Troop D Weekly Report

Troop D weekly activities for time May 17th to May 23rd, 2021

On 5/18/21, Tr. Dunn stopped Darrell Wilson (36) of Pittston for an inspection sticker violation on Rt. 201 in Richmond. Drug paraphernalia was observed in the vehicle and Wilson was charged with Unlawful Possession of Scheduled Drug.

On 5/18/21, Trooper Belanger and Cpl. Quintero conducted a bail check on Robert Vellaro (44) and Chantal Hindman (32) of Belmont. Both parties tested positive for multiple drugs and were charged with VCR.

On 5/21/21, Tr. Peckham stopped Douglas Balestrieri (64) of Lisbon on I-295 in Gardiner for a traffic infraction.  Balestrieri was found to be operating on a suspended license and was summonsed accordingly.  

On 5/22/21, Trooper Belanger stopped Douglass Conway (60) of Rockland on Old County Rd in Rockland. Conway had false attached plates and was charged. 

On 5/22/21, Corporal Quintero stopped Alicia Lund (36) of Waldoboro in the Town of Rockland.  Lund was found to be consuming alcohol while driving and in the Unlawful Possession of Schedule W Drugs.  Lund was arrested and booked into Knox County Jail.  Also, in the vehicle was Joseph Lewis 39 of Waldoboro.  Lewis was prohibited by conditions of Probation from Consuming Alcohol based upon a Felony Conviction for Operating under the influence.  Lewis was found in possession of Fireball whiskey.  Lewis’ probation officer requested Lewis be arrested and tested for alcohol consumption.  Lewis was arrested and found to be significantly impaired by alcohol. 

On 5/22/21, Corporal Quintero stopped Cierra Miller (24) of Warren in the City of Rockland.  Located in the vehicle was Henry Watson (20) also of Warren.  Watson was on Probation for Burglary and he had a prior Felony Conviction.  Located in the vehicle near Watson was a .40 caliber rifle and a .22 caliber pistol.  Watson admitted the recent handling and shooting of both weapons.  Watson was booked into Knox County Jail for being a Felon in Possession of Firearm Class C. Watson was also the subject of a Probation Hold for the new Criminal Conduct. 

On 5/22/21, Tr. Peckham summonsed Chad Cooper (21) of Exeter on I-295 in Bowdoinham for Criminal Speed.  

On 5/22/21, Cpl. Wesbrock stopped a vehicle for Criminal Speed on Route 3 in the town of Palermo.  The operator Skylee Middleton (19) of Belfast was charged with Criminal Speed and released.

On 5/22/21, Cpl. Wesbrock responded to a personal injury crash on the Turner Ridge Rd in the town of Somerville. Gage Gagnon (23) from Belfast was driving his pickup truck when he failed to negotiate a curve. Gage struck a tree then a residential trailer.  The pickup and residential trailer sustained significant damage.  Gage was transported to Maine General with significant injuries. Gage was charged with Operating after Revocation and False Attachment of Plates.