2013 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety
Steve McCausland, Public Information Officer
Updated 2/25/2014

1/17  |  PORTLAND  |  The body of Margarita Scott, 29, found in her SUV parked in a motel parking lot. She had been missing since December and investigators think she was shot to death in her Portland apartment. In April, her boyfriend, Anthony Pratt, 19, is arrested and charged with murder. DOMESTIC

3/7  |  CHAPMAN  |  Sheila Sykora, 77, is shot and killed by her husband, Marcus Sykora, 81, who shots and kills himself in their home. MURDER-SUICIDE - DOMESTIC

3/11  |  MOLUNKUS  |  Lawrence Lewis, 68, dies after being forced to overdose on prescription medication at his home by his former roommate. The roommate Bruce Heal (King), 59, shoots and kills himself three days later following a police standoff along Interstate 95.

3/26  |  BIDDEFORD  |  Charles Raybine, 47, shot to death in his car parking outside an apartment house. Bub Nguany, 25, is charged with murder.

4/9  |  BANGOR  |  Thomas Tyler, 30, stabbed to death outside an apartment complex. Indicted for murder and later arrested is Akeem Harris, 23.

4/10  |  GREENE  |  Romeo Parent, 20, is killed in the woods of Greene and his body found in a Monmouth stream two days later. A friend, Michael McNaughton, 23, is charged with murder.

5/3  |  FALMOUTH  |  Shirley Leighton, 68, shot to death in her home. Her son, Andrew Leighton, 46, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC.

5/3  |  BANGOR  |  Sherry Clifford, 49, found dead in her apartment. Her live-in boyfriend, David Coon, 50, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

5/12  |  GLENBURN  |  Nichole Cable, 15, is killed by neck compression after being abducted from her driveway. Kyle Dube, 20, a friend, is charged with murder.

6/25  |  FREEPORT  |  Nicholas Dorrington, 32, shot and killed by his father at their home. John Dorrington, 64, then shoots and kills himself. MURDER SUICIDE DOMESTIC

6/23  |  NEWPORT  |  Loh Grenda, 2½, dies in a car driven by her mother, Leanne Norris, 24, who is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

6/25  |  WARREN  |  Inmate Alan Powell, 57, killed in attack at state prison by fellow inmate Guy Hunnewell, 42.
7/18  |  DETROIT  |  Ricky Cole, 47, is beaten to death in his mobile home. Jason Cote, 22, a friend, charged with murder. DRUG RELATED

7/21  |  TRENTON  |  The skeletal remains of Richard Bellittieri, 60, is found outside found his home. He likely died in the summer of 2012 from gunshot wounds. William Morse, 43, a friend, is charged with murder.

8/19  |  TURNER  |  Manuel Adame, 57, is shot to death inside a chicken coop he was cleaning by a fellow worker. Michael Warbin, 44, is indicted for manslaughter in October.

8/29  |  BELFAST  |  Lynn Arsenault, 55, is shot to death inside the home of her son, who is also wounded. Todd Gilday, 44, is charged with murder.

9/23  |  OAKFIELD  |  Heidi Pratt, 49, and Michael Kitchen, 51, shot to death inside their home which is then set on fire. Matthew Davis, 32, is charged with two counts of murder.

10/6  |  NORTH YARMOUTH  |  Leon Kelley, 63, is shot to death outside a business location. On 11/8, Merrill Kimball, 70, is indicted for murder.

10/8  |  OLD TOWN  |  April Haskell, 35, is stabbed to death inside her apartment by her boyfriend, Christopher Ouellette, 28, who is later shot to death by a state trooper during a standoff. DOMESTIC

11/13  |  AUGUSTA  |  Jillian Jones, 24, stabbed to death inside an apartment. Her boyfriend, Justin Pillsbury, 38, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11/18  |  BANGOR  |  Brooke Locke, 21, strangled to death inside an apartment. Her former boyfriend, Zachery Mailloux, 21, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11/22  |  VASSALBORO  |  Thomas Namer, 69, is stabbed to death. A friend, Courtney Shea, 30, is charged with murder.

11/30  |  WESTBROOK  |  Matthew Rairdon, 22, is shot to death by his former lover, Patrick Milliner, 30, who then shoots and kills himself. DOMESTIC, MURDER-SUICIDE

12/25  |  ELLSWORTH  |  Hillary Saenz, 29, beaten to death at her home. Her husband, Christopher Saenz, 30, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC


4/4/12 LUBEC 12 year old Aloric Smith dies after taking an non prescribed drug for a medical condition. His step father, Edward Smith, 42, is indicted by the grand jury in November 2013 for manslaughter, endangering the welfare of a child, and aggravated furnishing of scheduled drugs. (Because of the 2013 indictment, the case will be added to the 2013 list and is DOMESTIC)