Kennebec Highlands - Management Plan

The Bureau of Parks and Lands has adopted a 15-year management plan for over 6,000 acres of land known as the Kennebec Highlands. These public lands are located in the towns of Mount Vernon, Rome, and Vienna in Kennebec County and New Sharon in Franklin County.

Plan Update and Review

The Bureau of Parks and Lands has completed the first Five-Year Review of the 2011 Kennebec Highlands Management Plan covering the period from 2011 through 2016. The Integrated Resource Policy (IRP) requires that the Bureau, at five year intervals, report to the Advisory Committee (AC) on accomplishments and changing conditions that may warrant amendments to the plan.

The Five-Year Review is prepared in a table format. It is linked below as a PDF within the Management Plan Review Documents. It:

  • Lists plan recommendations (left column), and
  • Actions taken to implement each recommendation (right column), and
  • Identifies, from the Bureau's perspective, any issues any new issues or circumstances that were not addressed in the plan that may warrant Committee discussion or action (at end of table).

The Five-Year Review table was sent to AC members on May 10, 2017. No new issues or circumstances were identified.
However, the Bureau advised the Committee of the acquisition by the Belgrade Regional Conservation Alliance (BRCA) of the 285-acre Kimball Pond property abutting the west side of the Kennebec Highlands public lands. Additional information on the BRCA acquisition and potential implications for management of the Kennebec Highlands were provided at the end of the review table. Also enclosed were two maps depicting the parcel in relation to the public lands, other conserved lands, and recreational trails (also linked below under the Management Plan Review Documents).

The Bureau asked AC members for comments on the review table and to identify any new issues or circumstances that may Committee input or action. One AC member submitted comments; no new issues were identified. BPL is engaged in discussions with BRCA regarding existing and potential road and trail connections from the Kimball Pond parcel to the BPL lands and related issues.

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