AWW Visiting Artist Program


April 3, 2024 - Nathan Allard has been selected as the AWW VIsiting Artist for 2024. Visit to view his work. Nathan will be featured in the May issue of the Maine Bureau of Parks and Lands newsletter. Text BPLNEWS to 888-514-7527 to subscribe to the newsletter. Read the April 19 Press Release.


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The Allagash Wilderness Waterway (AWW) has fueled the imagination of Native Americans, rusticators, artisans, and the general public for centuries. Many visitors have attempted to capture the Allagash headwater lakes and lower river's beauty and solitude through stories, drawings, photography, and music. When Henry David Thoreau made his journey to Pillsbury Island on Eagle Lake in the mid-1800s, he was inspired to write about his adventure in The Maine Woods.

To honor this history, the Bureau of Parks and Lands AWW is continuing its Visiting Artist Program. The Program's goal is to immerse a visual artist in the exceptional AWW wilderness to interpret and share their experience through their art.

The selected artist will receive:

  • Rustic cabin lodging on the Waterway for two weeks during the month of August
  • An orientation to the Waterway by AWW rangers
  • Ranger safety check-ins and coordination of AWW transportation, the open studio, and public program(s)
  • Opportunity to invite one guest to join them free of charge
  • Media coverage before, during, and after their Allagash stay, through the Department’s press releases and social media posts, and the Bureau of Parks and Land newsletter.

Please note that no stipend is provided.

In return, Visiting Artists are asked to:

  • Hold at least one evening program, and
  • At least one open studio to demonstrate their skills and techniques to the public.
    (Note: Waterway AWW staff will work with the artist in designing and implementing their programs.)
  • Give one original piece of their Allagash-inspired art to the Bureau/AWW, and
  • Provide the AWW with reproduction quality prints or digital imagery of finished works representative of their style and resulting from their experience in the AWW within one year of their stay.
    (Note: The AWW has the right to reproduce the images for noncommercial use by the AWW at its discretion. Noncommerical use includes the Bureau's social media, newsletter, and website. Commercial use of the images will require the permission of the artist. The artist retains ownership of all other rights to the artwork.)


The one-room cabin provided is located at Lock Dam on the northern end of Chamberlain Lake. For 28 summers, it was the home of Dorothy Boone Kidney and her husband Milford - where they provided information to canoeists and tended the dam. Dorothy wrote two books about their life at Lock Dam. The dam is now a favorite spot for canoeists traveling the AWW, anglers, and those who are looking for a quiet retreat from our modern world. The cabin is located approximately 10 miles from the boat launch at the southern end of Chamberlain Lake and 60 miles from the nearest town, Millinocket. It does not have electricity. It has hand-pumped running water, a woodstove, gas appliances (cookstove, and refrigerator), solar-powered lights, and a canoe. The selected artist must supply all their own food, clothing, outdoor gear, bedding, and art materials.


  • Judging: Artist is selected by a panel of judges that include artists, art professionals, AWW staff, and laypeople. Applications are evaluated on:
    • Quality of Artwork submitted,
    • Strength of Artistic Plan and its relevance to the Allagash,
    • Detail and Thoroughness of Open Studio & Program plan, and
    • Demonstrated knowledge of and ability to work out of a very remote location &/ or experience in the AWW or similar environment.
  • Arrival Date: We will try to accommodate any two-week period during the month of August. Visit dates and studio session(s) will be confirmed with the artist by June 15, 2024.
  • Applications: Must be completed by February 6, 2024. Notification will be made by April 3, 2024. A link to the Online Application is provided below.
  • Guests: We encourage the artist to use the stay as an opportunity to shed the cares of daily life and concentrate on his/her art in a natural environment. For this reason, only one guest may stay with the artist in the cabin.
  • Sale of work: Sale of artwork and individual promotion for profit is prohibited while in the AWW. Sharing of contact information, including business cards, is acceptable.
  • AWW Rules & Regulations: All rules and regulations pertaining to the AWW visitors apply to Visiting Artists.

Apply Online

  • The 2024 application opened on Friday, January 5, 2024 and will close on February 6, 2024. The application link is at the bottom of this section.
  • The items and information you will need to apply are listed below and on the application. Be sure to collect these items before starting to fill out the application. You must complete and save the application in one session. You will not be able to save and return to your work. Required Items:
    • A brief resumé and summary of your creative works.
    • A single-page statement describing your artistic plan during your stay and your intended accomplishments while in Allagash Wilderness Waterway.
    • A description of the evening program(s) and open-studio session(s) to be provided to the public while in the AWW.
    • Names and contact information of two references who know your work.
    • Three to six samples of your recent work as images (JPG, TIFF, PDF, and PNG). Samples should be adequate to display your style and talent, but sizeable enough to be reviewed by a panel. Images over 30 MB will not be accepted. Materials will NOT be returned after the review process.
  • Apply Now

Previous AWW Visiting Artists

2023 - Peter Yesis

2022 - Jordan Parks

2021 - Marty Kotter

2020 - Michael Vermette

In the video above, Michael Vermette, the first AWW Visiting Artist (2020), reflects on his experience and encourages artists to apply and visit the AWW.