Scales and Tails

Division / Program: Parks and Lands

Date: October 2, 2021
Time: 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Location: 528 Hallowell Road in Pownal
State Park: Bradbury Mountain
Event Type: Nature Exploration, Special Event

Scales and Tails at 1:00 pm in the Day Use Area. Presented by the Chewonki Foundation Traveling Natural History Program. Using live, non-releasable reptiles, this program will compare these species and discuss their adaptations. Many people conjure up images of slimy skin and bloodthirsty monsters when they hear the word reptile. This hands-on program works to dispel some of those fears by allowing students to examine snakeskins, turtle shells, skeletons, and other unique reptilian artifacts.

Contact Name: Bradbury Mountain State Park Ranger Acadia Tripp
Contact Phone: (207) 688-4712
Cost: Free with park admission: $1.00 for ages 5-11, $4.00 for Maine residents ages 12-64, $6.00 for non residents ages 12-64, $2.00 for non residents 65 and older; persons under 5 and Maine residents 65 and older are free.
Co-Sponsor: The Chewonki Foundation