2007 Annual Homicides

Compiled by the Maine Dept. of Public Safety Public Information Office
21 HOMICIDES -- UPDATED -12/6/2007


1-12  |   FAIRFIELD  |  Rhonda Wakefield Reynolds, 37, shot inside her home. Her estranged husband -,-40 year old Richard Reynolds is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

1-23  |  SANFORD  |  Allen Bennison, 21, is stabbed to death outside a convenience store over cocaine. Joshua Stewart, 20, Jonathan Stewart, 24 and James Curit, 21, were indicted for murder in March. DRUG RELATED

2-23  |  LEWISTON  |  Richard Lessard, 52, is stabbed to death in his apartment. Charged with murder is 18 year old Sergio Heirston. DRUG RELATED.

3-3  |  STANDISH  |  Donald McKay, 60, stabbed to death inside his home. His 21 year old son, Kristian McKay, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

3-3  |  BANGOR  |  Christina Simonin, 43, beaten to death and her body found outside near her Union Street apartment. 59 year old Ashton Moores is charged with murder.

3-24  |  AUBURN  |  Eight month old Emmy-Leigh Cole dies of a head injury. The live-in boyfriend of the girl's mother, 24 year old Todd Gamache is indicted and arrested for murder on 4/4. DOMESTIC

3-30  |  AUBURN  |   Margaret peters, 70, is, shot and killed outside her home by her 42 year old
 James Peters, who is later killed by police, DOMESTIC 

4-24  |  AUGUSTA  |  Jean-Paul Poulain, 62, shot in a robbery attempt at his apartment. Charged with murder are Mathiew Loisel, 21, and Corey Swift, 18, both from Augusta.

6-8  |  NEW PORTLAND  |  Louise Brochu, 50, killed at her home. OPEN

6-18  |  LIMESTONE  |  20-month-old Tearirra Leathers died of head trnuma. Her babysitter, Heather Fortin, 23, is charged with manslaughter.

6-22  |  WESTBROOK  |  Kevin Foley, 58, is killed at a cemetery. OPEN

7-8  |  WELLS  |  Nicole Oliver, 24, shot and killed by her estranged husband, Thomas Oliver, 30, who kills himself. DOMESTIC - MURDER-SUICIDE

7-10  |  WAYNE  |  Alexandra Mills,J 9, killed at her home. A former classmate, John Okie, 20,'is charged with murder on 7/17.'"

7-9  |  AMHERST  |  Tad Howard, 27, is shot to death in a remote area of Amherst. In August, John Turner, 34, of Bangor is indicted for murder. DRUG RELATED
4-27  |  BANGOR  |  Clyde Worster, 63, is beaten to death in a wooded area adjacent to Interstate
95.    Stephen James, 56, is charged with manslaughter. Both men were homeless.

5-19  |  GRAY  |  Jennifer Lessard, 40, is shot and killed by her estranged boyfriend, Albert Merrill, 48, at his home. Merrill then shots and kills himself. MURDER-SUICIDE - DOMESTIC

6-11  |  AUBURN  |  Casey Stanley, 26, stabbed to death at an Auburn Park. Ryan Muncey, 28, is charged with murder.

6-20  |  OLD ORCHARD BEACH  |  Winston George, 45, found strangled to death inside his home. Jeffrey Williams, 44, and Rennie Cassimy, 47, are arrested in New York shortly after the death and charged with murder. George's wife, Darlene George, 42, was also arrested for murder in March of 2009. DOMESTIC

7/1  |  HOPE  |  Jessica Nichols, 22, beaten and stabbed and her body found in trunk of car. Steven Pomeroy, 23, charged with murder. DOMESTIC

7/25  |  WEST PARIS  |  Timothy Mayberry, 50, and Todd Smith, 43, are shot to death at Mayberry's home. Charged with murder is 32 year old Duane Waterman, a friend of the victims.

8/10  |  NORTH HAVEN  |  Michael Petrucelly, 24, stabbed to death. His brother, 23 year old Enoch Petrucelly is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

8/16  |  PORTLAND  |  Frank Williams Ill, 37, beaten and stabbed to death by a group of young men. DRUG RELATED

8/17  |  ROCKLAND  |  Ava Harford, 9 weeks, beaten to death at her home. Her father, 24 year old Robeti Harford is charged witll manslaugl1ter. DOMESTIC

9/2  |  YORK  |  John Wheeler, 39, stabbed to death following a party at a friend's home. The homeowner, Richard Dalli, 50, is charged with murder.

9/7  |  PORTLAND  |  James Angelo, 27, shot to death outside Mercy Hospital where he worked as a security guard. Portland Police continue to investigate. OPEN CASE

10/16  |  AUGUSTA  |  Michael Roderick, 52, killed inside his home. State and Augusta Police continue to investigate. OPEN CASE

10/22  |  DOVER-FOXCROFT  |  Rosalie Shedd, 70 is strangled, beaten and suffocated inside her home. Her 53 year old brother, Michael Toby, is charged with murder. DOMESTIC

11/29  |  WILTON  |  Matteo Hanson, 17 months old, dies from blunt force trauma. His mother's boyfriend, David Cook, 20, is charged with manslaughter. DOMESTIC

12/9  |  BELFAST  |  James Cummings, 29, is shot to death inside his home. His wife, Amber Cummings, 31, is indicted for murder in February 2009. DOMESTIC