2017 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety
Steve McCausland, Public Information Officer
Updated 1/23/18

1/12  |  TROY  |  Jaxson Hopkins, 7 weeks old, beaten to death at his home. His mother, Miranda Hopkins, 32, indicted for manslaughter. DOMESTIC

2/8  |  WALDO  |  Edwin Littlefield, 43, stabbed to death at a home of a friend. Victoria Scott, 24, is indicted for manslaughter in May.

2/9  |  RICHMOND  |  Malcolm Linton, 76, beaten inside his home and later dies at a hospital. His son, Kurt Linton, 54, charged with manslaughter. DOMESTIC

2/22  |  ACTON  |  Scott Weyland, 42, stabbed to death outside his home. His ex-wife, Kandee Weyland, 46, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

2/28  |  PORTLAND  |  Bryan Garcia, 35, found dead in car along Chadwick St. Portland Police investigating.

4/2  |  BURNHAM  |  Joyce Wood, 72, dies of a heart attack after her home was entered by an intruder. Tara Shibles, 36, is indicted for manslaughter in May.

4/16  |  BANGOR  |  Terrance Durel, 36, is shot to death along Ohio St. Antoinne Bethea, 40, is charged with murder.

6/17  |  WEST GARDINER  |  James Haskell, 41, shot to death outside of a home. The homeowner, Derrick Dupont, 26, indicted for murder and manslaughter in August

7/5  |  MADISON  |  Lori Hayden, 52; Dustin Tuttle, 25; & Mike Spaulding shot and killed at their homes by Carroll Tuttle, 51, who is shot and killed by Somerset deputies. TRIPLE HOMICIDE, TWO ARE DOMESTIC, as Hayden was Tuttle’s wife and Dustin was their son.

7/11  |  JAY  |  Wendy Douglass, 51, found beaten to death at her home, Her longtime boyfriend, James Sweeney, 56, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

7/19  |  CHERRYFIELD  |  Sally Shaw, 55, found dead along Route 193. Arrested in NY and charged with murder are Carine Reeves, 37 & Quaneysha Greeley, 19. DOMESTIC

9/10  |  PORTLAND  |  Sunai Thomas Yamada, 54, found dead off Temple St. Portland Police investigating.

10/18  |  BUCKSPORT  |  Kloe Hawksley, 2, dies at her home. State Police detectives announce the death is a homicide in late December.
10/28  |  WHITNEYVILLE  |  Wayne Foss,48, found dead inside his burned out mobile home. State Police are investigating.

10/28  |  HEBRON  |  Karen Wrentzel, 34, shot to death by a deer hunter on first day of hunting season on land that she owned. Robert Trundy, 38, is charged with manslaughter.

11/8  |  WISCASSET  |  Kendall Chick, 4, dies from a number of injuries. Her caregiver, Shawna Gatto, 43, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11/9  |  MANCHESTER  |  Kimberly Shue is shot and killed by her husband, Clyde Shue, 82, who shoots and kills himself inside their home. MURDER SUICIDE - DOMESTIC

11/17  |  CARIBOU  |  Jean Bragdon, 44, dies following a fight with another man in Caribou October
30. Jonathan Limary, 22, is indicted for manslaughter in January.

12/19  |  MILLINOCKET  |  Wayne Lapierre, 59, shot to death following a home invasion. His wife is wounded. State Police issue murder arrest warrants for two North Carolina men – Christopher Murray, 38, and Tony Locklear, 43. Murray is arrested in NC and Locklear remains at-large.