Troop G Weekly Report - 10/31/2022 - 11/06/2022

On 11/02/2022, Tr. Wilcox stopped a juvenile operator for an equipment defect on the ME turnpike northbound in Portland. The juvenile was found to not have a valid license. The juvenile’s guardian was contacted and took possession of the vehicle. Tr. Ellis and Portland PD assisted.

On 11/04/2022, Cpl. Ricci Cote stopped Nathan Brown (32) of Biddeford on the ME Turnpike southbound in Biddeford for Criminal Speed (110/70).  He was charged with Criminal Speed.

On 11/05/2022, Cpl. Ricci Cote stopped Kaylee Lavoie (22) of Lewiston on the ME Turnpike northbound in Portland for Criminal Speed (93/50 Work Zone).  She was charged with Criminal Speed.

On 11/05/2022, Tr. Keim received numerous calls on a vehicle driving aggressively northbound from mile 42 in Scarborough.  Reports had this vehicle racing a pickup at one point at speeds greater than 90 mph.  Witnesses stated that the vehicle almost hit numerous vehicles and was passing vehicles in the breakdown lane.  Tr. Keim waited in Auburn for the vehicle.  Within a short time of the last report, Tr. Keim clocked the vehicle coming over the hill at 103 mph in a posted 70 mph speed zone.  Tr. Keim stopped the vehicle and arrested the driver, Theodore Sage (46) of Grafton, MA, for Operating Under the Influence, Criminal Speed, and Driving to Endanger. 

On 11/05/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped John Reeb (40) of Ohio for a registration violation on the ME turnpike southbound in Biddeford. He was found to have a suspended license and an open container of alcohol. He was charged with Operating Without a License and summonsed for the open container. The vehicle was towed.