooper:                              Tr. James

Brief Synopsis:  Tr. James stopped Autumn Mains (26) of Biddeford on I295 for 82 in a 65 MPH zone. Mains’ license was suspended at the time of the stop and she was also on bail conditions. Mains was charged with Operating After Suspension and Violating Conditions of release. Her vehicle was towed from the scene.


Incident Type:         OAS                                               

Date:                          11/06/2019

Town:                       Durham                                        

Trooper:                   Tr. Willard, Tr. Rec. Lemieux

Brief Synopsis: On 11/6/2019, Tr. Willard and Tr. Rec. Lemieux stopped ME PC 689XC southbound on Route 136 in Durham for a speed infraction.  Upon further investigation, it was found the operator, Jonato Mbongo had a suspended driver’s license and was summonsed.

Troop D Weekly Report

Troop D weekly activities for time November 4th to November 10th 2019

On 11/7/19 Sgt. Quintero conducted a traffic stop of Sarah Crane (41 YO) of Rockland. After finding evidence of recent crack cocaine use in the vehicle Crane was arrested for 2 counts Unlawful Possession of Schedule Drugs in the town of Waldoboro. Crane was booked into Two Bridges Regional Jail.

On 11/7/19 Tr. Belanger stopped Tyler Saucier (25) of Lewiston on Upper Pond Rd in Litchfield for a loud exhaust. Saucier’s registration was suspended and was charged for operating with a suspended registration.

On 11/7/19 Tr. Plourde stopped Dustin Perry (19) of Fairfield on I-295 for a failure to display registration. Dustin was found to have a suspended license and was summonsed.

On 11/7/19 Tr. Dunn received a report of an ongoing harassment issue involving an ex-employee at the Farmingdale Dunkin Donuts. Tr. Dunn later learned that Nathan Price (32) of Randolph had been served a harassment order for the two managers of Dunkin Donuts and issued a trespass order for the store following his termination. One of the managers stated that Price had contacted her several days prior to calling in and that day she had also received a restricted phone call saying that someone was going to bring in a rifle to the store and shoot it up. That manager was able to identify Price by his voice and Price was later arrested and charged with Terrorizing and Harassment and brought to KCJ.

On 11/7/19 Tr. Plourde stopped Jonathan O’Donnell (43) of Gardiner on Rt. 9 in Chelsea for an expired registration. Jonathan was summonsed for Operating with Expired Registration > 150 days.

On 11/8/19 Tr. Plourde and Cpl. Wells, tasked as members of the Honor Guard to demonstrate a two-person flag fold, attended a Veteran’s Day assembly at the Dayton Elementary School in Dayton.

On 11/8/19 Sgt. Quintero approached a 4-way intersection in the Town of Hope. A white pickup truck drove directly through a 4 way stop intersection without slowing or

stopping. After a traffic stop Tyler Pearse (31YO) of Camden was arrested for Operating under the influence of Alcohol. Pearse was booked into Knox County Jail.

On 11/8/19 Tr. Nunez arrested Joshua Magaw (34 YO) of Richmond for DV Assault against his mother.

On 11/9/19 Cpl. Pelletier stopped Brittainy Mitchell (24) on Rt.1 in Brunswick for a speeding violation. Her vehicle’s registration was expired in excess of 150 days, and she was summonsed for the offense.

Farmingdale arrest

Eric Colbert, 38, of Farmingdale

State Police arrested a Farmingdale man after a bail check over the weekend.

On Nov. 10, 2019, Maine State Troopers out of Troop D conducted a bail check on Eric Colbert, 38, of Farmingdale at his residence. Colbert was on bail for multiple drug trafficking offenses and on probation for drug trafficking offenses.  Colbert has been incarcerated multiple times in Maine and New York related to drug distribution charges.  

During the check, Colbert was found to be in possession of handgun ammunition and a 20-gauge pump-action shotgun with shells loaded and chambered. Colbert was arrested for being a Felon in Possession of a Firearm and Violating his Conditions of Release by committing new Criminal Conduct.  Colbert was transported to Kennebec County Jail where he was held without bail. 



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