2015 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety Steve McCausland, Public Information Officer FINAL revised 2/26/16

1/26  |  FRYEBURG – Jody Buzzell, 52, shot and killed by her husband, Mark Buzzell, 52, who shoots and kills himself. MURDER SUICIDE, DOMESTIC

3/1  |  HOULTON – Keith Suitter, 61, beaten and stabbed inside his home. Reginald Dobbins, 18, and Samuel Geary, 16, charged with murder.

3/7  |  TROY – Steven Hodgdon, 49, stabbed inside his home. His 16 year old son, Colby Hodgdon, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

5/7  |  MILLINOCKET – Larry Lord, 6 months old, dies two days after being brought to a hospital with injuries. In February 2016, the boyfriend of the baby’s mother – Jessee Mackin, 33, is indicted and arrested for manslaughter. DOMESTIC

5/12  |  PARKMAN - David Grant, 61, shot to death outside his home. His son, Zachery Grant, 38, who shoots himself but survives, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

5/25  |  PORTLAND – Treyjon Arsenault, 19, is shot to death inside a downtown recording studio. Two men are arrested for murder in July – Johnney Ouch, 20, and Gang Deng Majok,
30.    Portland Police are investigating.

6/5  |  PARKMAN – Stephanie Ginn Gebo, 39, is shot to death inside her home. Her ex- boyfriend is charged with murder – Robert Burton, 39, after he flees into woods and is the subject of the state’s longest manhunt which ends on 8/11 when he surrenders. DOMESTIC

7/4  |  BOOTHBAY HARBOR – Carol Jorgensen,75, and her son, Eric Jorgensen, 40, are shot to death inside their two separate homes. The husband and father – Svend Jorgenson, 71, then shoots and kills himself. DOUBLE DOMESTIC MURDER- SUICIDE

7/17  |  BENEDICTA & LEE – Kyle Hewitt, 20, shot to death inside a home in Benedicta and Kevin Tozier, 58, shot to death at a wood lot in Lee. Two others are wounded. Charged with two counts of murder is Anthony Lord, 35. DOUBLE MURDER

8/9  |  LEBANON – Thomas Tiernan, 19, is shot and killed inside his house by a shotgun. His brother, James Tiernan, 20, is indicted for manslaughter in December. DOMESTIC

8/9  |  PORTLAND – Freddie Akoa, 48, is beaten to death inside his apartment. Three men are charged with murder – Abil Teshome, 23; Mohamud Mohamed, 36, and Osman Sheikh,
31.    Portland Police are investigating.

8/19  |  SACO - Wendy Boudreau, 59, is stabbed to death inside Shaw’s Supermarket. Connor MacCalister, 31, is charged with murder and pleads guilty to the charge on October 8.
9/10  |  EASTPORT – Maurice Allen, 75, is assaulted and dies at his home. A friend, Hazen McDugald, 39, is indicted for manslaughter

9/24  |  CARIBOU – Kenneth Zernicke, 58, is found dead inside his house. State Police continue to investigate.

10/26  |  GRAY – Leo Josephs, 3 months old, dies from multiple injuries. His father, Eugene Martineau, 24, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11/4  |  OAKLAND – Amy Derosby, 28, Amanda Bragg, 30 and Michael Muzerolle, 29 are shot to death inside their apartment house by Herman Derico, 42, who then shoots and kills himself. Derosby’s death is DOMESTIC, as she was Derico’s girlfriend.

11/16  |  BATH – Chelsea Jones, 22, shot to death while sitting in a car in a shopping center parking lot. She is shot by her boyfriend, Dylan Grubbs, 23, who was showing the handgun to a prospective buyer outside the vehicle when the gun is fired. Grubbs was indicted for manslaughter on 2/11/16.

11/23  |  AUGUSTA – Joseph Marceau, 31, is killed inside the apartment of a friend. Charged with murder is Damik Davis, 25, of New York City, along with Zina Fritze, 27, and Sean McQuade,45 Being sought is Aubrey Armstrong, 26. Fritze committed suicide two days after being charged. DRUG RELATED

11/27  |  BANGOR – Robert Mark Kennedy, 38, is shot to death at an apartment house. Two Brooklyn, New York men are charged with murder – Robert Hansley, 27, and Thomas Ferguson, 37. Bangor Police are investigating.

12/25  |  MANCHESTER - Eric Williams, 35, and Bonnie Royer, 26, shot to death inside a vehicle off Sanford Road. Charged with two counts of murder is 29 year old David Marble of Rochester, NY. DRUG RELATED

NOTE - This revision reflects recent indictments and court action in the first two months of 2016. The recent/16 indictment in the Millinocket baby death brought the years total of 25 homicides, of which ten were domestic and, at least, three were drug related.