Troop F Weekly Report 03-07 to 03-13-22

Incident Type:         OAS

Date:                          3/09/2022

Town:                        VAN BUREN

Trooper:                   Tr. Desrosier

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier conducted a traffic stop in the town of Van Buren and learned that the operator’s license was under suspension. Tr. Desrosier issued the operator a summons for OAS and had the vehicle towed from the roadway.


Incident Type:         SUSPICiOUS INCIDENT

Date:                          2/22/2022

Town:                        ISLAND FALLS

Trooper:                   Tr. Castonguay

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Castonguay was called out to a business in Island Falls for a report that the front door was open and there was a light on in the back room.  Tr. Castonguay arrived on scene and found that the front door was open and the key to the deadbolt was in the lock.  Tr. Castonguay cleared the residence and did not find anything suspicious.  Attempts were made to contact the owner but were unsuccessful.  Tr. Castonguay secured the business for the night.  Contact with the owner was made later that day. 


Incident Type:         Noise disturbance

Date:                          3/10/2022

Town:                        easton

Trooper:                   Tr. Roy

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Roy received a complaint of gun shots near a trailer park in Easton.  Tr. Roy spoke with the complainant and got a location of where the shots were coming from.  Tr. Roy spoke with a residence in the area and learned that he was target practicing.  Tr. Roy was shown the area of the target and deemed that it was safe.  The homeowner apologized for shooting at that time of night.     

Incident Type:         Specialty

Date:                          3/10/2022

Town:                        princeton

Trooper:                   Tr. Kilcollins

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins was called to assist as an ERT with a homicide investigation in the town of Princeton.  


Incident Type:         assist to ambulance

Date:                          3/11/2022

Town:                        westfield

Trooper:                   Tr. Rider

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Rider assisted the ambulance with a lifting a patient that had fallen and couldn’t get back up on their own.  


Incident Type:         OAS

Date:                          3/11/2022

Town:                        dyer brook

Trooper:                   Tr. Kilcollins

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins was conducting traffic enforcement in the town of Dyer Brook when he stopped a vehicle for speeding.  Tr. Kilcollins learned that the operator’s license was currently under suspension.  Tr. Kilcollins issued the operator a summons for OAS and had the licensed passenger drive the vehicle from the scene.  


Incident Type:         SUspicious incident

Date:                          2/13/2022

Town:                        Island Falls

Trooper:                   Tr. Barnard

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Barnard responded to a local campground in Island Falls when it was reported that a man who was intoxicated was trying to leave in a vehicle. Tr. Barnard met with the man and determined that he had been up there with a group of friends and wanted to leave. The man’s friends took his keys so he could not drive. It was clear the man had too much to drink to operate a motor vehicle. Tr. Barnard learned that the man’s wife was on her way to pick him up. Tr. Barnard gave the man a ride to meet his wife, so she did not have to drive all the way to Island Falls.


Incident Type:         TRAINING

Date:                          3/07/2022

Town:                        windham

Trooper:                   Sgt. Haines

Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines attended two days of training in Windham to recertify as an armorer.