Troop B Weekly Report 01/24/22-01/30/22

Troop B  Weekly Report

Week Beginning: 01/24/2022 – 01/30/2022

On 01/25/22 Tr. Gleaton was near the tolls on 295 south. A vehicle registered by Patrick Bruce had an expired registration. After running the plate, the plate came back as suspended due to failure to pay tolls. BRUCE indicated he had been out of the state for six months and had recently returned. BRUCE said he was on his way to Massachusetts. BRUCE was issued a VSAC for failure to register.

On 01/26/22 Tr. Watson covered two personal injury crashes in Turner. One two-vehicle crash which an operator was transported to CMMC for neck and back pain. The other was a three-car crash with minor injuries.

On 01/27/22 Tr. Young observed a vehicle traveling West on Rt 2 failing to dim its high beams and traveling well under the posted speed limit of 55 mph, impeding traffic behind it. A traffic stop was conducted, and contact was made with the operator Maile Buker of Portland. Several indicators of intoxication were observed. After completion of standardized field sobriety Maile was transported to the Bethel sub-station for breath test. Maile was summonsed for OUI Alcohol. 

On 01/29/22 Tr. Lemieux was traveling on Broadway Street in South Portland. He saw a single vehicle quickly approaching him at a speed greater than the posted speed limit of 40mph. Tr Lemieux saw on radar the vehicle traveling 76mph. Tr. Lemieux stopped the vehicle cited the juvenile operator appropriately.

On 01/30/22 Tr. Watson stopped a vehicle on Rt 126 with multiple defects. The operator did not have a current license in the State of Maine and the registration was suspended. The operator was charged accordingly.

On 01/30/22 Tr. Gleaton stopped to assist a 10-59 that had run out of gas near Exit 8 on 295n. The registered owner, who had a similar appearance to the driver, came back as revoked. The driver was the registered owner’s brother, DAN PEREZ, who was suspended. There was a passenger in the car with an active license. PEREZ was issued a VSAC.

On 01/31/22 a vehicle operated by Bernard Yatshi came up behind Tr. Gleaton going 71 mph in a 55-mph zone. YATSHI was on his way to work with another passenger, BENJAMIN OTSHUDI, who told me that he did not have a license. The driver was unable to produce insurance for the vehicle, and the inspection sticker expired. YATSHI was charged with Operating without a License and warned for the 29-A violations.



# of School Visits conducted – 1                                # of Use of Force Incidents – 0

# of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 1                                       # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0                             

# of DV Arrests – 0