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Troop G Weekly Report 04/12/2021 - 04/18/2021

On 04/13/2021, while traveling back from Augusta, Tr. Darcy stopped to check on a vehicle in the breakdown lane southbound on I-295 in Brunswick. The female driver was on the phone with 911 trying to get medical help and was stating that she could not breathe. She further stated that she was losing feeling in her left hand and the left side of her face. Tr. Darcy had Augusta RCC start rescue and stayed with the female until she was eventually transported.

On 04/13/2021, Tpr. Darcy arrested James Lund of Raymond on an extraditable warrant out of NH for failing to register as a sex offender as the result of a traffic stop northbound on the turnpike in Biddeford. Lund was transported to the YCJ without incident.

Troop G Weekly Report 04/05/2021 - 04/11/2021

On 04/08/2021, Cpl. Cote charged Gerald Francis (28) of Boston, MA with Leaving the Scene of a Crash.

On 04/08/2021, Tr. Kelley stopped a vehicle at MM 62 SB in Gray for an expired inspection sticker. The male operator was found to have an active warrant and was subsequently arrested.

On 04/08/2021, Lt. Baker stopped Michael Whitting (18) of Winslow for criminal speed. He was traveling 101 MPH in a 70 MPH-zone on I-295 in Bowdoinham and was summonsed accordingly. 

On 04/09/2021, Tr. Libritz, Cpl. Physic, Tr. Mackinnon, and Tr. Keim responded to a single-vehicle crash that happened on I-95 northbound at MM 37. The preliminary investigation showed that Bradford Quinlan (36) of Portland was driving north on I-95 when he left the roadway and his Ford F-150 rolled over into trees.  Bradford had to be extricated from the vehicle. Bradford was taken to Maine Medical Center for his injuries and is expected to live.

Troop G Weekly Report 03/29/2021 - 04/04/2021

On 03/30/2021, Tr. Darcy stopped a vehicle northbound on the turnpike in Saco. The vehicle was towed due to the registration being suspended for tolls.

On 04/01/2021, Tr. Keim received a call that a white pickup had left exit 48 headed northbound and that the driver was intoxicated.  After several more calls, Tr. Keim stopped the vehicle around mile 79 in Lewiston.  Subsequently after Tr. Keim’s investigation, the driver, Devin Adams (32) of Jay, was arrested for operating under the influence.

On 04/02/2021, Tr. Parks and Sgt. Pappas assisted rescue with a female that was having an allergic reaction on 95.

On 04/02/2021, Tr. Loder responded to the York Tolls to meet with the driver of a Concord Bus about an unruly passenger. Tr. Loder removed the male passenger for drinking, smoking, and refusing to wear a face covering.  The passenger countered these allegations by saying he wasn’t smoking - he was vaping.  Tr. Loder sent the passenger off Exit 7 to the Park & Ride where he was able to make alternate travel arrangements.  The driver and 20+ other passengers continued their trip.

On 04/03/2021, Tr. Loder stopped a black Acura southbound in Wells for traveling 130 MPH, and charged the operator, Kevin Garcia (21) of Massachusetts, with Criminal Speed. 

Adam Uldall received a 46-month prison sentence stemming from a traffic stop Sgt. Pappas had in 2020.

Tr. Kristy LiBritz is an assistant coach for the GNG Sparkling Diamond Chips. Their team came in second place at the virtual Firehouse Face Off Cheerleading Competition. This was their first competition of the season.

Troop G Weekly Report 03/22/2021 - 03/28/2021

On 03/22/2021, Sgt. Porter assisted Portland PD with a complaint that a Ford Edge was driving erratically around the Maine Turnpike Authority lot and struck a parked vehicle. The operator of the Ford Edge was identified as Anthony Trottier (20) of Portland. Trottier had driven over one of the islands and over snowbanks, and at one point he fell out of the vehicle onto the ground. Trottier was found to have a BAC level over the legal limit and was arrested for OUI. His vehicle sustained significant front-end damage.

On 03/22/2021, Cpl. Cote investigated an assault that occurred at mile 30 southbound in Arundel.  He will be seeking an arrest warrant for the suspect.

On 03/23/2021, Lt. Baker stopped Spencer Farris of Yarmouth for 71 MPH in a 35 MPH zone on Pleasant Street in Brunswick.  He was summonsed accordingly. 

On 03/28/2021, Tr. Keim responded to exit 44 north to investigate a crash that involved a stolen vehicle out of Portland.  The vehicle had exited at exit 44 and ran into the end of a guardrail. The driver was identified as James Pelkey (52) of South Portland.  In the vehicle with Pelkey was a passenger, Leroy Quiles (31) of Lawrence, Massachusetts.  Both Pelkey and Quiles were taken to Maine Medical Center with non-life-threatening injuries.  Prior to the crash, the vehicle was being pursued by Scarborough PD.  The Scarborough officer had already terminated the pursuit prior to the vehicle crashing.  Scarborough PD will be doing their own investigation.

Cpl. Physic's team won the Northern New England Tournament (basketball) this weekend.  It is one of the largest basketball tournaments that is held in Maine each year.

Troop G Weekly Report 03/15/2021 - 03/21/2021

On 03/15/2021, Sgt. Pappas investigated an OUI crash.

On 3/15/2021, Cpl. Duda conducted a traffic stop near mile 46 southbound after clocking a vehicle traveling 87 MPH. The operator, Ellen Maloney (30) of Falmouth, was ultimately arrested for operating under the influence. She was charged accordingly.

On 03/15/2021, Tr. Darcy charged Samantha Carter (39) of Lewiston with OAS as the result of a traffic stop northbound on the turnpike in York. The vehicle was towed as the registration was suspended for tolls.

On 03/17/2021, Lt. Baker stopped a male juvenile for 93 MPH in a 60 MPH zone.  The juvenile had just come out of a 50 MPH construction zone near mile 50.5.  The juvenile was summonsed accordingly and the father was contacted about the stop. 

On 03/18/2021, Tr. Keller responded to a crash involving a tractor trailer and a Turnpike pickup truck at mile marker 92 northbound in Litchfield. The Turnpike truck was parked in the breakdown lane with amber lights flashing while the driver and passenger were outside the vehicle retrieving construction signs. The tractor trailer drifted into the breakdown lane, hitting the rumble strip before sideswiping the pickup and continuing into the ditch where it rolled over and spilled its load of wine. The operator of the tractor trailer, William Rodney Harrington (59) of Hartford, Connecticut, and one of the Turnpike employees were treated at the hospital. Harrington was summonsed for a logbook violation and failure to move over. Cpl. Rogers, Tr. DeGroot, and Tr. Northrup of Troop K (Commercial Vehicle Enforcement Unit) assisted.

On 03/19/2021, Cpl. Cote charged Jonathan Cesar of Lynn, MA with OUI, OWL, Operating Beyond License Restrictions, and Unauthorized Use of a Motor Vehicle.

On 03/20/2021, Cpl. Duda conducted a traffic stop near mile marker 34 northbound after observing the vehicle operating erratically and traveling at 97 MPH. The operator, Eric Strout (35) of Hollis, was arrested for operating under the influence. He was charged accordingly.

Trooper Kristy LiBritz was contacted by a Wyoming Trooper who shared the journey of the Wreaths Across America plate that was authorized to be displayed from December 6th to December 13th, 2015. David Wagener has been with the Wyoming Highway Patrol for two decades and he advised the 742 plate is now part of a plate collection in Cheyenne, Wyoming.


Troop G Weekly Report 03/08/2021 - 03/14/2021

On 03/11/2021, Sgt. Pappas investigated an OUI drug crash.  The subject refused the DRE evaluation.  He was summonsed for OUI.

On 03/11/2021, Sgt. Wilkinson was dispatched to a domestic assault at the Gray Park & Ride. Upon arrival, Sgt. Wilkinson gathered further information that an assault had occurred. The victim currently had a protection from abuse order against the suspect. The suspect was also on bail conditions for domestic violence assault regarding a different ex-girlfriend. Sgt. Wilkinson gained information to the whereabouts of the suspect. Sgt. Wilkinson and Sgt. Bureau located the suspect at a residence in New Gloucester. The suspect was taken into custody and transported to the Cumberland County Jail without incident. The suspect was charged with domestic violence assault, violation of a protection from abuse order, and violation of conditional release. Sgt. Porter also assisted.

On 03/13/2021, Cpl. Duda summonsed a female operator from Connecticut for traveling 104 MPH on the Maine Turnpike in Wells.

On 3/14/2021, Tr. Kelley responded to a traffic complaint in West Gardiner involving a motor vehicle traveling at approximately 20 MPH with a mechanical issue.  The operator was a 45-year-old Massachusetts resident alone in the vehicle who refused to stop and continued driving north between 25-30 MPH in lane one.  The vehicle had an obvious wobble in the front end.  Tr. Verhille from Troop D assisted and Tr. Harrington from Troop C deployed spikes at mile 110.  The operator was arrested shortly afterwards.

Cpl. Physic, along with other Lewiston Rec staff, concluded a basketball program which was one of the first programs to open up since the building was shut down to Covid-19. Cpl. Physic was instrumental in implementing safety procedures to keep everyone healthy, and there were no positive cases.

Troop G Weekly Report 03/01/2021 - 03/07/2021

On 03/02/2021, the Augusta RCC received a call on a vehicle that was traveling 100+ MPH southbound in Kennebunk before it pulled over abruptly.  Tr. Loder found the vehicle abandoned at the Wells line and discovered it had been reported stolen from Portland the night before.  A few minutes later, Cpl. Rogers came upon a man hitchhiking just south of Exit 19.  The subject – identified as Jacob Bowman (20) from Florida - admitted driving the car but denied stealing it.  Bowman said he borrowed the car from a friend and was headed to Tennessee when the car ran out of gas.  After coordinating with Portland PD, Bowman was charged with Theft by Unauthorized Use of Property.

On 03/07/2021, Cpl. Duda and Sgt. Pappas assisted in locating a reportedly armed suspect that had committed a home invasion in Massachusetts. The suspect was ultimately located in Scarborough and taken into custody without incident during a felony stop on Payne Road in Scarborough. Sgt. Kennedy and Sgt. Bryant also assisted.

Troop G Weekly Report 02/22/2021 - 02/28/2021

On 02/24/2021, Tr. Darcy charged a 32-year-old female from Wells with OUI (1 prior) and OAS after she was driving in the ditch alongside the on-ramp to the turnpike in Kennebunk where she got stuck.

On 02/26/2021, Tr. Keller responded to a crash at Exit 75 in Auburn. Richard Manson (72) of Norway was exiting southbound when he drifted over the centerline on the ramp. He struck a vehicle entering southbound. Manson was charged with driving to endanger and operating left of center.

Troop G Weekly Report 02/01/2021 - 02/07/2021

On 02/01/2021, Augusta RCC received two calls on an erratic operation/road rage complaint northbound on the Turnpike in Litchfield.  Tr. Vanadestine responded to the West Gardiner service plaza at MM 102 to meet with one caller, the male operator of a Ford F-150 with two passengers, who claimed he had been assaulted and his truck vandalized.  Cpl. Cote responded to MM 98 to meet with the other callers in a black passenger car.  Both vehicles were traveling north on the Turnpike when the road rage incident occurred.  The operator of the pickup pulled over to let the other vehicle pass by, but instead the black car pulled over behind the pickup. The male operator, Karlos Quile (19), and the female passenger, Xiomara Sarmiento (29), both of Lewiston, exited the black car and started fighting with the occupants of the pickup, threatening the operator with a knife and damaging his vehicle.  Quile was arrested for assault and violating conditions of release, and Sarmiento was summonsed for assault.  A referral to DHHS was made as they had a young child in the backseat.

On 02/02/2021, Tr. Keim covered a property damage crash involving a jack-knifed tractor trailer in the median on I-95 NB at mile marker 36. The TT unit blocked lanes 1 and 2 for several hours. Tr. Northrup assisted on scene.

On 02/02/2021, Tr. MacKinnon covered a property damage crash involving a tractor trailer truck in the median on I-95 NB at mile marker 16. The TT unit crash took most of the night to clean up. Tr. Loder assisted on scene.


On 02/06/2021, Sgts Pappas and Wilkinson, in addition to Troopers D’Angelo and Keim and two Wells Police Officers, recovered two stolen cars and apprehended the suspect who had recently carjacked one of the vehicles in the Kennebunk service plaza.  He was on seven sets of bail conditions and on probation.  He was charged with felony theft.

On 02/07/2021, Cpl. Physic responded to a pick-up truck off the road.  After speaking with the driver, Jessyka Mathieu, Cpl. Physic conducted an OUI investigation and placed Jessyka under arrest for OUI. Cpl. Physic transported Jessyka to the Westbrook Police Department for an intoxilyzer test.  Jessyka was charged with OUI. Spc. Allen assisted. 

Troop G Weekly Report 01/25/2021 - 01/31/2021

Tr. Darcy stopped a vehicle traveling 104 MPH northbound on the turnpike in Biddeford. The female from Lewiston was issued a VSAC for 99/70 MPH.

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