What we do:

  • Provide GIS and other geo-spatial data and mapping services to the Bureau's planners, land managers, and foresters.
  • Maintain GIS database for all Maine State Parks and Public Lands with layers detailing infrastructure amenities and natural resources.
  • Coordinate with field staff to collect and record data to update GIS records.
  • Maintain the GIS database for the Conservation Lands in Maine as a resource to staff, municipalities, land-use and conservation agencies and organizations.
  • View the Conservation Lands in Maine map.

GIS technology allows the Bureau to collect and compile valuable information about the Parks and Public Lands we manage. Information is collected and placed into layers that can be overlapped so that different uses can be compared. Example: a road layer, a trails layer, and a forest management layer can be overlain to look at the relationships between the different uses.

Our Contact Information:

GIS and Mapping
Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands,
22 State House Station, Augusta, Maine 04333
(207) 287-3821