2014 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety
Steve McCausland, Public Information Officer
Updated and corrected 12124/14

2/28  |  WARREN  |  Micah Boland, 37, stabbed to death inside his cell at the Maine State Prison. A fellow inmate, Richard Stahursky, 35, is charged with murder.

3/3  |  BANGOR  |  Korbyn Antworth, 5 months old, beaten and shaken to death. His baby-sitter, Samuel Moore, 25, charged with murder.

5/5  |  GARDINER  |  Leroy Smith, 56, stabbed to death in his apartment and his body dismembered and dumped in Richmond. His son, Leroy Smith Ill, 24, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

5/22  |  WATERVILLE  |  Aurele Fecteau, 92, stabbed to death in his bed and his home burglarized. Roland Cummings, 44, charged with murder.

5/30  |  ST. FRANCIS  |  Amy Theriault, 31, shot to death in her home. Her ex-boyfriend, Jesse Marquis, 38, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

7/26  |  SACO  |  Heather Smith, 36, and her three children - Jason Montez, 12, Noah Smith 7 and Lily Smith, 4, are shot to death inside their apartment by husband and father, Joel Smith, 33, who shoots and kills himself. QUADRUPLE MURDER-SUICIDE AND FOUR DOMESTIC

9/18  |  BIDDEFORD  |  James Ford, 21, and Michael Moore, 23, die from a fire started by an arsonist at their apartment house. Dylan Collins, 18, is charged with two counts of murder and one count of arson.

9/23  |  LEWISTON  |  Laudrinha Kubeloso, 32, struck and killed by a SUV, driven by her ex­ boyfriend, Evaristo Deus, 33, who is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

10/11  |  PERU  |  Paula Nutall, 57, dies after being assaulted at her home. Her son in law, Paul Orchard, 33, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

10/20  |  LEWISTON  |  11 month old Sean St. Amand drowns in his bathtub. His father, 27 year old Sean St. Amand Sr. is indicted for manslaughter. DOMESTIC

11/21  |  PORTLAND  |  Richard Labor, 23, is shot to death inside a Brighton Ave. apartment. Portland Police are investigating
11/27  |  GOULDBORO  |  Virginia Hutchins, 75, is shot to death by her husband, Raymond Hutchins, 65, who shoots and kills himself inside their home. MURDER-SUICIDE DOMESTIC

12/20  |  WILTON  |  Joanne Goudreau, 67, is bludgeoned to death with a hammer inside her mobile home. Her grandson, Dana Craney, 22, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

12/20  |  GARLAND  |  Christina Sargent, 36, and her two children - Duwayne Coke, 10, and Destiny Sargent, 8, are strangled to death inside their mobile home. A live in boyfriend, Keith Coleman, 27, is charged with three counts of murder. TRIPLE DOMESTIC