2023 Annual Homicides

2023 Annual Homicide List

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety

53 Homicides, 10 of them Domestic


1/6/23   Lincolnville  

Victim: Kevin Curit (47) of Lincolnville    

Offender: Matthew Pendelton (47) of Lincolnville charged with Murder  


1/12/23   Berwick           

Victim: Mark Forest (37) of Berwick      

Offender: Daniel Lafrenier (31) of Rochester, NH charged with Murder


1/12/23   Bangor          

Victim: Ariah Jacques (24) of Bangor       

Offender: John Neff (57) of Bangor   

Murder - Suicide



1/25/23   Caribou         

Victim: Jason Donahue (30) Caribou        

Offender: Susan Kochanowski (34) of Caribou charged with Murder



2/17/23   Portland         

Victim: Christopher Godin (58) of Portland        

Offender: Jonathan Alas (27) of Portland charged with Murder  


2/21/23   Poland    

Victims: Shoeb Mohamed Adan (21) from Massachusetts and Mohamed Aden (16) of Lewiston           

Offender: Aaron Aldrich (46) of Auburn charged with Murder


03/25/23   Madawaska

Victim: David Morin (71) of Madawaska

Offender: Shawn Cote (45) of Madawaska 

Murder - Suicide


4/10/23   Alfred           

Victim:  Kristan Crow (39) of Alfred      

Offender: James Crow (40) of Alfred charged with Murder



4/18/23   Bowdoin  

Victims: Robert Eger (72) and Patricia Eger (62) of Bowdoin.  Cynthia Easton (62) and David Eaton (66) of Florid      

Offender: Joseph Eaton (34) of Bowdoin charged with Murder



6/16/23   Monticello   

Victim: Kimberly Hardy (42) of Monticello   

Offender: Jayme Schnackenberg (39) of Monticello charged with Murder     



6/19/23   Westbrook  

Victims: Brittney Cockrell (37) of Westbrook Michael Hayter (41) of Westbrook  

Offender: Marcel Lagrange Jr. (24) of South Portland charged with Murder


7/2/23   Brooklin   

Victim: Pamela Cohen (71) of Brooklin  

Offender: William Cohen (75) of Brooklin 

Murder Suicide



7/8/23   Norway  

Victim: Barbara St. George (60) of Norway 

Offender: Andrew St. George (61) of Norway charged with Murder



7/10/23   Madison 

Victim: Mark Trabue (57) of Anson 

Offender: Roland Flood (61) of Madison charged with Murder


7/28/23   Augusta   

Victim: Tyler Robinson (34) of Augusta   

Offender: Andrew Redmond (34) of Augusta charged with Murder


7/30/23   Lewiston 

Victim: Keyt Hussein (23) of Lewiston  

Offender: Mohamed Sheik (30) of Lewiston  

Mohamed Sheik was shot and killed by Mohamed Liban (24) of Lewiston (ruled self-defense)


9/4/23    South Portland

Victim: Danielle Goodwin (52) OF Freeport

Offender: Gary Mariner (65) of West Newfield charged with Murder


9/13/23   Hiram

Victim: Stephanie Ranieri (43) of Hiram

Offender: Chad Adams (48) of Hiram

Murder - Suicide



10/6/23   Lisbon Falls

Victim: Kylee Turcotte (30) of Lisbon Falls

Offender: Benjamin Peterson of Pittston

Murder - Suicide



10/25/23   Lewiston


Tricia Asselin (53) of Lewiston

Peyton Brewer-Ross (40) of Bath

William, Brackett (48) of Lewiston

Thomas Conrad (34) of Lewiston

Michael Deslauriers (52) of Sabattus

Maxx Hathaway (35) of Lisbon Falls

Bryan McFarlane (41) of South China

Keith Macneir (63) of Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Ronald Morin (55) of Lewiston

Joshua Seal (36) of Lisbon Falls

Arthur Strout (42) of Lewiston

Steven Vozella (45) of South Paris

Lucille Violette (73) of Lewiston

Robert Violette (76) of Lewiston

Joshua Walker (57) of Winslow

Jason Walker (51) of Sabattus

William Young (44) of Manchester

Aaron Young (14) of Manchester

 Offender: Robert Card (40) of Bowdoin (murder-suicide)


11/3/23   Lewiston

Victim: Anthony Ayotte (40) of Lewiston

Offender: Jerry Thibodeau (36) of Lewiston charged with Murder


11/21/23   Topsham

Victim: Christine Miller (64) of Topsham

Offender: Robert McClure (71) of Topsham charged with Murder



11/24/23   Biddeford

Victim: Ahmed Sharif (27) of Lewiston

Offender: Lorenze Labonte (25) of Saco charged with Murder


11/25/23   Denmark

Victims: Aremean Mayo (93) of Denmark and Michael Willette (69) of Denmark

Offender: Tzara Jones (53) of Denmark charged with Murder



11/27/23   Searsmont

Victim: Amy Nickerson (50) of Stockton Springs

Offender: Lance Lucas (50) of Searsmont

Murder - Suicide



11/28/23   Westbrook

Victim: Clarence Pearson (61) of Westbrook

Offender: Deng Malual (36) of Portland charged with Murder


11/28/23   Fairfield

Victim: Edwin Weeks (62) of Fairfield 

Offender: Raheem Shamar Goodwin (22) of Benton charged with Murder


12/27/23   Farmington

Victim: Jean Robinson (76) of Farmington and Allison Cumming (53) of Farmington


12/28/23   Waterville

Victim: Angela Bragg (52) of Waterville

Offender: Spridal Hubiak (20) of Waterville arrested and charged with Murder