Troop D Weekly Report

On 11/10/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Latisha Cook (25) of Searsport on Rt. 1A in Winterport for a defective break light. Cook was ultimately arrested on an FTA warrant and charged with OAS.

On 11/11/2020 Cpl. Quintero, Trooper Belanger, and Trooper Webber conducted a probation check on Travor Cannell (26) of Northport at 1 Poors Mills Rd Belfast. Cannell was on probation for Burglary, Robbery, and Drug Possession. Seized from Cannell was 79- 8mg Suboxone strips, a baseball bat used in the above assault, several blunt weapons, 7 bladed weapons, two stun-based weapons, and three replica firearms stored with burglary equipment. Cannell was arrested for possession of Schedule W Drugs and Violating his Probation. 

On 11/13/2020 Tr. Mattson stopped Sara-Kate Leathers (26) on Oak Hill Rd in Swanville for speed.  Sara-Kate initially claimed to have never been issued an operator’s license but after running her information it was determined that her license had been suspended.  Sara-Kate was summonsed for Operating after Suspension and directed to park her vehicle and not drive until she obtained a valid license.