2012 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety
Steve McCausland, Public Information Officer
Updated 1/11/13 – 25 homicides with 11 DV

2/16  |  JACKSON  |  Jerry Perdomo, 31, shot to death inside a house and body later found in Newburgh. Daniel Porter, 24, charged with murder. DRUG RELATED

2/22  |  BANGOR  |  Michael Drouin, 47, stabbed to death. His girlfriend, Gail Judd, 52, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

3/11  |  LAMOINE  |  Lawrence Sinclair, 32, is shot to death and two others wounded outside a house. The occupant of the house, Michael Carter, 30, is charged with murder.

4/27  |  OLD ORCHARD BEACH  |  Roger White, 49, stabbed to death outside a bar. A longtime friend, Michael Swenson, 44, charged with murder.

5/5  |  ARUNDEL  |  Ethan Henderson,10 months old, beaten to death. Boy’s father, Gordon Collins-Faunce charged with murder. DOMESTIC

5/22  |  BANGOR  |  Andy Smith, 38, stabbed to death in street fight. Jason Trickett, 41, charged with manslaughter.

7/8  |  FAIRFIELD  |  Brooklyn Foss-Greenaway, 3 months, dies at the home of a babysitter. Death ruled a homicide in August and 10 year old Kelli Murphy, daughter of the baby sitter, is charged with manslaughter in September.

7/11  |  PORTLAND  |  Matthew Blanchard, 24, shot to death along India St. Two others wounded. Portland Police investigating.

7/13  |  PRESQUE ISLE  |  (late entry from prior year) Starlett Vining, 38, killed inside an apartment house in 1998. On 7/13/2012, her former boyfriend, George Jaime, 75, is charged with murder. (DOMESTIC)

7/23  |  WALDOBORO  |  Norman Benner, 32, shot to death at the home of his former girlfriend, Arline Seavey, 25, who is charged with murder. (DOMESTIC)

7/27  |  HAMPDEN  |  Katherine Hunt, 53, shot to death inside her home by her boyfriend, Lawrence Beaute, 53, who shots and kills himself (MURDER-SUICIDE – DOMESTIC)

8/13  |  BANGOR  |  Daniel Borders, 26; Nicolle Lugdon, 24, & Lucas Tuscano, 28, found dead inside a burned out car. Indicted for murder are Nicholas Sexton, 31, and Randall Daluz, 34. Bangor Police are investigating. (TRIPLE HOMICIDE – DRUG RELATED)

9/27  |  CUSHING  |  Richard Mills, 48, shot to death outside his home. Andrew Kierstead, 40, of Tenants Harbor charged with murder. DRUG RELATED
10/23  |  LAMOINE  |  Robert Tilden and Russell Pinkham, both 50, are shot and killed outside their homes by Leon Tilden, 27, who is shot and killed by a State Trooper. Victims are the father and uncle of the shooter. DOUBLE HOMICIDE & DOUBLE DOMESTIC

10/23  |  OLD ORCHARD BEACH  |  Patricia Noel, 62, is stabbed and beaten to death inside her home. Her grandson, Derek Poulin, 23, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11/4  |  SACO  |  Elizabeth Williams, 55, beaten inside a motel room and later dies at the hospital. Her boyfriend, Lebon Bruno, 39, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11/19  |  ALTON  |  Danielle Folsom Reed, 39, stabbed to death at her home by her estranged husband, Scott Reed, 43, who shoots and kills himself. A second man, Daniel Young, also is shot to death at the house in an apparent double suicide.  DOMESTIC

11/20  |  WALES  |  Gerard Parent, 49, shot to death while hunting deer. Indicted in January for manslaughter is Christopher Austin, 41.

11/25  |  BANGOR  |  Xander Brown, 3 months old, dies from head injuries. His father, 18 year old Dustin Brown, is indicted for manslaughter in Jan. DOMESTIC

12/5  |  WATERVILLE  | Justin Smith, 26, is shot to death outside a downtown bar. Matthew Partridge, 30, is charged with murder.

12/29  |  BIDDEFORD  |  Derrick Thompson, 19, and Alivia Welch, 18, are shot to death inside their apartment. Their landlord, 74 year old James Pak, is charged with two counts of murder.