Weekly Report

Troop G Weekly Report 05/18/2020 - 05/24/2020

On 05/18/2020, Tr. Welch stopped Jack C. McCarthy (26) of Portland for Criminal Speed (113 MPH) at mile 23 in Kennebunk. McCarthy was cited accordingly.

On 05/19/2020, Tr. Darcy charged Justin Royal (24) of Sanford with Aggravated Trafficking Schedule W Drugs as the result of a traffic stop northbound on the turnpike in Wells. Royal was in possession of 16 grams of fentanyl, 7 grams of crystal methamphetamine, and over 70 different types of pills to include oxycodone and suspected ecstasy. Troopers Williams, Wilkinson, and Libritz assisted. 

On 05/20/2020, Tr. Keller responded to a tractor trailer rollover on the Exit 75 SB ramp. The operator, a 27-year-old male from Florida, sustained an injury to his hand. He lost control on the ramp and rolled onto his side carrying bundles of wood. The ramp was shut down while the tractor trailer was towed. Cpl. Cloutier, Tr. Northrup, and Sgt. Porter assisted.

On 05/21/2020, during the morning commute, Tr. Physic pulled a vehicle over for erratic operation. Tr. Physic learned the driver, Kevin Lunn, had a suspended driver license status due to several suspensions. Tr. Physic summonsed the driver for Operating After Suspension.

On 05/22/2020, Tr. Keim responded to a rollover crash at 23 NB in Wells. After Tr. Keim’s investigation, he was able to determine that the young driver was on a permit and was either distracted and/or unfamiliar with the vehicle. She went into the left dirt shoulder, struck the guardrail, and then traveled across all three lanes. While going across the three lanes, she was struck by a vehicle that was in the far right lane. This in turn caused that vehicle to go off the road and roll over twice. All parties involved walked away from the crash with only scratches.

On 05/22/2020, Tr. Darcy charged Rodney Brown (43) of NH with Operating without a License as the result of a traffic stop southbound on the turnpike in Wells.

On 05/22/2020, Tr. Darcy charged Daniel Foley (49) of NH with Operating without a License as the result of a traffic stop southbound on the turnpike in Ogunquit.

On 05/23/2020, at approximately 0206 hours, Tr. Libritz responded to a vehicle off the road at mile 37 SB in Saco. Upon further investigation it was determined the operator, David Smith (36) of Bath, was intoxicated and had a BAC over the legal limit. He was arrested for Operating Under the Influence. Sgt. Doughty waited with the vehicle until the wrecker removed it.

On 05/23/2020, Tr. Darcy stopped two vehicles traveling at high rates of speed southbound on the turnpike. The speeds were 101 MPH and 96 MPH; both drivers were from Massachusetts.

On 05/23/2020, Tr. Keim stopped Cortes Sorto Selvin Omar (22) from Honduras for traveling 102 MPH in a posted 70 MPH speed zone. After interviewing the driver and the 3 passengers, it was determined that all 4 were in the United States illegally. Tr. Keim contacted ICE and relayed the information to them.  ICE will be investigating at a later date. Omar was charged with criminal speed.

On 05/23/2020, Tr. Keim responded to a single motor vehicle crash at mile 42 SB. The male operator from Kennebunkport stated that he was in middle lane and went to change lanes and lost control. He then went into the center median and struck the guardrail. He was taken to SMMC for observation.

On 05/23/2020, Tr. Duda investigated a vehicle stopped in the road prior to the 42 entrance ramp in Scarborough. The female operator, Nicole Boothby (35) of Alfred, was crawling around in her vehicle looking for her E-ZPass. Boothby had been drinking earlier in the evening and was ultimately arrested for operating under the influence. She was brought to the Cumberland County Jail for a breath test, which she refused to take. She was charged with operating under the influence of intoxicating beverages.

On 05/24/2020, Tr. Welch stopped Abdifatah S. Ali (34) of Portland for Criminal Speed (119 MPH) at mile 33 in Saco. Ali was cited accordingly.

On 05/24/2020, Tr. Welch stopped Mujahid Kosa Kukukomi (41) of Roxbury, MA for Criminal Speed (106 MPH) at mile 23 in Kennebunk. Kukukomi was cited accordingly.

Tr. Williams cited several drivers for excessive speed. High speeds were 127, 102, and 104 MPH.

Troop D Weekly Report for May 11 to May 17, 2020

Troop D weekly activities for time May 11th to May 17th, 2020

On 5/11/2020 Tr. Harrington responded to 770 Coopers Mills Road in Windsor for an alleged stolen firearm complaint. The caller, Matthew Grant (51) explained his son, Ethan Grant (26) had stolen a black 9mm Girsan handgun from the Windsor residence sometime earlier in the evening on 5/11. Tr. Harrington and Tr. Roddy were able to gain intel and located Ethan at a known drug house in Augusta later in the evening. Ethan was taken into custody by Tr. Harrington and the firearm was located by Tr. Roddy and Tr. Tlumac inside the home hidden under the bathroom cabinet. Ethan was transported to Kennebec County Jail where he claimed he was positive Covid-19 and was denied entrance into the jail. Grant was transported to Maine General Medical Center where he refused to be tested by medical staff. After being cleared for incarceration, Grant was brought back to Kennebec County Jail where he was charged with: Theft of Firearm Class B, Possessing Firearm While Prohibited Class C, and Violating Conditions of Release Class E. Bail was set at $15,000

On 5/11/2020 Tr. Dunn stopped Brandon Frappier (25) of Oakland for speeding on I-295 in Richmond. Frappier was suspended and was charged with OAS.

On 5/12/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Diane Fahey (30) and Christopher Allen (41) of New Hampshire, John Parent (26) of Hampden, and Hailey Sawyer (23) of Sebec on I395 in Bangor for obstruction of view and an expired inspection. After a brief investigation, Trooper Belanger ran Dallas around the vehicle. Dallas alerted to the presence of drugs. Parent and Sawyer were charged with Paraphernalia. Fahey was found with 1.3 g of Heroin and was charged with Possession of Schedule W Drugs. Allen was found in possession of 13 grams of heroin and 3.4 grams of meth. Allen was charged with aggravated Trafficking in schedule W drugs, possession of schedule w drugs, failure to provide correct name and date of birth, and paraphernalia. 

On 5/12/2020 Cpl. Pelletier stopped Roger Plourde (22) on Rt.1 in Waldoboro for a vehicle defect. His license was suspended for FT pay fines, and he was summonsed for the infraction. 

On 5/13/2020 Tr. Peckham stopped Zachary Abram (26) of Randolph in West Gardiner for a vehicle defect. Abram’s license was suspended at the time of the stop and on bail conditions.  Abram was found to be in violation of his bail. Abram was charged with Violating Conditions of Release, Operating After License Suspension and Failure to Produce Insurance.

On 5/13/2020 Cpl. Wesbrock received a report of a purse theft at Toby’s store on Route 3 in China. The victim was an employee of the store. Cpl. Wesbrock has positive ID on the person who was caught stealing the purse and is continuing the investigation.   Days later, Melinda Palmer (35) from Palermo was charged with felony theft by unauthorized taking after she confessed to stealing the purse. 

On 5/14/2020 Tr. Bureau stopped Ethan Sargent (27) on Route 220 in Thorndike for speeding 78 mph in a posted 45 mph speed zone. Sargent was summonsed for exceeding the speed limit by 30 mph or more and released on scene. 

On 5/14/2020 Tr. Bureau stopped Benjamin Nadeau (38) for no seatbelt and no registration plates. Upon further investigation, Tr. Bureau learned Nadeau had a suspended driver’s license. The passenger was identified as Justin Lafountain (31). Lafountain was on bail conditions not to use or possess alcohol. Lafountain was found in possession of unopened bottles of beer. Nadeau was summonsed for OAS and Lafountain was summonsed for violating conditions of release. 

On 5/14/2020 Tr. Peckham stopped Leighton Beal (22) of Friendship on Route 17 in Windsor for speeding 87MPH in a posted 50MPH zone. Beal was charged with criminal speed.

On 5/15/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Austin (18) and Adam (20) Reed of Unity on S. Horseback Rd in Burnham for driving 76 mph in a marked 45 mph zone. Both were on their own motorcycles. Adam did not have a motorcycle endorsement and was charged with Criminal Speed and Operating Without a License. Austin was charged with Criminal Speed and False Attached Plates.

On 5/15/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Adam Giggey (42) of Waterville, on School St in Unity. Giggey was charged with OAS.

On 5/15/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Cody King (24) of Pittsfield on S. Horseback Rd in Burnham for speeding 83 mph in a marked 45 mph zone. King was charged with Criminal Speed.

On 5/16/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Charles Henry (30) of Morrill on Rt. 139 in Brooks. Henry was charged with OAS and VCR.

On 5/16/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped John Oliva (48) of Edmunds on Rt. 7 in Brooks. Oliva was charged with Operating Without a License.

On 5/16/2020 Tr. Dunn stopped Devon McPhail (21) of Brunswick for Attaching False Plates on Main St. in Richmond. McPhail was also charged with OAS and VCR.

On 5/16/2020 Tr. Webber responded to Main St. in Albion to a single vehicle crash.  William Bureau (45) of Albion claimed his brakes failed as he approached the stop sign at the end of the Benton Rd.  Bureau however accelerated through the corner store parking lot and into Main St. where he spun out of control striking the curb ripping the rear axle off.  Bureau was given a summons for operating a defective vehicle, failing to stop at the stop sign, and failure to provide insurance.

Troop G Weekly Report 05/11/2020 - 05/17/2020

On 05/11/2020, Tr. MacKinnon responded to a report of a van off into the woods with airbags deployed in the area of mile marker 4 SB. The female operator (15), of Saco, took her parents’ vehicle without permission and lost control of the vehicle.  She admitted to speeding and lost control, going off the roadway, and striking a tree. She sustained serious injury to her leg and was transported to the hospital in NH. Her father was contacted by Tr. MacKinnon and he did not want to pursue any charges on taking the MV. Tr. Paradis assisted on scene.

On 05/12/2020, after responding to a single vehicle crash near mile 34 in Saco, Tr. Loder arrested Michael J. Porper (37) of North Berwick.  Porper was charged with OUI-drugs, Trafficking Schedule W & Schedule Z, OAS and Improper Plates.  Tr. Duda assisted.

On 05/13/2020, Tr. Darcy charged Kevin Newman (34) of Biddeford with Operating after Suspension as the result of a traffic stop on Alfred St. in Biddeford.

On 05/16/2020, at 1230 hours, Tr. Black received an erratic MV complaint from SP Augusta.  There were 2 separate calls within minutes describing a dark-colored Nissan sedan with NC registration traveling SB from mile 106 that was speeding, driving erratically, and some type of road rage.  Tr. Black was in the area of MM 92 and observed the vehicle.  At 1244 hours, Tr. Black advised that he was in a chase with the Nissan at speeds of 120 MPH from mile 86 in Sabattus.  Cpl. Cloutier attempted to spike the vehicle at mile 76.  Sgt. Bureau attempted to spike the Nissan at mile 63.  The Nissan almost struck a vehicle hauling a boat at mile 68 that was pulled over in the breakdown lane and passed vehicles in the breakdown lane at mile 56 in Falmouth.  At 1302 hours, Tr. Keim was behind the Nissan when it pulled over at mile 54 and a felony stop was conducted.  All occupants were placed into custody without incident.  The male operator, Mr. Michael Pierce, had a suspended Maine driver’s license out of Houlton.  Mr. Pierce was transported to the Cumberland County Jail.  He was charged with Eluding, Driving to Endanger, and Operating after Suspension.  The two passengers were released.  The registered owner was not with the vehicle.  There were no injuries and the vehicle was towed by Copp Motors.

On 05/16/2020, Sgt. Doughty, Tr. Harakles, and Tr. Physic were called to a verbal domestic where the girlfriend stayed at the Kennebunk Plaza and the boyfriend (a truck driver) left with a child.  Both parties were interviewed, and no crime had taken place.  Both parties went their separate ways.

On 05/16/2020, Tr. Welch arrested Jayson E. Stone (34) of Revere, MA for Criminal Speed (118 MPH) at mile 23 in Kennebunk. 

On 05/16/2020, Tr. Welch arrested Nilton S. Miranda (24) of Brockton, MA for Criminal Speed (108 MPH) at mile 25 in Kennebunk.

Tr. Williams summonsed several drivers for speeding.  High speeds were 99, 101, and 108 MPH.

Troop D weekly activities for time May 4th to May 10th, 2020

On 5/3/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Robert Mitchell (35) of Unity on Rt. 202 in Unity. Mitchell had a revoked license and performed poorly on SFSTs. Mitchell was taken to WCJ and given an intoxilyzer test. Mitchell tested above the legal limit and was charged with Operating After Revocation (OAR) and Operating Under the Influence (OUI).

On 5/3/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Robert Sears (28) of Liberty on Rt. 202 in Unity for following too closely. Sears had a revoked driver’s license, an active FTA warrant, bail conditions, and was in possession of unprescribed Xanax. Sears was charged with Operating After Revocation (OAR), Violation of Conditions of Release (VCR), and possession of schedule Z drug.

On 5/4/2020 Cpl. Robinson stopped Nicholas Sapiel (22) of Winslow, on Route 137 in China for several vehicle defects.  Nicholas was found to be in Violation of his bail and operating after Habitual Offender (HO) Revocation.  Nicholas was summonsed for both offenses and released.  

On 5/4/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Adam Giggy (41) of Waterville on Ward Hill Rd in Unity. Giggy had a suspended driver’s license and was charged with Operating After Suspension (OAS).

On 5/4/2020 Trooper Belanger and Cpl. Robinson stopped Brian Carroll (34) of Troy on Rt. 220 in Unity. Drug paraphernalia was seen in plain view. The vehicle was searched, and crack cocaine was located. Carroll was arrested and charged with possession of schedule W drug and use and sale of drug paraphernalia. 

5/4/2020 Trooper Gleeson stopped Aaron Vogel (35) for speed on 295 in Bowdoinham. It was determined Vogel does not have a Maine DL and his prior license was revoked out of New Jersey. Vogel was summonsed for operating without a license.  

On 5/4/2020. Sgt. Quintero conducted a traffic stop of a vehicle based upon the passenger Holly Grant (44) of Burnham smoking with a small child in the vehicle.  Grant was found to be in possession of hypodermic needles which she used to inject drugs along with prescription drugs which she admitted possessing without a legal authorization.  She was summonsed for the Possession of Drug Paraphernalia and Unlawful Possession of Schedule Drugs. 

On 5/5/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped Lance French (49) of Howland on Rt. 69 in Hampden. French did not have a driver’s license and was charged with operating without a license.

On 5/5/2020 Trooper Belanger stopped a vehicle for speeding 46 in a 35 mph zone on Rt. 7 in Dixmont. The passenger, Kevin Wood, had an active warrant for a Protection From Abuse (PFA) violation. Wood was transported to Waldo County Jail. 

On 5/5/2020 Tr. Lauren Roddy received a report of a Protection From Abuse (PFA) violation which occurred in Windsor the day prior. Jack Huntington (52) of Windsor, was charged with Violating a Protection from Abuse Order, Class D.

On 5/6/2020 Tr. Bureau stopped Carolyn Elkins (39) for speeding on Route 139 in Benton. Upon further investigation, it was learned that Elkins was operating with a suspended driver’s license. Elkins was summonsed on scene and released to a licensed driver. 

On 5/7/2020 Tr. Lauren Roddy noticed a large amount of smoke coming from Clark Rd in China. Upon further investigation she discovered there was an active forest fire with 1-2 acres currently on fire. Tr. Harrington assisted on scene. China Fire Department and Maine Forest Service handled the fire.

5/7/2020 Tr. Verhille responded to a motor vehicle crash at 47 northbound. The operator, Amber Mondor (24) of Biddeford, ran off the road after swerving to avoid a groundhog in the roadway. Neither her or her passenger sustained any injuries. The vehicle was towed do to extensive damage. 

On 5/7/2020 Sgt Quintero stopped Charles Ray (39) of Lincolnville when he was spotted walking down the road with a shotgun while drinking a Twisted Tea alcoholic drink.  Ray was with Francis Richardson (25) of Belfast who was armed with a hunting bow.  Ray was charged with Violating Conditions of Release.  Richardson was Ultimately Charged with Operating after Suspension. 

On 5/9/2020 Cpl. Robinson and Trooper Belanger responded to 30 Moosehead Trail Apt L in Brooks for a 911 hang up. Susan Biagiotti (62) and Edward Desmond (63) were located in the residence. Both had been given disorderly conduct warnings by MSP earlier in the morning. Biagiotti was issued a summons for disorderly conduct. Desmond was arrested for disorderly conduct, assault, and refusing to submit. 

On 5/9/2020 Cpl. Robinson and Tr. Belanger responded to 21 Vickery Lane in Unity for a reported family fight.  Kristin Mozes (27) of Unity, was ultimately arrested for Domestic Violence Assault and brought to the Waldo County Jail.  

On 5/9/2020 Tr. Dunn stopped a vehicle on I-295 in Bowdoinham for an inspection sticker violation. The driver provided a name of Mark Carlson and stated that his license was revoked out of Illinois. Further investigation revealed that the driver was actually Matthew Carlson (50) of Portland, who had provided his brother’s name. Matthew Carlson had an active warrant from 2011 and was also charged with Violation of Conditions of Release (VCR), Operating After Revoked and FT Provide Correct Name/DOB.

On 5/9/2020 Tr. Martin stopped a vehicle with no rear registration plate. The operator Tyler Mckinney (19) was found to have a marijuana pipe in his possession and was charged with sale or use of drug paraphernalia. The passenger Jordan Brown (20) was charged with possession of a usable amount of marijuana and having drug paraphernalia. 

Troop G Weekly Report 05/04/2020 - 05/10/2020

On 05/04/2020, Tr. Williams arrested Katie Hayhurst (35) of Schenectady, NY after she failed to stop for approximately six miles. Hayhurst originally passed Trooper Williams’ fully-marked cruiser at 125 MPH and maintained that speed until she exited in Kennebunk, hitting a curb and flattening her front left tire. Hayhurst was charged with Failure to Stop for Police Officer, Criminal Speed, and Operating Without a License. Troopers Duda and Loder assisted in the arrest.

On 05/05/2020, Tr. Duda clocked a vehicle traveling 104 MPH in posted 70 MPH zone near mile marker 10 northbound in York. Tr. Duda caught up with the vehicle near mile marker 19 northbound and conducted a traffic stop. The operator, Paul Hardiman (35) of Quincy, Massachusetts, was heading to Sabattus to open his family camp. Hardiman was determined to be operating under the influence of intoxicating beverages. He was ultimately arrested and transported to the York County Jail for operating under the influence and exceeding the speed limit by 30 MPH or more.

On 05/07/2020, Tr. Physic, Tr. Willard (Troop B), and Tr. Watson (Troop B) participated in a parade in Leeds that the Leeds Central School staff did to connect with their students and show that they missed them. There were many students on the parade route.

On 05/09/2020, Tr. Welch stopped Alyse A. Moore (21) of Lynn, MA for Criminal Speed (103 MPH) at mile 31 in Biddeford. Moore was cited accordingly.

On 05/08/2020, Lt. Baker stopped Sandra Lee Norton (76) of Massachusetts for Criminal Speed of 92 MPH in a 60 MPH zone. She was charged accordingly. 


Troop G Weekly Report 04/27/2020 - 05/03/2020

On 04/27/2020, Tr. Keller was dispatched to a fatal crash at MM 82 NB in Lewiston. Joshua Lussier (31) of Lewiston was the operator of a Hyundai Elantra that traveled into the median, striking the guardrail. Lussier was ejected and came to rest in lane 1. The Hyundai spun to the right break down lane. Lussier died as a result of his injuries and the investigation continues. Cpl. Cloutier, Sgt. Porter, Sgt. Pappas, Sgt. Bureau, Tr. Welch, Tr. Davis, Tr. Pyburn, and Tr. Lemieux all assisted in the investigation. Lewiston PD assisted with a forensic mapping and reconstruction of the crash.

On 04/28/2020, Lt. Baker stopped Aaron Lovey (47) of Cumberland for criminal speed of 81 MPH in a 50-MPH zone. He was cited appropriately.

On 04/30/2020, Sgt. Doughty and Tr. Physic responded to a vehicle off the road at Exit 53. The vehicle sustained heavy damage. The driver was transported to Maine Medical Center. Tr. Physic conducted a follow-up and ruled out impairment. 

Troop G Weekly Report 04/20/2020-04/26/2020

On 04/23/2020, Tr. Physic received an erratic operation complaint. Tr. Physic was finally able to catch up to the vehicle and witnessed it all over the road. Tr. Physic initiated a complaint and made contact with the driver. Tr. Physic ruled out impairment from alcohol or drugs. Tr. Physic questioned the driver further and the driver could not answer basic questions. Tr. Physic had dispatch call rescue. Rescue thought something was wrong as well, so they transported her to the hospital.

On 04/24/2020, Tr. Duda responded to a single vehicle crash near mile marker 25 northbound. Evan Clark (26) was traveling northbound when he became distracted changing music on his phone. Clark drifted off the roadway and onto the rumble strip. The passenger grabbed the steering wheel causing the vehicle to over correct, lose control, and crash into the guardrail on the median side of the road. Clark was summonsed for operating with a hand-held mobile device.

On 04/25/2020, Tr Physic received a complaint from Saco PD stating they had a stolen vehicle at the Saco Park and Ride. Tr. Physic went there and had the vehicle towed and spoke to the detectives from New York. Sgt. Doughty assisted.

On 04/25/2020, Tr. Welch stopped Sadie Cooper of Auburn for criminal speed. She was cited accordingly. 

Troop G Weekly Report 04/13/2020-04/19/2020

On 04/13/2020, Tr. Duda responded to a single vehicle roll over crash at mile 19 northbound. The male operator lost control of his vehicle in the rain. The vehicle rolled over into the grassy area near the mile 19 departure ramp and came to rest on the passenger’s side.

On 04/14/2020, at approximately 0952 hours, Tr. Hager observed a gray Volkswagen Jetta 4DR pull into the Kennebunk Park and Ride parking lot, facing eastbound, with a female operator and male passenger. Tr. Hager recalled a File 8 teletype that went out regarding a gray Volkswagen 4DR involved in a robbery at a 7-11 in Springvale that occurred at 0822 hours. Tr. Hager contacted RCC Augusta dispatch, via radio, and confirmed the registration provided in the teletype. Tr. Hager confronted the occupants and confirmed they were both suspects listed on the teletype and detained them. Detained were Gage Gagne (23) of Springvale and Abigail Davis (21) of Kennebunk. Kennebunk Police responded and assisted with securing and transporting the suspects to the Sanford Police Department. Detective Colleen Adams of the Sanford Police Dept. responded and conducted her investigation. Tr. Reaser and Tr. Hall responded and assisted.

On 04/14/2020, Lt. Baker stopped Daphne Deveau (19) of Gray for speed of 90 MPH in a 70-MPH zone.  Deveau did not have a driver’s license and was summonsed accordingly.

On 04/14/2020, Lt. Baker stopped Daniel Wyatt for criminal speed of 91 MPH in a 60-MPH zone. He was summonsed accordingly. 

On 04/15/2020, at approximately 2019 hours, Tr. Keller responded to a Nissan Rogue went off the roadway on the Exit 75 southbound ramp. The male operator of the Nissan failed to maintain control in the corner and rolled over. The two occupants only had complaints of pain and were transported by Auburn Rescue as a precaution. The Rescue and Fire personnel assisted them in getting out of the vehicle because they were upside down being held by their seatbelts.

On 04/16/2020, Lt. Baker stopped Jeviouris Reid for speed.  Reid was charged with Operating after Suspension. 

On 04/18/2020, Cpl. Cote arrested Jeffrey Jacobs for OUI at mile 44 northbound in Scarborough on the ME Turnpike. His BrAC was over the legal limit.

On 04/18/2020, Tr. Baker stopped Ivan Meikle (42) traveling 104 MPH northbound in Gray. Ivan was charged with Operating after Suspension as well.

On 04/18/2020, Tr. Baker charged Joshua Bankhead (42) with OUI following a stop in Gray.


Troop G Weekly Report 04/06/2020-04/12/2020

On 04/09/2020, Troop G covered numerous vehicle slide offs and crashes during the snow storm.

On 04/10/2020, several members of Troop G posted along the Turnpike in the crossovers during the Honor Guard escort of Larry Lord returning to Maine.

There were thirteen total calls for service, of all types, for the midnight shift for the week. Four calls were complaints on operation. Two of them were on the same fatigued driver. One other was a possible tired truck driver. The other one was a complaint of a car driving too slow. Traffic was very light. Two car deer crashes.


Troop D Weekly Report

Troop D weekly activities for time April 6th to April 12th, 2020

On 4/6/2020 Tr. Lauren Roddy received a call of a hit and run crash in the parking lot of the IGA in Randolph. The caller followed the offending vehicle back to their residence. Tr. Roddy arrived on scene and discovered the driver of the vehicle, Jennifer Orne (32) of Pittston, did not have a driver’s license. The vehicle struck by Orne had significant damage. Orne was charged with Leaving the Scene of a PD crash, Class E, as well as Operating without a License, Class E. 

On 4/7/2020  Tr. Stewart, Tr. Adams and Sgt. Quintero responded to Palermo for a reported family fight. Upon investigation, Michaela Pilsbury (25) was found in violation of her probation conditions due to alcohol consumption and contact with her ex-boyfriend, Guy Leeman (45). Michaela is on probation with Officer Robert Cartier, and charges are pending.

On 4/10/2020 Tr. Lauren Roddy received a call of a car off the road on Rt 27 in Pittston. When Tr. Roddy arrived on scene the vehicle was unoccupied. The driver, Carolyn Tripp (34) of Gardiner, returned to the scene, and was charged with Operating after License Revoked, Class E. The vehicle was towed from the scene.

On 4/11/2020 Trooper’s Mattson, Belanger, Dunn, and Cpl. Robinson responded to 6 Nickerson Rd in Windsor for the report of a DV assault between Karen Owens (42) and Christopher Owens (51). After a verbal argument, Karen struck Christopher over the head with a yeti mug. Karen was arrested for DV assault and transported to Kennebec County Jail. Christopher was charged with VCR and obstructing the report of a crime.

On 4/12/2020 Tr. Bureau responded to Mile 46 on I-295 in Richmond for a suspicious male standing on the overpass on the Alexander Reed Road. In the past 2 weeks Troopers have had several calls of a male “masturbating” on the overpasses in the same area. Tr. Bureau spotted a truck parked on the Alexander Reed Road. Tr. Bureau walked up the overpass and spotted Scott Wallace (45) standing at the passenger side of his truck holding his genitals through the zipper of his pants. After further questioning. Wallace admitted that he had his genitals exposed to I-295. Wallace said he had the urge to do it and like the thrill of getting caught. Wallace admitted to conducting the same behavior a week prior and said he has done it several times in the past few weeks. Wallace was charged with Indecent Conduct. 


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