2001 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Dept. of Public Safety Public Information Office
Updated – September, 2002 TWO PAGES

1-4  |  Jonesboro  |   23 year old Christopher Ingraham shot to death with a handgun. His girlfriend, Katrina Bridges, 19, charged with murder.  DOMESTIC

1-12  |  Portland  |  88 year old John McCann beaten to death outside supermarket. Derek Soucy, 23, charged with murder.

1-31  |  Chelsea   |  5 year old Logan Marr suffocated while wrapped in duct tape in a chair. Her foster mother, 39 year old Sally Schofield indicted for murder. DOMESTIC

2-7  |  Patten  |  24 year old Christina Gray and her 19 year old sister, Vicki Morgan are shot to death with a shotgun by Gray's 68 year old husband, Harold Gray, who shoots and kills himself. Double Murder-Suicide DOMESTIC-TWO DEATHS

3-8  |  Benton  |  37 year old Marc Desrosier bludgeoned to death with a hammer. 25 year old Smokey Heath Jr., charged with murder.

3-25  |  Carmel  |  48 year old Calvin Hamilton shot to death with a handgun. 42 year old Donald Robichaud charged with murder. Hamilton had been dating Robichaud's former common-law wife. DOMESTIC

5-17  |  Tremont  |  33 year old Irene Placer shot to death with a handgun by her husband, 35 year old Forrest Placer, who shoots and kills himself.  Murder-Suicide DOMESTIC

7-22 |  Swans Island  | 18 year old Stacy Wheaton stabbed to death by her new husband, 23 year old Jamie Wheaton, who shoots and kills himself.  Murder-Suicide DOMESTIC

9-30  | Auburn  |  58 year old Robert Thibodeau beaten to death. His friend, 53 year old Robert Alley is charged with murder.

10-2  |  Lewiston  |  84 year old Helen Caron dies in an apartment house fire started by arson. OPEN CASE

10-13  |  Corinth  |  60 year old Donna Leen bludgeoned to death with a hammer in her taxicab. 20 year old Carl Wayne Heath charged with murder.

10-21  |  (Location Uncertain)  |  25 year old Amy St. Laurent disappears from Portland. Her body is found buried in Scarborough on December 8. She was shot to death with a handgun. On February 8, 2002, 22 year old Jeffrey Gorman is indicted for murder.

11-8  |  Township 8  |  77 year old Alfred Michalik shot to death with a rifle near his hunting camp. His son, 33 year old Alan Michalik is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11-9  |  Bangor  |  40 year old Jack Sears is assaulted and dies the day after from head injuries. A friend, 43 year old Bruce Mann is charged with manslaughter.

12-16  |  Caswell  |  27 year old Tara Bell is found stabbed to death inside her home. Laura Kirk, 33, charged with murder.

12-19  |  Lewiston  |  44 year old Gregory Rowe beaten to death inside his Blake Street apartment. In April of 2002, a friend, Keith Doyon, 25, was indicted for manslaughter.

12-22  |  Tremont  |  25 year old Zachary Savoy beaten to death at a neighbor's home. Edwin Graham, 25, is charged with murder.

12-28  |  South Portland  |  24 year old Jessica McDevitt shot and killed with a handgun by her former boyfriend, 24 year old Keegan Thomas, who shoots and kills himself. Murder-Suicide DOMESTIC

Of the 19 homicides, one remains open.

Nine of the victims were the result of domestic violence. The nine victims were 5 women, 2 boyfriends, a father and a foster child.

There were five murder-suicides--Patten (2 victims), Tremont, Swans Island and South Portland.

Of the 19 homicides, State Police investigated 17.
CID 3 had ten; CID 1 had four and CID 2 had two. There was one homicide each in Portland and Bangor. In addition Portland Police and CID 1 investigated the Amy St. Laurent case jointly.

Of the 19 homicides, eight of the victims were shot to death- five by handgun, two by shotgun and one with a rifle. Four of the victims were beaten to death, two stabbings, one arson case and one suffocation.