Troop B Weekly 09/30/19-10/06/19


Date:                                   9/17/2019 and 10/05/2019

Town:                                 Portland and Scarborough

Trooper:                           TR. ROYLE

Brief Synopsis:  On 9/17/2019, Tr. Royle investigated a Serious PI crash resulting from a wrong way driver on I-295 in Portland.  Tr. Royle determined that the wrong way operator, identified as HANSON, ARTHUR W (56) was under the influence at the time of the crash. Tr. Royle also determined that HANSON was SUSPENDED and had no insurance at the time of the crash.  Based on the totality of the circumstances Tr. Royle applied for and was granted a Court Ordered Arrest warrant for the following felony charges; Operating After Suspension-Accident with Injury, Operating Under the Influence (Alcohol) – Injury, Reckless Conduct (to be elevated to Class C through use of a dangerous weapon (Motor Vehicle)), Aggravated Criminal Mischief, and Aggravated Assault.  On 10/5/2019, Tr. Royle identified HANSON operating a motor vehicle and conducted a traffic stop.  Tr. Royle arrested HANSON on the Warrant and charge HANSON on another count of OAS.


Incident Type:   DRugs

Date:                                     9/30/19

Town:                                   Turnpike

Trooper:                              Tr. Fillebrown

Brief Synopsis: On 90/30/19, Tr. Fillebrown was working a PACE detail on the Maine Turnpike.   During a traffic stop with two males, Tr. Fillebrown observed they were attempting to conceal something in the glovebox.  Tr. Fillebrown observed vacuum seal and later located 94 grams of Heroin and Cocaine.  Another 4 grams of Crack cocaine was found in the vehicle.  Two Winsor, Connecticut males were charged with Aggravated Trafficking in schedule drugs. 


Incident Type:   THREATENING

Date:                                     9/29/2019

Town:                                   Hiram

Trooper:                              Cpl. HINK / SGT. HANSON / TR. DOUGHTY

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink, Sgt. Hanson and Tr. Doughty responded to Hiram Hill Road in Hiram of a report of a male displaying a firearm at his neighbor and told him he would shoot him.  Cpl. Hink arrived on scene and contacted the male complainant to provide his neighbor’s name.  As Cpl. Hink was staged for Sgt. Hanson and Tr. Doughty to arrive, Sgt. Hanson stopped the alleged offender on Hiram Hill Road.  Cpl. Hink and Tr. Doughty responded to the stop, detained the male and searched him for a weapon.  He gave consent to search his vehicle and Sgt. Hanson did so.  No weapon was located.  During the investigation it was determined that a firearm was not in fact displayed but they did have a verbal argument.  Both subjects were given a Disorderly Conduct Warning, Cease Harassment Order and No Trespass Order.  They both agreed to leave each other alone and act like mature adults going forward.


Incident Type:   SUICIDAL MALE

Date:                                     10/03/2019

Town:                                   Lovell

Trooper:                              CPL. HINK & TR. WING

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink and Tr. Wing assisted Oxford SO with a suicidal male with a machete in Lovell.  Tr. Wing located the male driving on the roadway and conducted a felony stop on the vehicle and detained the male near his cruiser. Cpl. Hink arrived on scene, tactically approached the vehicle to clear it confirming nobody else was inside the vehicle. After being cleared by rescue, the male was arrested for OUI by Tr. Wing and taken to Fryeburg PD for intox.



Date:                                     10/03/2019

Town:                                   Waterford

Trooper:                              CPL. HINK, TR. WING, DET. FILLEBROWN

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink, Trooper Wing and Det. Fillebrown responded to 209 Sweden Road in Waterford after a report of a male that had warrants was at the house and the female involved in the hit and run with a school bus earlier in the week, was also at the house.  Upon arriving on scene, Felisha Thayer was in the front yard who was on bail conditions.  Tr. Wing advised he heard something in the woods or behind the house.  Felisha was detained, and Cpl. Hink secured his K9 and cast him around the property and conducted several building searches of barns and out buildings.  Matt McAllister was not located. After conducted a bail search of Felisha and her belongings, she had several bail violations.  Cpl. Hink arrested her, transported her to jail, charged her with VCR and issued her a No Trespass Order for the property.


Incident Type:   AISSIST SO

Date:                                     10/04/2019

Town:                                   Stoneham

Trooper:                              Cpl. HINK & SGT. Hanson

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink responded to Maine Street in Stoneham to assist Oxford SO with a report of a single vehicle into a tree with entrapment and injuries to a female and two kids.  Upon arrived, Deputies advised Cpl. Hink the female passenger did not survive the crash and the kids were transported to the hospital.  Cpl. Hink was asked to take pictures of the crash scene while Deputies conducted interviews and attempted to locate next of kin.  Sgt. Hanson responded to assist with crash reconstruction.


Incident Type:   ASSIST RESCUE

Date:                                     10/06/2019

Town:                                   Parsonsfield

Trooper:                              CPL. HINK

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink responded to 18 Maple crest Road in Parsonsfield to assist Sacopee Rescue with lifting assistance of an elderly male that had fallen.  Cpl. Hink assisted with loading the male into the rescue and he was transported to Mercy Hospital.


Incident Type:   ASSIST Other Agency


Town:                                   Norway

Trooper:                              TR. FILLEBROWN

Brief Synopsis: Tr. Fillebrown assisted Norway PD with overdose in Norway.   The male had been given two doses of Narcan upon Tr. Fillebrown arrival.  The male was transported to the Hospital and units were called back to the hospital after the patient try to run away.


Incident Type:   Assist Oxford SO


Town:                                   Stoneham

Trooper:                              TR. FILLEBROWN

Brief Synopsis: Tr. Fillebrown assisted Oxford SO with a drug test on the driver of a fatal motor vehicle crash in Stoneham.  The operator was on full search and test bail stemming from an armed robbery earlier in the year.  



Date:                                   10/02/2019 

Town:                                 Waterford 

Trooper:                            tr. PYBURN, TR. Det fillebrown 

Brief Synopsis: Trooper Pyburn and Detective Fillebrown responded to Mill Hill Road in Waterford, to assist the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office with a report of a school bus crash. Upon arriving on scene, it was determined a grey Pontiac sedan had fled the scene after striking the bus. Trooper Pyburn had passed a vehicle matching that description while in route to the crash. A photo taken from Trooper Pyburn’ s WatchGuard was shared on social media, and the vehicle was reported to be abandoned on Rice Road in Waterford. The vehicle was towed, and several suspects identified. The registered owner, Heather Reynold, was interviewed and identified Felisha Thayer of Waterford, as being the last known operator. Felisha was arrested the following day for VCR. Additional charges pending further investigation from the Oxford County Sheriff’s Office.  ​ 



Date:                                     10/04/2019

Town:                                   Hiram

Trooper:                              HINK / PYBURN / OXFORD LT. CHANCEY

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink assisted Tr. Pyburn and Oxford Lt. Chancey with conducting a practical ALICE Training exercise to the Sacopee Valley staff.  12 scenarios were conducted and approximately 100 staff members were present throughout the day.



Date:                                     10/04/2019

Town:                                   Naples

Trooper:                             Cpl. HINK / Sgt. HANSON

Brief Synopsis:  Cpl. Hink assisted Sgt. Hanson with teaching a motor vehicle laws class to students and parents at the Driving School in Naples.

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