2004 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Dept. of Public Safety Public Information Office


3/10  |   TURNER  |  James McManus, 82, beaten, stabbed and run over by a car. Shawn Tuttle, 21, and David Lakin, 22, charged with murder.

4/21  |  MASARDIS  |  Michael MacDonald, 57, shot, stabbed and beaten in his home. His son, Michael MacDonald, 25, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

5/14  |  PORTLAND  |  Lisa Deprez, 42, dies three days after being found severely beaten in her apartment. Her longtime boyfriend from whom she has separated from, Gregory Erskine, 50, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

5/17  |  YARMOUTH  |  Julius Petrovic, 60, is shot to death in his SUV in the parking lot of the Yarmouth Information Center in a robbery attempt. Shawn Hopkins, 28, and his brother, Ryan Hopkins, 22, are charged with murder.

6/4  |  WALDOBORO  |  Mark Dugas, 39, is stabbed to death in his home. His wife, Amy Dugas, 32, is arrested for assault; and is indicted for murder in July. DOMESTIC

6/8  |  BIDDEFORD  |  Rafael Rosado III, 26, shot to death outside his home. Investigation continues.

7/2  |  LEE  |  Rosemarie Dyer, 51, is shot in the leg inside her home. She dies of her wound two days later on 7/4. Her husband, Carl Dyer, 50, is charged with manslaughter. DOMESTIC

7/16  |  HOLLIS  |  Lionel St. Hilaire, 21, is shot and killed by his friend, Zachary Fenderson, 22, who then shots and kills himself. MURDER-SUICIDE

8/21  |  BOOTHBAY HARBOR  |  Chevelle Calloway, 41, and Sarah Murray, 71, are shot and killed at Murray’s home. Jon Dilley, 51, is charged with two counts of murder. Victims were his wife and his mother. TWO CASES – DOMESTIC

9/5  |  LEWISTON  |  Jamilah Shabazz, 32, stabbed in his girlfriend’s apartment. Tarino Botelho, 32, is arrested and charged with murder on 10/22. DOMESTIC

9/8  |  FORT KENT  |  Stephen Vance Ketzel, 2, dies from blunt force internal injuries. Scott Saucier, 26, the boyfriend of the boy’s mother is charged with manslaughter. DOMESTIC

9/11  |  LEWISTON  |  Shawn Fitzsimmons, 24, is shot to death by Brandon Knight, 19, who is handling a handgun inside an apartment. Knight is indicted in October for manslaughter.
9/20  |  ELLSWORTH  |  Daniel Wallace, 50, is kicked and beaten and dies from his injuries on 10/9. Jack Wentworth, 18, a friend of Wallace’s daughter, is indicted on 12/7 for manslaughter and elevated aggravated assault.

9/29  |  BROOKS  |  Janet Bacon, 60, is shot to death inside the home of Jerome Reynolds Jr., 54, who is arrested for murder.

10/21  |  PORTLAND  |  Jarmaine Ramirez, 16, stabbed to death in the hallway of his apartment house. Antwane Mills, 18, and his brother, Brandon Mills, 20 are charged with murder.

10/25  |  ANSON  |  Wayne Crowley, 32, shot to death at a friend’s house. Homeowner Gary Watland, 42, charged with murder.

11/3  |  DIXFIELD  |  Nancy Smith, 47, shot to death by longtime companion, Melvin Rocky Bishop, 57, who shots and kills himself. MURDER-SUICIDE – DOMESTIC

11/30  |  FARMINGDALE  |  Janet Hagerthy, 74, beaten to death at her home. Her son-in-law, David Grant, 54, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC