Troop G Weekly Report 12/28/2020 - 01/03/2021

On 12/29/2020, Sgt. Porter responded to a crash involving Tr. Kelley, who was rear ended at a red light at the intersection of Veterans Memorial Bridge and Route 4 in Auburn. It was property damage only.

On 12/31/2020, Tr. Darcy stopped a vehicle traveling 100 MPH southbound on the turnpike in Arundel. The 18-year-old female was issued a VSAC for 99 MPH in a 70 MPH.

On 01/02/2021, Sgt. Pappas, Cpl. Duda, Tr. Darcy, and Tr. Williams responded to a 911 open line call on the turnpike in Saco where a female was overheard making statements indicating that she was being assaulted. Augusta RCC and Troopers worked together to gather information to learn who was calling and what vehicle they were in. It was learned that the male was from Boston and believed to be going back there. The thorough investigation led to the vehicle’s location being discovered and the Massachusetts State Police being notified as the vehicle had just entered their state. Massachusetts Troopers stopped the vehicle and as a result charged the male with Kidnapping and Trafficking heroin, oxycodone, and cocaine, as well as for possessing a taser, a stun gun, and brass knuckles. The investigation is ongoing and there may be additional charges.