Troop D Weekly Report

Troop D weekly activities for time November 4th to November 10th 2019

On 11/7/19 Sgt. Quintero conducted a traffic stop of Sarah Crane (41 YO) of Rockland. After finding evidence of recent crack cocaine use in the vehicle Crane was arrested for 2 counts Unlawful Possession of Schedule Drugs in the town of Waldoboro. Crane was booked into Two Bridges Regional Jail.

On 11/7/19 Tr. Belanger stopped Tyler Saucier (25) of Lewiston on Upper Pond Rd in Litchfield for a loud exhaust. Saucier’s registration was suspended and was charged for operating with a suspended registration.

On 11/7/19 Tr. Plourde stopped Dustin Perry (19) of Fairfield on I-295 for a failure to display registration. Dustin was found to have a suspended license and was summonsed.

On 11/7/19 Tr. Dunn received a report of an ongoing harassment issue involving an ex-employee at the Farmingdale Dunkin Donuts. Tr. Dunn later learned that Nathan Price (32) of Randolph had been served a harassment order for the two managers of Dunkin Donuts and issued a trespass order for the store following his termination. One of the managers stated that Price had contacted her several days prior to calling in and that day she had also received a restricted phone call saying that someone was going to bring in a rifle to the store and shoot it up. That manager was able to identify Price by his voice and Price was later arrested and charged with Terrorizing and Harassment and brought to KCJ.

On 11/7/19 Tr. Plourde stopped Jonathan O’Donnell (43) of Gardiner on Rt. 9 in Chelsea for an expired registration. Jonathan was summonsed for Operating with Expired Registration > 150 days.

On 11/8/19 Tr. Plourde and Cpl. Wells, tasked as members of the Honor Guard to demonstrate a two-person flag fold, attended a Veteran’s Day assembly at the Dayton Elementary School in Dayton.

On 11/8/19 Sgt. Quintero approached a 4-way intersection in the Town of Hope. A white pickup truck drove directly through a 4 way stop intersection without slowing or

stopping. After a traffic stop Tyler Pearse (31YO) of Camden was arrested for Operating under the influence of Alcohol. Pearse was booked into Knox County Jail.

On 11/8/19 Tr. Nunez arrested Joshua Magaw (34 YO) of Richmond for DV Assault against his mother.

On 11/9/19 Cpl. Pelletier stopped Brittainy Mitchell (24) on Rt.1 in Brunswick for a speeding violation. Her vehicle’s registration was expired in excess of 150 days, and she was summonsed for the offense.