State of Maine

Rule Chapters for the Department of Administrative and Financial Services

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18-119   Office of the State Controller (formerly Bureau of Accounts and Control)
18-125   Bureau of Revenue Services
18-127   Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
18-134   Capitol Planning Commission
18-185   State Claims Commission
18-352   State Employee Health Commission
18-364   State Liquor and Lottery Commission (see 18-553) 
18-389   Bureau of Human Resources
18-553   Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations (BABLO)
18-554   Bureau of General Services
18-674   Maine Board of Tax Appeals
18-691   Office of Cannabis Policy

18  119   Office of the State Controller
Ch. 1     Travel and Expense Reimbursement Policies

18  125   Bureau of Revenue Services
Ch. 101   General Administrative Provisions
Ch. 102   Electronic Funds Transfer
Ch. 103   Recordkeeping and Retention
Ch. 104   Filing of Maine Tax Returns
Ch. 110   Requests for Advisory Rulings
Ch. 201   Rules of Procedure Used to Develop State Valuation
Ch. 202   Tree Growth Tax Law Valuations
Ch. 205   Certification of Assessors
Ch. 207   Controlling Interest Transfers
Ch. 208   Guidelines for Professional Assessing Firms that Provide 
          Revaluation Services to Muniipalities
Ch. 210   Telecommunications Excise Tax
Ch. 211   Deferred Collection of Homestead Property Taxes
Ch. 301   Sales for Resale and Sales of Packaging Materials
Ch. 302   Sales to Governmental Agencies and Exempt Organizations
Ch. 303   Sales to Industrial Users
Ch. 304   Sales and Use Tax Returns and Payments
Ch. 308   Direct Payment Permits
Ch. 318   Instrumentalities of Interstate or Foreign Commerce
Ch. 321   Meals Provided in the Wild
Ch. 323   Commercial Agricultural Production, Commercial Aquacultural
          Production, Commercial Fishing and Commercial Wood Harvesting
Ch. 325   Sales to Tribes, Tribal Members, and Tribal Entities
Ch. 401   Service Provider Tax - Return and Payment of Tax
Ch. 501   Reporting Under Gasoline Tax Act
Ch. 601   Estate Tax
Ch. 603   Maine Estate Tax after 2012
Ch. 801   Apportionment
Ch. 803   Income Tax Withholding Reports and Payments
Ch. 805   Composite Filing
Ch. 806   Nonresident Individual Income Tax
Ch. 807   Residency
Ch. 808   Corporate Income Tax Nexus
Ch. 810   Maine Unitary Business Taxable Income, Combined Reports and Tax Returns
Ch. 812   Credit for Educational Opportunity
Ch. 813   Property Tax Fairness Credit
Ch. 818   Renewable Chemicals Tax Credit
Ch. 825   Tribal Member Income from Sources on Tribal Land
Ch. 901   Maine Residents Property Tax Program

18  127   Maine Library of Geographic Information Board
Ch. 158   Standards for Digital Parcel Maps

18  134   Capitol Planning Commission
Ch. 1     Capitol Area Rules and Regulations

18  185   State Claims Commission
Ch. 110   Rules of Practice Governing Conduct of Adjudicatory Proceedings
          for Real Property Acquisition Cases
Ch. 120   Rules of Practice Governing Conduct of Adjudicatory Proceedings
          for State Claims

18  352   State Employee Health Commission
Ch. 1     Rules Of Practice Gov. Adjudicatory Proceedings of State
          Employees Health Commission

18  364   State Liquor and Lottery Commission (rules moved to 18-553)

18  389   Bureau of Human Resources
Ch. 1     Purpose, Adoption and Amendment of Rules and Definition of Terms
Ch. 2     Intermittent Employment
Ch. 3     Division of Classified Service
Ch. 4     Classification Plan
Ch. 5     Compensation Plan
Ch. 6     Applications and Examinations
Ch. 7     Eligible Registers
Ch. 8     Certification and Appointment
Ch. 9     Probationary Period
Ch. 10    Performance Appraisal and Training
Ch. 11    Holidays, Leaves of Absence and Related Compensation Practices
Ch. 12    Disciplinary Action, Demotion, Resignation and Layoff
Ch. 13    Complaints, Grievances and Investigations
Ch. 14    Employee Work Records and Payroll Certification Procedure
Ch. 15    The Maine Management Service

18  553   Bureau of Alcoholic Beverages and Lottery Operations (BABLO)
Ch. 1     Liquor Inventory Exchanges from Agency Liquor Stores
Ch. 2     Pricing of Spirits
Ch. 3     On Premise Data Collection Cost Mitigation Stipend
Ch. 4     Agency Liquor Store Relocation: Rules Governing the Process to Provide Input
          by Agency Liquor Stores in the Same Municipality of a Relocation Request
Ch. 10    Maine State Lottery
Ch. 20    Powerball Rules 
Ch. 30    Cash Pop Game Rules
Ch. 40    Mega Millions Rules
Ch. 50    Lucky for Life Rules
Ch. 70    World Poker Tour Game Rules
Ch. 80    Lotto America Game Rules
Ch. 101   Operation and Control of All Licensed Premises
Ch. 102   Premises Licensed for On-Premises Consumption Only
Ch. 103   Premises Licensed for Off-Premise Sales Only
Ch. 104   Premises Licensed as Wholesalers, Manufacturers and Certificates of Approval
Ch. 105   Labeling
Ch. 106   Salesmen
Ch. 107   Advertising and Signs Applicable to all License Holders
Ch. 110   Agency Stores
Ch. 120   Licensing Procedure
Ch. 130   Selection and Location of Agency Stores
Ch. 140   Merchandising and Stock
Ch. 150   Signs and Advertising

18  554   Bureau of General Services
Ch. 1     Procedures for Procurement of Professional Architectural
          and Engineering Services
Ch. 2     BOCA Basic Building Code - 1987
Ch. 3     Life Cycle Analysis
Ch. 4     Standard 62-1981R "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor
          Air Quality Adoption
Ch. 6     1981 Standards of Construction for Making Buildings Usable
          by Physically Handicapped
Ch. 8     Alternative Project Delivery Methods
Ch. 11    Rules Governing Qualification of Professionals for Single Source
          Procurement of Services that Do Not Exceed $25,000
Ch. 60    Improvement of Energy Efficiency in State-funded Construction
Ch. 101   Bids, Awards and Contracts
Ch. 110   Rules for the Purchase of Services and Awards
Ch. 120   Rules for Appeal of Contract and Grant Awards
Ch. 130   Implementing the State Purchasing Code of Conduct Requiring
          that Vendors Furnishing Apparel, Footwear, or Textiles to the
          State Provide Healthy, Safe, and Fair Working Conditions
Ch. 150   Chapter Defining the Means by which Contractors and Subcontractors
          are to Provide Certain Records to the Bureau of General Services
          in the Department of Administrative and Financial Services,
          and to Identify What Information in Those Records is Available
          to the Public
Ch. 155   Rules for Defining an Equivalent Basis for Cost Comparison Between
          State Employee and Private Contractor Provision of Services

18  674   Maine Board of Tax Appeals
Ch. 100   Maine Board of Tax Appeals Practice and Procedure

18  691   Office of Cannabis Policy
Ch. 1     Adult Use Cannabis Program Rule
Ch. 2     Maine Medical Use of Marijuana Program Rule (formerly 10-144 ch. 122) 
Ch. 4     Marijuana Manufacturing Facilities
Ch. 5     Rules for the Certification of Cannabis Testing Facilities