Troop F Weekly Report 01-02 to 01-08-23

Incident Type:       attaching false plates

Date:                      1/3/2023

Town:                    mapleton

Trooper:                TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Mapleton when he observed a vehicle with what he suspected was illegally attached plates.  After asking the dispatcher to conduct a registration query, it was confirmed the plates belonged to another vehicle.  Tr. Roy conducted a traffic stop and after an investigation the driver admitted to taking the registration plates from a different vehicle and putting them on the one, he was driving.  The man was issued a criminal summons for the violation.


Incident Type:       warrant

Date:                      1/4/2023

Town:                    westfield

Trooper:                TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Westfield when he observed a speeding vehicle.  Tr. Roy stopped the car and during his investigation found an active arrest warrant for the driver for failing to appear in court on assault and refusing to submit to arrest charges.  Tr. Roy explained to the man he had a warrant and took him into custody without incident.  The man was brought to a bail commissioner where he was able to post bail and was released.


Incident Type:       criminal speeding

Date:                      1/4/2023

Town:                    caribou

Trooper:                TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Caribou when he observed a vehicle driving 83 mph in a posted 45 mph zone.  Tr. Roy initiated a traffic stop on the vehicle and during his investigation, the driver stated it was a rental car and he was not familiar with driving that type of car.  Tr. Roy reduced the speed from criminal to a traffic infraction and issued a traffic summons for speeding to the man.


Incident Type:       PUBLIC RELATIONS

Date:                      1/6/2023

Town:                    connor twp

Trooper:                TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Roy participated in an anti-bullying event at the school in Connor Township.  Tr. Roy spoke with classes from kindergarten to sixth grade on physical, mental, and cyber bullying, to include reading a book to the younger grades about this topic.  Tr. Roy answered questions from students and staff and talked about having a positive self-image.


Incident Type:       OAR

Date:                      1/2/2023

Town:                    Blaine

Trooper:                CPL. KILCOLLINS

Brief Synopsis:      Cpl. Kilcollins was conducting traffic enforcement on Route 1 in Blaine. Cpl. Kilcollins observed a vehicle with an expired inspection sticker. Cpl. Kilcollins turned on the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop. Cpl. Kilcollins spoke with the female operator who advised she did not have a license. Cpl. Kilcollins ran a license check on the female and her license came back as revoked. Cpl. Kilcollins charged the female with Operating After Revocation and had the vehicle towed.



Incident Type:       OUI

Date:                      1/7/2023

Town:                    E Township

Trooper:                CPL. KILCOLLINS

Brief Synopsis:      Cpl. Kilcollins responded to a crash on E Plantation Road in E Township. At the scene Cpl. Kilcollins found a male who was slumped over the steering wheel. Cpl. Kilcollins opened the door of the pickup and attempted to wake the male. The male came to and was offered medical attention but refused. After a roadside investigation, . Cpl. Kilcollins placed the male under arrest for Operating Under the Influence. The male was found to be under the influence of drugs and was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs. The male was on probation, a probation hold was put on him and he was transported down to the Aroostook County Jail.    


Incident Type:       THEFT

Date:                      1/2/2023

Town:                    Oakfield

Trooper:                TR. MERCHANT

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Merchant received a complaint reference to a fuel drive off at the Oakfield Irving. The manager of the store called in to advised they just had a fuel drive off by an empty log truck of $354 in fuel. They advised they did not believe the fuel drive off was done on purpose. They advised the male hung around the store for over 40 minutes after pumping the fuel.



Incident Type:       OAr

Date:                      1/03/2023

Town:                    sherman

Trooper:                Tr. Saucier

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Saucier responded to the Sherman Irving for a report of a possible intoxicated driver. Tr. Saucier located the 48-year-old male parked in the parking lot. The male was not intoxicated but had a revoked Maine driver’s license. The male was arrested for OAR and bailed from the Houlton barracks.


Incident Type:       OAS

Date:                      1/04/2023

Town:                    sherman

Trooper:                tr. saucier

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Saucier stopped a vehicle in Sherman for a traffic violation and found that the 19-year-old male’s Maine license was under suspension. The male was charged accordingly.