Snowmobile Capital Equipment Grant

What is a Snowmobile Capital Equipment Reimbursement Grant?

The grant program was established in 1998 to help offset the cost of expensive grooming equipment. Ten dollars ($10.00) from each resident snowmobile registration fee and fifteen ($15.00) from each non-resident snowmobile registration is placed in a dedicated fund. Each year the Bureau will payout approved capital equipment grants to registered clubs, towns or counties for equipment primarily used for the grooming of snowmobile trails in the State of Maine.

Deadline Reminder

June 15...................Submit grant application.

September 15..........Submit reimbursement request, receipt with a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and a photo of the equipment.

Note: All clubs must be incorporated and in good standing with the Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions to receive a grant.  Annual filings are due no later than June 1st (to avoid late fees) and they are no longer mailing out reminders. You can contact the Bureau the at 624-7752 or on the Bureau of Corporations, Elections & Commissions website.

Related Forms and Information:

Some of the forms are downloadable PDF documents. You will need the free Acrobat Reader to view them. If you have difficulty accessing PDF forms call the Snowmobile Program at (207) 287-4957.

Is your club looking to buy or sell a groomer or drag?

Please contact our office to let us know if your club is selling or wants to buy a piece of snow grooming equipment. We help facilitate club-to-club purchases and sales to keep more snow grooming equipment in Maine. Call us at 287-4957 to get the necessary forms.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Who is eligible for the Grant?

Capital Equipment Reimbursement Grants are available to any political subdivision or an incorporated snowmobile club that participates in the Snowmobile Program’s trail grooming grants and purchased snowmobile trail grooming equipment. The snowmobile club is required to provide the Snowmobile Club Information Form (PDF 156KB) annually.

Operators of capital grant supported equipment must successfully complete the “Maine Trail Groomer Operator Awareness Training” program (Video on YouTube) and quiz (PDF 322KB) prior to being awarded a grant.

How does a club become established with the Snowmobile Program?

See the “Who Is Eligible” section (above).

How does a club or town apply?

Complete the Bureau’s application with a price quote or purchase agreement and return to the Bureau postmarked on or before June 15th in the fiscal year.

How will an applicant know if the grant has been approved or denied?

An application review and scoring process will determine the approved applicants. Applicants with the highest scores will be considered until funds are depleted or the Bureau determines in its best judgment that no further awards should be made. The Snowmobile Advisory Council’s Review Committee will make recommendations to the Bureau’s Off-Road Recreational Vehicle Office. Once the Bureau approves applications, all those who have applied will receive a letter stating their status.

What other information must be submitted?

Approved applicants complete a reimbursement request with a paid receipt wih a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and a photo of the equipment. In addition, the amount of any previously sold equipment, the amount of any other grants being used to purchase this equipment, and the amount of any equipment traded in must be included. The reimbursement request and documentation must be returned to the Bureau postmarked on or before September 15th in the approved year. Reimbursement requests postmarked after this date will be reviewed and, unless prior arrangements have been made, will be denied.

How much is the grant?

Reimbursement is a percentage of the cost of the equipment for the approved grants. The percentage is determined annually by the State of Maine Advisory Council once the available grant allotment has been reported to the Bureau. Our current policy is to fund 40% of the approved cost after all other revenue sources have been reviewed and to the extent funding is available to do so.

What kind of equipment is eligible?

Grooming equipment must cost a minimum of $3,000 per power unit or $1500 per drag. The maximum approved cost for a groomer is $200,000. Any equipment wider than 10 feet is not eligible for this grant program. Equipment must be for the purpose of winter grooming of trails that are established with the Bureau of Parks and Lands Off-Road Vehicle (ORV) Office. This grant allows for one groomer or one drag, or one of each on a single application. Two Groomers or two drags will not be allowed.

Is there a purchase date deadline?

Yes, purchases based on approved purchase orders must be completed by September 15th of the calendar year in which the application was approved.

When will awards be paid?

Grants will be paid out after September 15th once grant paperwork is processed in the ORV Office. Purchases based on approved purchase orders must be completed by September 15th of the calendar year in which the purchase order was approved.

Equipment Not Eligible

  • Chain saws, or brush saws, tools, ATV’s, brush mowers, earth moving equipment
  • Grooming equipment less than $3,000 drags less than $1500, equipment over 10’ wide
  • Maintenance items such as parts and pieces to make repairs or assemble equipment
  • Two snowmobiles that are mixed together in order to end up with one good one
  • Parts added to the unit after the initial unit is acquired (lights, horns, radios, etc…)