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Unit 4: World of Color

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Unit 4 Center Language Supports

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Songs, Word Play, Letters and Numbers

Poems Flannel Board Pieces Clue Game


Hands on Shoulders

Barnyard Song

Game Descriptions   




Pease Porridge Hot

Barnyard Animals


Lion Tail



The Little Turtle

The Snowman

Green Grass







Week 1

Full Day

Part Day

Center Language Supports

Week 2

Full Day

Part Day

Center Language Supports

Week 3

Full Day

Part Day

Center Language Supports

Week 4

Full Day

Part Day

Center Language Supports

Week 5

Full Day

Part Day

Art Studio

Bldg A Laundromat (resource)

Shirt Painting

Mosaics (resource) Brave Capes

Painting the Lions Cave (resource)

Tinting & Shading


Self Portraits (resource)



Bldg A Store (resource)

Bldg a City (resource)


Bldg a Cave (resource)



Washing Stains

Color Mixing

Paint Mixing

Shaving Cream



Laundromat (resource)

Using Brave Capes

The Lions Cave





Color Fading (resource) Washable/Permanent Colors

Traffic Lights & Signs (resource)

Tinting & Shading (resource)

Color Names (resource)

Portraits (resource) Similar & Different

Creating Paint

Bird Beaks (resource) Distinctive Colors of Plants (resource)



Laundry Research (resource 1) (resource 2)


Researching Paint Colors










Large Group R, Y, Bl Data Small Group 1 Sticky Dot Pictures

Small Group 2 Spin, Count & Link

Large Group Parachute Games

Small Group 1 Help Dog Match His Spots (resource 1)

(resource 2) (resource 3)

Small Group 2 Math Color Mixing (resource)

Large Group Swan Harbor

Small Group 1 Grouping Blocks

Small Group 2 Swan Harbor (resource 1) (resource 2) (resource 3) (resource 4) (resource 5)

Large Group Color, Shapes

Small Group 1 Color & Shape Bingo

Small Group 2 Roll a Shape Pictures (resource)

Large Group Color Data Small Groups 1 & 2 Games

(resource 1) (resource 2) (resource 3) (resource 4) (resource 5)

(resource 6)

Read Aloud

 Max’s Dragon Shirt

 Dog’s Colorful Day

Nana in the City

The Lion and The Little Red Bird

The Colors of Us



Small Group

Classroom Maps (resource) Stains

Color & Shape Bingo

Medium (Alphabet Memory)

High (Clay Towns)

Medium (Color Word Matching Game) (resource)

High (Painting Clay Towns)

Medium (Partner Portraits)

High (Comparing Self Portraits)



Unit 4 Week 1

Unit 4 Week 2

Unit 4 Week 3

Unit 4 Week 4

Unit 4 Week 5


T-Shirt Design (resource)

Classroom Color Search

Labeling Paint Colors

Self Portraits



Classroom Maps Laundromat

Color Names Bldg a Town

Research & Labeling Colors

Color Match Game

Distinctive  Colors Giant Geometric Shapes


Outdoor Learning Nature


Colors of Nature

Winter Birds

Maple Sugaring

March Winds

Signs of Spring


Using Games to Teach Math             Parts & Wholes                    Math materials & Books