Troop D Weekly Report

Troop D weekly activities for time December 2nd to December 8th 2019

On 11/29/19 Tr. Martin initiated a traffic stop in Knox. As a result of the stop the passenger Vernal Hood (35) of Searsmont was found to be in possession of 4 suspected Adderall pills. Hood was charged with unlawful possession of scheduled “W” drugs.  

On 12/7/19 Trooper Belanger stopped a vehicle on Rt. 1A in Winterport for an obstructed view. The passenger of the vehicle, Timothy Gallagher (49), of Winterport was arrested on a warrant for FTA.

On 12/7/19 Cpl. Robinson and Tr. Belanger responded to the Monroe Road in Monroe for a female that was slumped over the steering wheel of her vehicle.  Upon arrival Ashley Bailey (33) of Bangor was found to have paraphernalia on her person  and approximately one gram of crack.  Ashley was brought to the Waldo County Jail where Spec. Allen determined she was under the influence of drugs.  Ashley was charged with Possession of Schedule Drugs, Violating Conditions of Release, and OUI Drugs.  Ashley bail was revoked.

On 12/7/19 Sgt. Quintero arrested Wendie Wallace 51 of Woolwich for Violating her conditions release in the town of Woolwich.  Wallace was found to be in possession of and consuming alcohol while on conditional release prohibiting her use and possession of Alcohol.  Wallace called 911 to advise she was watching minor children and felt unable to do so after consuming the alcohol.  The children’s parents were contacted, and they were left in the care of their parents. 

On 12/8/19 Tr. Stewart and Tr. Adams responded to a crash in Swanville. The operator, Kenneth Hess (43) failed SFST’s and was arrested for OUI. 

On 12/8/19 Tr. Adams was monitoring traffic in the town of Winterport. A male pulled into the gas station. Tr. Adams ran the registration of the vehicle. The registered owner Kane Ackley 35 of Swanville was on bail and had a 6pm to 6am curfew. Ackley was in violation of his curfew. Upon a search of Ackley drug paraphernalia was also found on him. Ackley was arrested and charged with VCR and Drug paraphernalia. Ackley is on bail for a class B trafficking charge form November.