Troop G Weekly Report 10/26/2020 - 11/01/2020

On 10/28/2020, Troopers received a traffic complaint of a female driver who was in the right lane and had passed out.  The complainant checked on the driver and took off.  The complainant called back to say the vehicle had pulled over with its hazard lights on.  Moments later the complainant called back to say that same vehicle just sped by them.  Cpl. Physic spotted the vehicle operating erratically and initiated a traffic stop. The vehicle stopped in the middle lane.  Tr. LiBritz quickly alerted approaching traffic and Cpl. Physic was able to get the vehicle out of the roadway.  Cpl. Physic had the driver, Mariella Uwiamana, do field sobriety tests. Cpl. Physic arrested Mariella and transported her to the York County Jail, where she refused to take an intoxilyzer test and was charged with OUI.  

On 10/30/2020, at 0655 hours, Cpl. Cloutier checked a vehicle with no lights on, in the breakdown lane at mile 63.5 in Gray, that was stolen the previous day in the Alfred area. Donald Woodruff, who was the suspect in the vehicle theft, was located sleeping in this minivan in the third-row bench seat.  Mr. Woodruff was arrested and Tr. Lane (Troop A), investigating officer, took custody of Mr. Woodruff.

On 10/30/2020, Tr. Keim stopped Joshua Ronghi (18) of Southwick, MA for speeding. Ronghi was going 107 MPH in a posted 70 MPH zone.

On 10/30/2020, Cpl. Physic stopped for a vehicle that was broken down.  Cpl. Physic made contact with the driver, Vanessa Cormier. After talking with Vanessa, Cpl. Physic shifted to an OUI investigation.  Cpl. Physic put Vanessa through field sobriety tests and placed her under arrest for OUI.  Cpl. Physic transported Vanessa to the Saco Police Department where she refused to take the intoxilyzer test and was charged with OUI.

On 10/31/2020, Cpl. Cote made a traffic stop at mile 35 southbound in Saco.  He charged Roxanne Silvia (32) of Standish with Violation of Conditions of Release and Refusal to Submit to Arrest or Detention, Christopher Webster (40) of Standish with Violation of Conditions of Release, and Tauri Barnes (38) with Violation of Conditions of Release.

On 11/01/2020, Tr. Welch, Tr. Davis, and Sgt. Wilkinson were dispatched to a pedestrian on the highway. Upon their arrival the female was highly intoxicated. Information was learned she “jumped” out of a vehicle due to a verbal argument with her boyfriend. The female was uncooperative throughout the roadside investigation. Subsequently, she was taken into custody and charged with Refusing to Submit to Arrest or Detention and Criminal Trespass.