2000 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Dept. of Public Safety Public Information Office
December 20, 2000

1-7 | South Portland | 49 year old Richard Fagone struck in the head with a baseball bat and dies.  Albert Cardente III, 33, is charged with manslaughter.

3-26  |  Bingham  |  52 year old Karl Stone Goeman is bludgeoned to death with ax and rifle butt. Bruce Morris, 52, a friend, is charged with murder.

4-5  |  St. Agatha | 59 year old Leonard Daigle is shot and killed while sitting in his living room by his friend, 61 year old Marc Bard, who shots and kills himself. Bard had been served with divorce papers that evening and Mrs. Bard was staying at the Daigle home.

7-1  |  Swanville  |  Brenda Gray-Knost, 37, is shot and killed by a former boyfriend, 47 year old John Johnston, after he broke into her home. Johnston then shoots and kills himself. MURDER-SUICIDE (DOMESTIC)

7-7   | Township 10  |  26 year old Robert Leighton is shot to death at his home. His longtime girlfriend, Malia Lowry, 45, is charged with murder. (DOMESTIC)

8-16  |  Winthrop  |  Frank Perkins Sr, 58, is shot and killed by his 25 year old son, Frank Perkins Jr. who shoots and kills himself. MURDER-SUICIDE (DOMESTIC)

8-27  |  Farmington  |  17 year old Heather Hayden dies in a fire at a mobile home. Her roommate, 17 year old Crystal Spinney is charged with arson, murder and manslaughter.

9-3  |  Greenbush  |  Linda Grindal, 39, is shot and killed by her husband, 39 year old Robert Grindal, who shoots and kills himself. MURDER-SUICIDE (DOMESTIC)

9-13  |  Calais  |  74 year old Chester Doudey is beaten to death and robbed. Charged with murder are Justiliano Sanchez and Jonathan Pineda, both 20 and from Calais.

10-27  |  Westbrook  |  21 year old Brandon Feyler is stabbed to death. His friend, 23 year old Anthony Osborne is charged with murder.

12-15  |  Camden  |  29 year old Kimberly Palmer is shot to death by her boyfriend, 49 year old Paul Turnbull, who shoots and kills himself. MURDER-SUICIDE (DOMESTIC)

Of the six domestic homicides the victims were 2 girlfriends, a wife, a father, a boyfriend and a male friend who was giving comfort to a friend's wife. Five of the six domestic killings ended in murder-suicide.

In addition -- three bodies were located during the year that had previously been listed as missing persons.  All were homicide victims.

From 1989 -- the body of Joseph Cloak Jr. of Ellsworth was recovered from a grave in Bradford on November 30.

From 1982 -- the body of Jerilyn Towers of Newport was recovered from a shallow grave in Etna on October 12. James Hicks plead guilty and was sentenced to life.

From 1996 -- the body of Lynn Willette of Brewer was recovered from a site in Folkstown Township on October 13. James Hicks plead guilty and was sentenced to life.