Troop B Weekly Report 01/17/22-01/23/22

Troop B Weekly Report

Week Beginning: 01/17/2022 – 01/23/2022


On 01/14/22 Tr. Watson stopped a vehicle with no plates on the Spec Pond Rd in Porter. After speaking with the company owner and driver, multiple citations were issued.

On 01/15/22 Tr. Watson stopped a car on Rt. 4 in Turner with an expired inspection sticker. The operator had a suspended license and was charged accordingly.

On 01/19/22 Tr. Gleaton was dispatched to a crash. The driver of one of the vehicles, JACKIE PIASECKI, had the smell of intoxicants emanating from her facial region, slurred speech, and was uncooperative. PIASECKI had a condition q on her license. She was brought to Portland PD for an intox test. PIASEKCI was issued a summons for OUI and Operating without a License.

On 01/20/22 Tr. Gleaton was running registrations at the tolls on 295 south. A vehicle registered by Thomas Tureen was suspended due to tolls. TUREEN credibly stated that he did not know that his registration was suspended. TUREEN was issued a VSAC for failure to register.

On 01/20/22 Tr. Gleaton was passed by a vehicle traveling 83 mph on 295s in a 65-mph zone. The driver, CARINE NUNGA, was the only occupant of the vehicle. The vehicle had temporary plates that expired in December 21. NUNGA had a learner’s permit and was operating without a licensed passenger. She was issued a USAC and warned for the speed and failure to register.


On 01/21/22 Tr. Young observed a vehicle with his radar on Sunday River Road at 67 mph in a posted 45 mph zone. Tr. Young got turned around and observed the vehicle make two lane violations and follow the vehicle in front of it too closely. The vehicle reached an intersection where it failed to obey a stop sign, crashing into another vehicle, resulting in property damage only. The male operator of the offending vehicle Samuel Donegan (29) from Minnesota was uncooperative, and subsequently arrested based on several impairment indicators. Donegan was transported to Oxford County Jail for a breath test. Donegan was charged with criminal OUI and driving to endanger, and other motor vehicle violations. 


# of School Visits conducted – 0                                # of Use of Force Incidents – 0

# of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 2                                       # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

# of DV Arrests – 0