Maine Public Lands Conditions & Alerts

Alerts are by the three Public Land Regions:

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Eastern Region Conditions & Alerts

April 8, 2021 | 1:00 PM | Please be aware that because of snow, ice and axle-deep mud on gravel roads that access is still limited on many Public Land Units for the next several weeks. Maine is a big state and conditions are vastly different throughout the state with some roads still snow covered and others very soft and muddy. Do not drive on muddy/snow covered roads, you risk damage to your vehicle, self and the road. While Maine Public Lands technically do not close, access is limited at this time.

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Some of Maine's most outstanding natural features and secluded locations are found on Maine's Public Lands. The more than half million acres are managed for a variety of resource values including recreation, wildlife, and timber. Watch a video about Maine's Public Lands.

Video of timber harvest at Dodge Point Public Land.

Get to know Maine Public Lands

Outdoor activites on Public Lands vary by location. Use the Location Finder to read about individual Public Lands and download brochures. The brochures are also available in an alphabetcal listing on the Publications and Maps webpage, and as printed brochures from the Public Lands Region Offices.

  • ATV Riding season is May 15 - December 15 unless otherwise posted.
    Maps and conditions available from local ATV Clubs.
    For Alerts from the Bureau's ATV Program text DACF ATV to 468311.

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