Troop B Weekly Report 05/24/2021-05/31/2021

On 05/25/2021, Tr. Knight obtained a search warrant for medical records for William Peters who crashed his vehicle in Otisfield on May 8. The records indicated William was under the influence of alcohol at that time. Tr. Knight obtained an arrest warrant for William for OUI, Driving to Endanger and three counts of VCR. William has since been arrested on that warrant.


On 05/28/2021 Tr. Lemieux was traveling south on I-295 in Portland. Traffic was very heavy at this time. Tr. Lemieux noticed a Jeep quickly approaching from the rear. Tr. Lemieux locked the speed of the vehicle at 85mph (posted 50mph zone). Tr. Lemieux conducted a motor vehicle stop and identified the driver as Seth Miller of South Portland. Miller was cited appropriately.

On 05/29/2021, Tr. Lemieux made contact with three drivers that were speeding on I-95. The first a 17-year old male from Massachusetts was traveling at 111 mph. In York, Tr. Lemieux stopped an 18-year old male from Massachusetts that was traveling at 104 mph. The third was a 19-year old male from Sanford traveling 100 mph. All drivers were cited appropriately. The posted speed limit on I-95 is 70 mph.


On 05/30/2021, Trooper Pyburn stopped DAKOTAH BAILEY on Old County Road in the town of West Paris. BAILEY was observed operating an ATV a high rate of speed on Route 219, after passing Trooper Pyburn. BAILEY briefly attempted to evade Trooper Pyburn, turning onto several private and posted roads, before eventually stopping. Warden Smith responded to the scene to assist and BAILEY was summonsed accordingly.

On 05/18/2021, Massachusetts State Police had a vehicle crash in which the Operator fled on foot. The vehicle’s registration came back to a Sumner address. Troopers conducted interviews with the previous owner, Dolsie Bragg. Bragg had sold the vehicle in question to her boyfriend’s nephew Diego Martinez out of Sabattus. The family assisted in giving some locations in Mass that Martinez may go to. Martinez had multiple warrants at the time. Information about him was relayed to Mass SP to alert them on his most recent activity and escalation in Maine. He was successfully located and arrested in Mass.

On 5/29/2021 and 5/31/21, Troopers Watson and Willard conducted a directed patrol in the area of County Road in the town of Turner and other surrounding roads including Route 4 and Snell Hill Road.  There has been recent intel suggesting of increased traffic and possible drug activity.  In the span of two days Troopers contacted 29 vehicles resulting in 3 VSAC’s and 1 USAC’s being issued.  Four vehicle searches were conducted resulting in paraphernalia and small amount of drugs.  The information stems from recent traffic stops Trooper Watson had in the same area resulting in drug seizures.

On 05/30/2021, Tr. Watson stopped a vehicle with an expired registration in Turner. The operator, Eric Merrill admitted the plates were false attached and he was suspended. The plates were pulled, and he was charged accordingly.

On 05/30/2021, Tr. Watson stopped a vehicle with a loud exhaust in Turner. The operator, Nathan Howard showed a suspended status. The vehicle was parked. Charges are pending based on follow-up with Howard.

On 05/29/2021, Tr. Lemieux was working a minimum shift on Troop G. At this time, Tr. Lemieux was posted in a cross over in York on I-95. Tr. Lemieux saw a vehicle quickly approaching from the rear. He saw on radar the vehicle was traveling 94mph. Tr. Lemieux stopped the

vehicle and identified the driver as Vincent Visconti of North Andover MA. VISCONTI had an expired/suspended license out of Massachusetts. The vehicle was towed, and VISCONTI was cited appropriately.

On 05/29/2021, Tr. Knight stopped a vehicle in Bridgton for no front plate and expired inspection sticker. The operator, Zachary Laney of Bridgton, was found to have a suspended license. The vehicle was not registered, and Zachary admitted to having no insurance on it. Zachary was summonsed accordingly and issued multiple VSACs.

On 05/26/2021, Kyle Leblanc (30 of Brunswick) passed Tr. James in the right-hand lane of I295. Upon making contact with Kyle, it was also determined his registration was suspended due to toll violations. Leblanc was charged accordingly on all charges.

On 05/30/2021, Tr. James responded to a two-vehicle crash on I295 in Brunswick. One of the vehicles involved had a previous driving complaint made on it south of Freeport. The driver of that vehicle, David James (35 of Dresden), stated he was very tired and found himself not remembering much of the drive from Portland. Tr. James could smell the odor of alcohol coming from David. He was brought to Topsham PD for a breathalyzer test and was charged with Driving to Endanger.

On 05/30/2021, Tr. Watson stopped a vehicle with a suspended registration in Turner. The operator, Heather McEwen was also suspended and on probation. McEwen claimed to have driven from Windham to Bretton’s with her passenger, Nathaniel Rines for food. A search was conducted, and the vehicle was towed away. McEwen was charged accordingly.