Troop G Weekly Report

On 10-09-19 Tpr. Kelley stopped Haider Mahmood (25) of Farmingdale for speeding in Sabattus.  He was summonsed for speed and OAS.    

On 10-10-19 Tpr. Kelley summonsed Steve Kaze (20) of Portland for speeding after stopping him in Sabattus for going 101mph in the 70mph zone.    

On 10-10-19 Tpr. Kelley summonsed Phuong Do (49) for OUI as the result of a traffic complaint and motor vehicle crash in Gray.   

On 10-13-19 Tpr. Physic pulled a vehicle over for erratic operation at the Irving gas station in Scarborough by the Turnpike.  During the traffic stop the male ran away from the traffic stop.  Sgt. Pappas, Sgt. Doughty, Tpr. Harakles, Tpr. Davis, Tpr. Physic, and Scarborough Police Department were able to take away all avenue escapes for the male and later placed him under arrest within the hour.  The male was given an intoxilyzer test with a result over the legal limit.  The male had given law enforcement a false name.  Tpr. Physic was able to learn his real name was Nathan Saad (19).  Saad was on probation for theft, had conditions not to consume alcohol, a suspended driver license status (already has 3 pending suspensions), and had bail conditions.  Saad was charged with Failure to Give Correct Name, OAS, Violation Condition of Release, Failure to Stop for Police Officer, and Administrative OUI.

On 10-10-19 Tpr. Duda was traveling west on Route 126 in Sabattus when he clocked a pickup truck traveling east at 91mph in a posted 55mph speed zone.  After stopping the vehicle Tpr. Duda noticed that the vehicle, a Ford F-350 was over height and had several other inspection violations.  The operator, Randolph Gayton (34) of Litchfield, stated that he was coming from the shop where he was denied an inspection sticker.  Gayton was summonsed for exceeding the speed limit by 30mph or more as well as operating a defective motor vehicle.  The truck was towed from the stop. 

Tpr. Duda and K9 Mack conducted four K9 sniffs for Troop G Troopers.  No arrests. 

On 10-08-19 Cpl. Cloutier received two independent complaints of a Toyota driving erratically northbound from mile 36 in Saco.  As Cpl. Cloutier went north from mile 42, Det. Heimbach had the vehicle stopped at Exit 44 in Scarborough.  Det. Heimbach witnessed the erratic operation and stopped the vehicle.  Matthew Losee of Wells was not impaired.  Losee was summonsed for Driving to Endanger, the vehicle was towed and Losee was dropped off in South Portland.

On 10-13-19 Tpr. MacKinnon stopped a vehicle southbound at mile 16 for operating 96mph in a 70mph zone.  The driver, Brendan Kolterjahn of Massachusetts, was summonsed for speed and for not having his two children (both under age of 3) secured in a car seat.

On 10-11-19 Sgt. Porter stopped Mehul Patel (44) of PA, northbound at mile 17.5 in Wells for speeding and failure to maintain lane control.  He admitted to being distracted looking at the onboard GPS in the vehicle.  He was issued a VSAC for Failure to Maintain Control of a MV (Distracted Driving). 

On 10-08-19 Tpr. Darcy arrested Aaron Gervais of Alfred on an active warrant for unpaid fines as the result of a traffic stop northbound on the Turnpike in York.

On 10-11-19 Tpr. LiBritz checked on a broken-down vehicle in the area of mile 40 southbound. Upon further investigation it was determined the driver, Shania White (22) of Biddeford, got a flat tire on her way home from work. White’s driver’s license had active suspensions for failure to pay fines and costs and she was on two sets of conditions of release.  Part of her conditions were not to operate a motor vehicle unless lawfully licensed.  White was summonsed for operating after suspension-infraction and violation of conditions of release. 

On 10-12-19 Tpr. LiBritz received a report of a pedestrian walking northbound in the area of mile 32.  Tpr. LiBritz contacted the female trespassing on the Turnpike.  The female was uncooperative.  She was reluctant to provide her name and she kept providing false information as to who she was.  Based on the totality of circumstances and multiple attempts to identify the female she was arrested for criminal trespass and transported to the York County Jail.  The female eventually stated her name was Melevanie Lange (41) of Portland but she remained uncooperative and would not provide any information to support or verify that was her real identity.  Lange is currently at the York County Jail waiting to be positively identified through her fingerprints.