Troop B Weekly Report 10/7/19-10/13/19

Incident Type:         OUI                                

Date:                          10/07/2019

Town:                       Turner                                           

Trooper:                   Tr. Willard

Brief Synopsis: On 10/7/2019, Tr. Willard responded to Angelo’s General Store in Turner for a male passed out behind the wheel.  Subsequent investigation led to Martin Buck being arrested for Operating Under the Influence. 


Incident Type:   OUI

Date:                                     10/12/2019

Town:                                   Portland

Trooper:                              TR. ROYLE

Brief Synopsis:  Tr. Royle initiated a traffic stop on a vehicle travelling at 70 MPH in a posted 50 MPH limit.  The female operator identified as Snyder, Kimberley E (19).  Tr. Royle found the operator to be impaired and after conducting SFSTs, SNYDER was taken into custody.  A vehicle search recovered Fresh Marijuana buds, Dab, drug paraphernalia and hard liquor.  SNYDER was summonsed for OUI (ALCOHOL); Driving to Endanger, Operating without a license, Permit or Beyond Restriction; Restriction or Class, Minor Transporting Liquor, and Marijuana (IN MV). SNYDER was also issued a VSAC for Speeding 20-24 Mph over posted limit.


Incident Type:   Violation of Conditions of Release

Date:                                     10/10/2019

Town:                                   PORTLAND

Trooper:                              M. SMITH

Brief Synopsis:  Tr. Smith arrested a male from Lisbon after a violation of conditions of release was discovered during a traffic stop on I-295 in Portland.


Incident Type:   Trespassing

Date:                                     10/09/2019

Town:                                   Hiram

Trooper:                              HINK

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink responded to Hiram for a report of two females at a residence pointing a gun at each other before one of the females fled the residence.  As Cpl. Hink was approaching the residence, he noticed a suspicious vehicle in the area. After having Augusta RCC run the plate, Cpl. Hink was advised that was the vehicle that fled the scene.  Cpl. Hink conducted a felony stop on the vehicle, detained the female operator and waited for a York County Deputy to arrive on scene to clear the vehicle.  Once the scene was secure, Cpl. Hink searched the female and the vehicle and did not locate any weapons.  Cpl. Hink had K9 Berry conduct an area search for a weapon and a drug sniff of the vehicle and nothing was located.  Upon completing the investigation, Cpl. Hink learned only the homeowner had a firearm and no crimes were committed.  The female from the traffic stop was issued a No Trespass Order to the residence.


Incident Type:   Unwanted Person

Date:                                     10/09/2019

Town:                                   Lovell

Trooper:                              HINK

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink responded to Lovell to assist Oxford County SO with an unwanted female at 486 West Lovell Road.  Cpl. Hink arrived on scene just after Dep. MacCormick and Oxford Sgt. Ontengco, escorted Lacey Drew from the property and she was issued a No Trespass Order.


Incident Type:     Harassment

Date:                                     10/12/2019

Town:                                   Porter

Trooper:                              HINK

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink responded to 538 Ossipee Trail in Porter for a neighbor dispute.  During the investigation, all parties were told to act like adults and Libby McMannis was issued a Cease Harassment Order.


Incident Type:   Warrant

Date:                                     9/11/2019

Town:                                   Hiram

Trooper:                              HINK

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink stopped Jessica Geyer after identifying her driving from previous contact.  Cpl. Hink believed she had a warrant, asked Augusta to run her confirming she was wanted out of York County.  Cpl. Hink stopped her in front of Sacopee Valley Elementary School, arrested her and transported her to the York County Jail without incident.  Cpl. Hink called the SRO for Sacopee Valley School and advised them the car would be parked by the elementary fields for approximately an hour until Jessica’s boyfriend could come get it.


Incident Type:   Warrant

Date:                                     10/14/2019

Town:                                   Fryeburg

Trooper:                              Sgt FARLEY, Cpl. CASEY, Troopers FILLEBROWN & WING

Brief Synopsis:  On October 13th, Sgt. Farley and Tr. Wing responded to Belair Estates Rd. in Fryeburg to assist the PD with a reported domestic involving Zachary Jackson, a male reportedly in possession of a firearm.  When State Police arrived, Oxford SO and Fryeburg PD were set up on the residence and Fryeburg PD were investigating with the female caller, outside, while the male was reportedly inside the basement.  Despite the male having a warrant for Class C DV Criminal Threatening, Fryeburg PD Sergeant instructed the units to clear.  The following day, State Police returned to conduct surveillance on the residence and arrest Jackson.  Eventually, Jackson arrived at the residence and Troopers Fillebrown and Wing confronted Jackson who attempted to flee into the residence.  Forcible entry was made, and Jackson was arrested.  Following a search of the vehicle he arrived in, and a search of his residence because of his bail conditions, Jackson was transported to Oxford County Jail for the warrant, and summonsed for VCR, OAS 3priors, Refusing to Submit to Arrest.  Additionally, Jackson will face drug charges once the suspected drugs have been tested.