Troop F Weekly Report 03-06 to 03-12-23


Incident Type:       oas - civil

Date:                      3/10/2023

Town:                    cASWELL

Trooper:                TR. DESROSIER

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Desrosier was investigating a traffic complaint in Caswell where the operator of a vehicle may possibly be impaired.  Tr. Desrosier stopped the vehicle and after an investigation, it was determined the driver was not impaired but had a suspended driver’s license.  A traffic summons was issued for the violation and a licensed driver came and removed the vehicle from the roadway.


Incident Type:       false attachement of plates

Date:                      3/11/2023

Town:                    Connor

Trooper:                TR. DESROSIER

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Connor.  While finishing a traffic stop, he observed a vehicle passing him and he knew the registrations plates were falsely attached.  Tr. Desrosier stopped the vehicle and after an investigation, the driver admitted to putting the plates on the truck knowing they did not belong.  The man was issued a criminal summons for the violation.


Incident Type:       WARRANT

Date:                      3/11/2023

Town:                    Mars hill

Trooper:                TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Mars Hill and observed a pickup truck rusted to the point it would not pass inspection.  Tr. Roy conducted a computer query on the registration and then on the registered owner.  The computer indicated the owner had two active arrest warrants.  Tr. Roy stopped the vehicle and arrested the man without incident.  He was able to post bail and was brought back to his truck.


Incident Type:       defective motor vehicle

Date:                      3/12/2023

Town:                    LIMESTONE

Trooper:                TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Limestone.  He observed a vehicle displaying an expired inspection certificate.  A traffic stop was conducted and after an investigation, Tr. Roy found the vehicle unfit to be on the public way.  He observed several major defects, such as faulty brakes, the tires had the steel belt exposed, and the car was leaking fluid.  The driver admitted to knowing the issues and was driving the vehicle anyway; she was also on bail for other offenses.  Tr. Roy issued the woman a criminal summons for operating a defective motor vehicle and had it towed from the roadway.



Incident Type:       OAS

Date:                      3/9/2023

Town:                    Presque Isle

Trooper:                CPL. KILCOLLINS

Brief Synopsis:      Cpl. Kilcollins was traveling south bound when he observed a truck with an expired inspection sticker. Cpl. Kilcollins was familiar with the truck and knew the male owner had a suspended license. As the truck passed Cpl. Kilcollins, he saw the male driving was the owner who has a suspended license. Cpl. Kilcollins pulled the vehicle over and issued the male driver a summons for Operating After Suspension. Arrangements were made for the male and the truck to be picked up at a nearby gas station.



Incident Type:       SCHOOL VISIT

Date:                      3/9/2023

Town:                    Stacyville

Trooper:                TR. BARNARD, TR. MERCHANT

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Barnard and Tr. Merchant conducted a school visit at Katahdin Elementary and High School. Tr. Barnard and Tr. Merchant spent some time with the pre- Kindergarten class. Tr. Barnard and Tr. Merchant spent time talking with the kids and helping them with class work. 


Incident Type:       firearms

Date:                      3/12/2023

Town:                    houlton

Trooper:                sgt. haines/cpl. casavant

Brief Synopsis:      Troop F is doing an evidence room inventory and multiple firearms are in our possession that were found or turned in with no known owner listed.  If anyone has lost or is missing a firearm and has proof of ownership with a serial number, please contact Troop F for Sgt. Josh Haines or Corporal Nick Casavant.


Incident Type:       INSTRUCTOR

Date:                      3/08/2023

Town:                    MCJA

Trooper:                SGT. HAINES

Brief Synopsis:      Sgt. Haines spent 5 days at the RTT as a firearms instructor.


Incident Type:       Trespass

Date:                      3/09/2023

Town:                    oakfield

Trooper:                tr. saucier

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Saucier responded to the railyard in Oakfield after an employee called to report there was a female passed out in her vehicle on the property.  The female and vehicle were gone when Tr. Saucier arrived.  The employee was able to provide a registration for the vehicle.  Tr. Saucier will continue to look for the female to warn her for trespass.