Replacement Boarding Float Grant Program

The Boating Facilities Program offers replacement boarding floats at a reduced cost to:

  • Applicants who have previously been funded through a Boating Facilities Fund Project Agreement.
  • Applicants seeking these floats for a site not previously funded by the Boating Facilities Fund should apply for funding under the full Boating Facilities Fund Grant Application Process.

Boarding Floats

The Program builds wooden boarding floats during the winter months to keep maintenance staff productive. Normally these floats are:

  • 6 ft. wide by 16 ft. long and are designed to be ADA-compliant.
  • Designed to be compatible with older floats built according to Boating Facilities Program standards and to be compatible with Program standard design abutments. We are sorry, but we cannot build floats meeting alternative designs.
  • Approved pressure treated lumber and polyethylene tubs for flotation. The pressure treatment makes them suitable for fresh water environments but will not protect the wood from borer attack in salt water environments. Occasionally, staff will build 8 ft. by 20 ft. floats designed for saltwater environments using CCA pressure treated wood, but the supply of these floats is extremely limited.
  • 2024 cost is $500 per 6 ft. by 16 ft. float.

Applicants are Expected to:

  • Arrange for pickup and delivery from our Richmond office. Pickups from Richmond may take advantage of loading help from Richmond staff and equipment with prior arrangement.
  • Enter into a grant agreement that requires the applicant to properly maintain the floats. Failure to properly maintain the floats and obtain expected useful life will result in future replacements to require applicants to contribute a prorated cost of the replacements. Normally, with proper maintenance, we expect to see a useful life of 15 years.
  • Submit their float application by July 15, for delivery the following Spring. This is because we order materials to build these floats in August for floats to be built over the winter.
  • Understand that a decision to furnish replacement floats will be made by Program staff after review of records of past grants and a possible inspection of the floats to be replaced. Floats may not be provided if staff feels the existing floats can be easily repaired.

Boarding Floats

Boarding floats are those floating docks that normally run parallel to the boat ramp and are used to load and unload passengers and gear from boats. Typically they are used to tie up a boat while the operator parks his tow vehicle/trailer rig. They are not intended for long term (more than 15 to 30 minute) tie up.

Berthing Floats

Berthing floats are floating docks that are intended to provide space for long term berthing or storage of boats. Generally, these types of floats are not eligible for grants unless they are associated with a landing facility that does not include a boat ramp.

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