Troop G Weekly Report - 01/10/2022 - 01/16/2022

On 01/14/2022, Cpl. Physic summonsed Jake Canty for Operating without a License.

On 01/14/2022, Cpl. Physic summonsed Ella McDonald for Criminal Speed for traveling 95 MPH in a 60 MPH zone.

On 01/15/2022, Cpl. Physic summonsed Summer Heath for Criminal Speed for traveling 101 MPH in a 70 MPH zone.

On 01/15/2022, Tr. Ellis stopped Nathan Harrison (34) of Dixfield on the ME turnpike for speeding northbound in Gray. His driver’s license was found to be suspended. He was charged with operating after suspension and his vehicle was towed.

On 01/16/2022, Cpl. Cropper stopped Wilfredo Molina-Chicas (20) of Portland for speeding on I-95 in Falmouth. Molina-Chicas produced a Maine ID and did not have a license. Molina-Chicas was summonsed for Operating without a License and PR bailed.

On 01/11/2022, Cpl. Kristy LiBritz volunteered in her community and completed a speaking engagement at the Standish Baptist Academy. The girls’ volleyball coach asked Kristy to give a motivational speech to the team. Cpl. LiBritz worked with the team for an hour doing teambuilding activities and talking about focus, resilience, teamwork, setting goals, and perseverance.