Troop J Weekly Report (03/14/22-03/20/22)

# of School Visits conducted – 0

# of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 2

# of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

# of DV Arrests – 1


Trooper Jarid Leonard conducted a motor vehicle stop on the Jacksonville Road in East Machias. A juvenile was found to be operating a vehicle without a license. She was accompanied by Mark Stevens (38) of Cutler. As a result of the investigation, Mark was charged for allowing an unlicensed driver to operate his vehicle and the juvenile received a warning.


Trooper Travis Chapman responded to a rollover crash on the Blackswoods Road in Franklin. A single vehicle lost control and rolled over. The two occupants of the vehicle did not sustain any injuries.

Trooper Owen Reed summonsed Tony Nevells (22) of Deer Isle, for Operating Without a License after a traffic stop for speed in Deer Isle.  Sergeant Dan Ryan assisted.


Trooper Owen Reed responded to a crash in Castine and as a result of the investigation Marquis Flegler, (23) of New Jersey and Castine, was summonsed for Failure to Report a Crash by Quickest Means.

Corporal Blaine Silk stopped a vehicle on Route 1A in Ellsworth for speeding 91 MPH in a 55 MPH zone. Corporal Silk found the operator appeared to be impaired. After an investigation the operator of the vehicle, Jeremy Snow (46) of Hancock was arrested for Operating Under the Influence.


Trooper Jarid Leonard conducted a motor vehicle stop in Princeton. Heidi Neddeau (20) of Princeton was found operating an unregistered motor vehicle that had expired in July of 2021. Heidi was charged for Operating an Unregistered Motor Vehicle as a result of the investigation.

Sergeant Daniel Ryan clocked a vehicle on route 15 in Blue Hill at 83 MPH / 50 MPH zone. Turned on the vehicle and after catching up with it pursued the vehicle for four miles with lights, siren at a speed of about 60 MPH to the operator’s residence in Orland. Cullen Schneider (41) of Orland was arrested for OUI, speed 30+, Refusing to Submit to Arrest, Refusing to Stop and Violation of Conditional Release.  Sergeant Gavin Endre and deputies from Hancock Sheriff’s Offices assisted.