2003 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Department of Public Safety Public Information Office

1-6  |  Bangor - Heather Sargent, 20, stabbed to death inside her home. Her husband, Roscoe Sargent, 28, charged with murder and found guilty in March ’04. DOMESTIC

1-15  |  Sanford – Scott Vermette, 18, shot to death with shotgun, inside his apartment. His friend, Dallas Sizemore, 20, charged with manslaughter and he pled guilty to the charge in January ‘04 and was sentenced to a 10 year prison term.

1-25  |  Lewiston – Cherie Ann Andrews, 43, strangled to death, inside her apartment. Her live-in boyfriend, Frank Gallant, 53, charged with murder. Gallant was found guilty of murder in a 7/03 trial and was sentenced to a 38-year prison term. DOMESTIC.

2-4  |  Casco – Christine Pepin, 39, shot to death with handgun, inside her home. Her longtime, live-in, boyfriend, Gary Sweeney, 45, initially charged with manslaughter, but later indicted and convicted of murder. DOMESTIC

2-15  |  Lisbon Falls – Nathaniel Allen, 22 months old, shaken to death inside his home. His mother, Sarah Allen, 29, charged with manslaughter.  DOMESTIC

4-26  |  Lewiston – Billie Jo Smith, 22, stabbed to death inside her apartment. Her live-in boyfriend, Raymond Tripp Jr., 30, then stabs and kills himself. MURDER-SUICIDE, DOMESTIC

4-27  |  New Sweden- Walter “Reid” Morrill, 78, dies from arsenic poisoning after drinking coffee at the local Lutheran Church. 15 others are also sickened. On 5/2, Daniel Bondeson, 53, dies from a self-inflicted gunshot wound and leaves a suicide note claiming responsibility.

5-2  |  Fairfield – Leslie Bullock, 46, is shot and killed at her home. Her ex-husband, Gregory Warmke, 44, is charged with murder & found guilty in April ‘04. DOMESTIC

6-24  |  Bangor – Thomas Forni, 51, stabbed to death in his apartment. Walter Travis, 26, a neighbor, is indicted for murder in August and found guilty in a trial in April ’04. He is sentenced to Riverview Psychiatric Center due to mental illness.

7-31  |  Glenburn – David Langway, 53, shot to death and buried in woods. His remains are found on 10/4.  A friend, Jimmy Lipham, 43, is charged with murder.

9-14  |  Moscow – Alford “Buddy” Blake, 65, found shot to death outside his home.

9-16  |  Oakland – Dawn Rossignol, 21, a Colby College student is abducted from the campus and beaten to death. Edward Hackett, 47, is charged with murder, pleads guilty and is sentenced to life in prison in March ‘04.

9-21  |  Sabattus – Leslie Stasulis, 42, dies from head injuries after being found lying on Route 126. Her boyfriend, Roger Keene, 40, is indicted in December ‘03 for manslaughter, kidnapping and attempted murder. DOMESTIC

10-6  |  Parkman – Brian Vines, 23, shot to death inside a cabin. His body found on 10/16. Arthur Belanger, Jr., 21, and Chad Slimm, 20, are charged with murder. Slimm pleads guilty in March ’04.

11-9  |  Portland – Josh Dyer, 20, shot to death outside his home. Pedro Santiago, 30, charged with murder. DRUG RELATED

11-21  |  South Berwick – Kathleen Lyons, 42, dies from internal head injuries. Her long time, live-in boyfriend, Jeffrey Merrifield, 41, is indicted for manslaughter and assault in April ’04. DOMESTIC

12-23  |  Wilton – Raymond “Butch” Weed, 40, shot to death inside his home.

Of Maine’s 17 homicides in 2003, eight were domestic and three remain open, as of this date (4/16/04.