2008 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety Public Information Office
Updated on 3/24/2009


1-23  |  MARSHFIELD  |  Katie Cabana, 29, and Aaron Settipani, 41, shot to death at Cabana's home. Her former boyfriend, 25 year old Richard Widdecomb is charged with two counts of murder. BOTH DEATHS ARE DOMESTIC

2-6 |  WOODLAND  |  Darel Smith, 56, shot to death in his sawmill next to his home. State Police continue to investigate. OPEN CASE

2-20  |  OLD ORCHARD BEACH  |  Carol Bolduc, 42, Christopher Bolduc, 42, and Joshua Bolduc, 15, found stabbed to death inside their home. Her son, Matthew Cushing, 22, is charged with three counts of murder. THE THREE DEATHS ARE DOMESTIC.

2-22  |  AUGUSTA  |  Audrey Lou Benn, 72, is found strangled inside her apartment. A neighbor, Raymond Clark, 35, is charged with murder.

3-1  |  EAST MACHIAS  |  Damon Nason, 2½, beaten to death at his home. His step-father, William Bryson, 22, is charged with manslaughter. DOMESTIC

3-5  |  HARRISON  |  Zachary Henderson, 3½ months, dies at his home. His mother, Pamela Henderson, 43, is indicted and arrested for murder on May 9. DOMESTIC

3-6  |  SKOWHEGAN  |  Pandora Mitchell, one month, beaten to death at her home. Her father, Mika Mitcheil, 23, is charged with manslaughter. DOMESTIC

3-16  |  LEWISTON  |  Debra Audet, 47, strangled at her home. Her son, Matthew Audet, 22, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

4-8  |  PORTLAND  |  Christopher Rugen, 61, is stabbed to death inside his home. His wife, Laureen Rugen, 49, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

4-8  |  AUGUSTA  |  Naomi Buzzell, 60, is beaten to death inside her home. Her ex-boyfriend, Albert Violette, 63, is later found dead of a self inflicted gunshot wound. MURDER-SUICIDE DOMESTIC

4-20  |  BRADLEY  |  Blake Mishou, 20, shot and killed inside a house in Bradley. The former boyfriend of a woman Mishou was seeing, Eric Niles, 19, later shots and kills himself.

4-20  |  PORTLAND  |  Lashawn Covington, 25, is shot and killed in front of a Portland Home after taking part in a home invasion there. The home's resident, Randel Phillips, 45, was initially charged with murder, but that charge was later dismissed. Phillips pleads guilty to reckless conduct with a dangerous weapon in June.
7-16  |  NEWCASTLE  |  John Okie, 59, is stabbed to death inside his home. His 20 year old son, John Okie, is charged with. his murder. DOMESTIC (Okie is also charged with the homicide on July 9 of Alexandra Mills.)

9-2  |  WINTERPORT  |  Benjamin Preston, 26, is struck and killed by a pickup in the driveway of his home. The driver, Nikki Thibodeau, 32, of Corinth, was arrested for manslaughter, which was later dropped when no indictment was returned by the grand jury.

10-23  |  LEWISTON  |  Donna Paradis, 38, killed and her body buried behind the Promenade Mall.

10-26 PORTLAND Jennifer Soto, 25, is killed inside her Portland home and her body is. found
In the Cathance River in Bowdoinham on 10/27. Her longtime boyfriend, Joel Olavarria, is,
charged with Murder. DOMESTlC,

10-27  |  SACO  |  Seiha Serey, 25, is shot to death in a gun battle with Andy Luong, 22, outside a Saco nightspot. Luong later dies following a police chase. DRUG RELATED

11-8  |  PRENTISS  |  Mario Litterio, 70, shot to death near his home in Prentiss. His friend, Joseph Dumas, 48, is charged with murder and says he was high on cocaine. DRUG RELATED

11-29  |  LAGRANGE  |  Kristin Srnart, 25, shot to death at her home: Her husband, Jeremey Hart, 34, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC T
OF THE 31 HOMICIDES, 20 WERE DOMESTIC = 65%. (The Old Orchard
Beach homicide of Winston George in June was changed to domestic in March 2009 with the arrest of his wife.
Note -11/17/2008 - Anthony Valeriani, 52, of Naples is shot to death inside his home by his estranged wife, Patricia Valeriani. The Attorney General's Office later rules Mrs.
Valeriani was justified in shooting her husband and that no charges would be lodged against her. Although the death is a homicide, it is not included on this murder­ manslaughter list because no charges will be filed.