2019 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety
Steve McCausland, Public Information Officer 12/30/19

1-2  |  PARIS  |  Heather Bickford and Dana Hill, both 31, are shot to death inside a downtown apartment . Mark Penley, 49, is charged with two counts of murder. Penley is the former boyfriend of Bickford and her death is DOMESTIC VIOLENCE

1-14  |  CLIFTON  |  Kary Dill, 35, shot to death inside her home. Her long term boyfriend, Dwight Osgood Jr., 37, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

2-21  |  OWLS HEAD  |  Helen Carver, 83, is beaten to death inside her home. Sarah Richards, 37, is charged with murder. Richards had been hired by Carver to shovel snow.

3-15  |  SWANVILLE  |  Shane Sauer, 26, shot to death outside a cabin. Austin McDevitt, 22, is charged with murder. The two men were dating the same woman.

3-16  |  PORTLAND  |  Isahak Muse, 22, shot to death inside a home on Milton St. Mark Cardilli, 24, charged with murder. He is the brother of the victim’s girlfriend.

3-17  |  PORTLAND  |  Patricia Grassi, 59, strangled inside a Cumberland Ave. apartment. Her boyfriend, Gregory Vance, 61, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

3-17  |  PRESQUE ISLE  |  Quinten Leavitt, 14 months old, is shot to death by his father, who shots and kills himself. Father is Matthew Leavitt, 35, and shooting takes place inside their home.

3-19  |  OLD ORCHARD BEACH  |  William Popplewell, 65, is beaten and stabbed to death inside his apartment. His roommate, Dustan Bentley, 30, is charged with murder.

3-19  |  GARDINER  |  Autumn Bryant, 44, shot and killed by her estranged husband, Kenneth Bryant, 48, at a home in Gardiner where she had been staying. MURDER-SUICIDE, DOMESTIC

5/11  |  LEBANON  |  Allison Parker, 30, shot and killed by her long-term boyfriend, Thomas Doyon, who shots and kills himself at their home.  MURDER-SUICIDE, DOMESTIC

7/19  |  WATERBORO  |  Christal Denis, 45, shot and killed by her husband, Christopher Denis, 45, who shots and kills himself at their home.  MURDER-SUICIDE, DOMESTIC

7/27  |  AUBURN  |  Jean Fournier, 41, shot to death in the Wal Mart parking lot. Gage Dalphonse, 21, charged with murder.

8/12  |  CASTLE HILL  |  Roger Ellis, 51, and Allen Curtis, 25, shot to death inside Ellis’ pickup on Route 227. Bobby Nightingale, 38, indicted on two counts of murder October 17
8/3  |  PORTLAND  |  Rodney Cleveland, 63, beaten and dies six weeks later at the hospital. Everett Meserve, 62, a neighbor, is charged with murder.

8/31  |  LEEDS  |  Nadi Hagi Mohamed, 31, found shot to death along a woods road in Leeds. State Police investigating.

10/11  |  RICHMOND  |  Andrew Sherman, 48, found dead inside his home. State Police investigating.

10/22  |  WATERVILLE  |  Melissa Sousa, 29, shot to death inside her home. Her longtime boyfriend, Nicholas Lovejoy, 28, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11/1  |  BANGOR  |  Berton Conley, 59, dies following the discovery of a small fire inside his home. Two men - Joseph Johnson, 30, and Cote Choneska, 39, are charged with murder on December 4 by Bangor Police.

11/11  |  AUGUSTA  |  Loryn McCollett, 30, is stabbed to death inside the apartment she shares with her boyfriend, Eric Ryan, 30, who then shoots and kills himself. MURDER SUICIDE – DOMESTIC

12/15  |  SCARBOROUGH  |  James Pearson, 82, stabbed to death in the front yard of his home. Quinton Hanna, 22, charged with murder.