The Importance of Registering Your Snowmobile in Maine

January 16, 2024

Dear fellow Snowmobilers,

Please don't wait. Understand the importance of registering your snowmobile in Maine. Without registrations, there would be no snowmobile trails. These funds are the backbone of the funding for the grant programs that help clubs build bridges and maintain and groom our snowmobile trails.

There seems to be a perception that those dollars go to the state when a person registers their snowmobile. In a way, yes, that is where funds are distributed. Then, those same funds are given to the numerous grants that consist of Municipal and Club In-aid Grant Programs, The Disaster Relief Grant Program, and the Capital Equipment Grant Program. Every snowmobile club in Maine participates or has participated in one of these programs.

I can't emphasize enough the importance of everyone registering their snowmobile. Please don't wait for snow, as club volunteers spend countless hours working with landowners and fixing bridges before a snowflake hits the ground. Your registration dollars are the single largest source of revenue for these clubs to keep trails. Please support them by at least registering your snowmobile, and if you could join a club and lend a helping hand, I'm sure that would be a big thank you to them.

Joe Higgins
State of Maine Snowmobile Program
Bureau of Parks and Lands

Register Your Snowmobile