Troop E Weekly for 8-31-2022 to 9-3-2022

On 9/3/2022, Tr. Haverly-Johndro was monitoring southbound traffic on I-95 in Hampden.  Tr. Haverly-Johndro observed a vehicle travel past him with a passenger taillight out.  Tr. Haverly-Johndro stopped the vehicle and made contact with the operator, who was identified as Nicholas Cummings (40 years old of Oakland).  Tr. Haverly-Johndro learned Nicholas was suspended.  Nicholas was issued a summons for operating after suspension.  

On 9/4/2022, Tr. Nelson stopped a vehicle travelling 108mph in a 70mph zone in Howland. Tr. Nelson initiated the stop at 217 NB and made contact with the driver, Logan Burke (22 of VT). He admitted to going around 97mph, as he stated he was going to Mattawamkeag. Logan was summonsed for Criminal Speed.  

On 8/31/2022, Tr. Bean responded to the area of 154 Middle Road in Bradford for the report of a suspicious male, that was reportedly knocking on the windows of the home at this address.  When Tr. Bean arrived in the area, he came in contact with Damien Lane (34 of Bradford).  At the time of contact, Lane had and outstanding arrest warrant and was on bail conditions.  As Tr. Bean was placing Lane under arrest, he located a half of a ticket of heroin on Lane’s person.  Lane was subsequently arrested and charged with unlawful possession of scheduled drugs and violation of conditions of release.

On 8/30/2022, Tr. Bragan attempted to stop a blue SUV for operating 30 mph under the speed limit on I-95 at mile 175 (Hermon). The vehicle was also operating with no rear lights on. Tr. Bragan witnessed an approaching vehicle almost strike the suspect vehicle due to it being night-time and the vehicle not being visible. Tr. Bragan got behind the vehicle and activated his emergency lights. The vehicle failed to stop for approximately three miles while continuing to operate 30 to 35 mph under the speed limit. Tr. Bragan conducted a PIT maneuver on the vehicle to end the FT Stop. Tr. Bragan identified the driver as Svitlana Palamarchnk who had just arrived to the U.S. from Ukraine. Svitlana could not understand English and spoke it poorly. Svitlana admitted to seeing Tr. Bragan but did not realize she was supposed to pull over. Svitlana was charged with failing to stop.  

On 8/30/2022, Tr. Peterson and Tr. Yankowsky responded to a crash on the Lagrange Rd in Bradford. Darrell Archer, 64, of Corinth, and another occupant had crashed into the bridge railing doing severe damage to the car. The vehicle was towed to a residence up the street before the Troopers arrived on scene. As a result of the investigation, Archer was taken into custody and taken to Troop E for an intoxilyzer test which showed he was over the legal limit. Archer was summonsed for OUI.

On 8/29/2022, Tr. Olmstead responded to a trespass complaint in Bradford. A complainant called reporting that Damien Lane, 35-year-old transient, had kicked in her door looking for his backpack. Upon arrival Tr. Olmstead spoke with both parties. The complainant declined pursuing criminal charges and stating she just wanted Damien not to return. Tr. Olmstead warned Damien not to return and also arrested him for an unrelated failure to appear warrant. Damien was transported to Penobscot County Jail without issue. 

On 9/1/2022, Tr. Ramp stopped a vehicle on Route 15 in Corinth for having a suspended registration.  Tr. Ramp identified the operator, Dylan Wright 21 of Corinth.  Tr. Ramp summonsed Wright for operating with a suspended registration.   
Brief Synopsis: On 9/3/2022, Tr. Ramp was dispatched to a traffic complaint of a UPS truck operating erratically on I95.  Tr. Ramp located the truck and stopped it for the operation in Hermon.  Tr. Ramp determined that the operator John Parker, 37, of Bangor, was not under the influence.  Tr. Ramp learned that Parker had an active warrant for his arrest.  Tr. Ramp placed Parker under arrest and transported him to the Penobscot County Jail.

On 9/2/2022, Tr. Kurth initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle speeding on Route 2 in Enfield. The operator, Cody Archer, 30 of Enfield, had a suspended license for failure to pay fines.  Archer was summonsed for the Civil Infraction.