Troop F Weekly Report 10-31 to 11-06-22

Incident Type:       criminal speeding

Date:                      11/5/2022

Town:                    hodogdon

Trooper:                CPL. QUINT

Brief Synopsis:      Cpl. Quint was conducting traffic enforcement in Hodgdon.  Within an hour, he observed two vehicles, at separate times, grossly exceeding the posted speed limit.  The first driver stated he was having issues with his vehicle and wanted to get home before it quit running, and added he was also late for his curfew.  He was driving 76 in a posted 45 mph zone and was issued a traffic summons for 29 mph over the posted limit.  The second driver was observed driving 91 mph in the same posted 45 mph zone.  The man stated he did not know why he was driving at that speed.  He was issued a criminal summons for the violation.


Incident Type:       OUI

Date:                      11/5/2022

Town:                    madawaska

Trooper:                TR. DESROSIER

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement and was driving through Madawaska.  He observed a vehicle speeding and it also had poor operation.  Tr. Desrosier conducted a traffic stop and after an investigation, the driver was arrested for OUI Alcohol.  The man was taken to Madawaska PD for a breath test and was later able to post bail.  The vehicle was towed from the roadway.


Incident Type:       crash

Date:                      10/31/2022

Town:                    connor

Trooper:                TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Roy was driving through Connor and came across a two-vehicle crash.  An investigation was conducted showing one vehicle was stopped for a school bus and was rear-ended by another car.  Further investigation revealed the driver that struck the vehicle had been consuming alcohol.  Tr. Roy conducted Field Sobriety Testing and determined the man was not impaired.  The man admitted to throwing some of the beer in the ditch before Troopers could arrive.  Tr. Roy issued the man a summons for driver consuming liquor in a motor vehicle on a public way, operator possessing an open alcoholic container on a public-way and littering from a motor vehicle.


Incident Type:       SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT

Date:                      11/3/2022

Town:                    fort kent

Trooper:                TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Roy went to the University of Maine at Fort Kent and spoke with students about rural public safety, the Maine State Police, and opportunities within the agency.


Incident Type:       OAS

Date:                      11/5/2022

Town:                    van buren

Trooper:                TR. RIDER

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Rider was conducting traffic enforcement in Van Buren and stopped a vehicle for an infraction.  During his investigation, it was discovered the driver had a suspended Maine driver’s license.  He was issued a criminal summons for the violation and arranged to have a licensed driver come get him and the vehicle.


Incident Type:       fictitious inspection certificate

Date:                      11/5/2022

Town:                    crystal

Trooper:                TR. CASTONGUAY

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Castonguay was conducting traffic enforcement in Crystal when he observed a vehicle with an inspection certificate that was the wrong shade of blue for 2021/2022.  He stopped the vehicle and found the sticker had been removed from one vehicle and placed on this vehicle. The driver claimed to have no knowledge of where the sticker came from.  He was issued a criminal summons for displaying a fictious inspection certificate and a warning for defective exhaust.



Incident Type:       WARRANT

Date:                      11/2/2022

Town:                    HOULTON

Trooper:                LT HARRIS

Brief Synopsis:      Lt. Harris met with US Customs Officials at the Houlton POE to take custody of a man and a woman, who had kidnapped the man’s juvenile son and fled from Florida to Canada.  The vehicle they used was found abandoned in Littleton in August.  Lt. Harris took custody of both offenders and transported them to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton where they are awaiting extradition back to Florida.


Incident Type:       Suspicious INcident

Date:                      11/1/2022

Town:                    Hodgdon

Trooper:                TR. BARNARD

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Barnard received a complaint reference to gunshots in Hodgdon. A female advised an ATV drove by her house with two people on it. The female advised as they drove by, she heard a gunshot. As Tr. Barnard was responding the female called back again and said the ATV was driving by again. Tr. Barnard found the ATV in the area and spoke with two teenagers who were driving it. The two teenagers advised they did not have a gun. Tr. Barnard discovered the two teenagers had a noise making machine that had made the noise. The two teenagers advised they were just fooling around.


Incident Type:       SPECIALTY TEAM

Date:                      10/31/2022

Town:                    MCJA

Trooper:                TR. LEVESQUE

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Levesque and K-9 Rocco completed their seventh week of K-9 drug detection school at MCJA.


Incident Type:       WARRANT

Date:                      11/3/2022

Town:                    Houlton

Trooper:                TR. MERCHANT

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Merchant received a tip reference to an individual with multiple warrants. Tr. Merchant was told that a male had two active warrants and was currently in Houlton. The male is currently out on bail with a GPS ankle monitor. Tr. Merchant found the male and arrested him on the two active warrants. 


Incident Type:       OUI

Date:                      11/3/2022

Town:                    New Limerick

Trooper:                TR. MERCHANT, SGT. FULLER

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Merchant and Sgt. Fuller responded to Cameron’s Market in New Limerick for a report of a male sitting in his vehicle slumped over his steering wheel. Tr. Merchant and Sgt. Fuller arrived at the convenience store and found the male in the car. Tr. Merchant and Sgt. Fuller made contact with the male who at first appeared to be incoherent. Tr. Merchant conducted a DRE investigation on the male and found him to be under the influence of narcotics. The male was charged with Operating Under the Influence of Drugs.


Incident Type:       Suspicious incident

Date:                      11/04/2022

Town:                    St. Francis

Trooper:                Tr. Curtin

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Curtin responded to a business in St. Francis for a report of a suspicious vehicle found behind the business. A neighbor had found the vehicle with a crowbar on the ground next to the business. Employees had pushed the vehicle out of the way prior to Tr. Curtin arriving. There was a recent burglary/theft at the business which was reported to Forestry. A search warrant is being drafted for the vehicle.


Incident Type:       traffic summons

Date:                      11/04/2022

Town:                    Linneus

Trooper:                Tr. cotton

Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Cotton stopped and charged an 18-year-old male with attaching false plates.