February 2020

  • Portland-Area Man Arrest on Warrant

    Levar Green, 42, of Portland-Area

    WEST GARDINER, Maine - A Portland-area man was arrested earlier today after a traffic stop revealed he had a felony warrant.

    On the morning of Feb. 1, 2020, a Trooper from Troop D stopped a vehicle traveling Northbound on Interstate 95 in West Gardiner for operation. During the roadside investigation, it was learned a passenger in the vehicle was Levar Green, 42, of the Portland, Maine area, had a fully-extraditable Felony Arrest Warrant out of Kennebec County for Domestic Violence Assault and Violating a Protection from Abuse Order. 

    Green was arrested without incident and transported to Kennebec County Jail where bail was set at $5,000.

  • Troop D Weekly Report

    Troop D weekly activities for time January 27th to February 2nd, 2020

    On 1/27/2020 Tr. Martin stopped a vehicle in Searsport for an expired registration. The operator, Michael Whitney (39), had a suspended license. Whitney was charged for Operating After Suspension and released. 

    On 1/27/2020 Trooper’s Belanger and Webber went to the residence of Stephen Larrabee (40) of Prospect who was wanted on a warrant for failure to appear. While there a bail check was conducted. Larrabee was arrested on his warrant and charged with Unlawful Possession of Schedule Z Drug Gabapentin, VCR, and use of drug paraphernalia. Larrabee was transported to Waldo County Jail.

    On 1/28/2020 Tr. Belanger and Trooper Webber went to the residence of Michael Babineau (25) of Searsport for a bail check. Babineau tested positive for cocaine and was in possession of approximately 150 hypodermic apparatuses. Babineau was charged with Violation of Conditional of Release (VCR) and Possession of hypodermic apparatuses.

    On 1/28/2020 Tr. Dunn and Tr. Peckham conducted a bail check of Nikole Powell (31) at her listed bail address in West Gardiner. Both Troopers had previously assisted Gardiner PD in early January on a traffic stop where Powell and her boyfriend Logan McDonald (24) had been arrested for Aggravated Furnishing in Methamphetamine. Powell and McDonald were both located in a camper on the property and a search of the camper revealed a loaded 9 mm Ruger handgun underneath the mattress. Powell was arrested of 3 counts of Violation of Conditional of Release (VCR), as well as Possession of a Firearm by a Felon. Powell was brought to Kennebec County Jail and her bail was subsequently revoked.

    On 1/30/2020 Cpl. Pelletier arrested Nikole Powell (32) reference to 2 active warrants for Possession of Cocaine and Violations of Conditional of Release (VCR).  

    On 1/31/2020 Tr. Adams arrested Autumn McDonald (26) of Searsport. McDonald had a warrant from South Portland PD for Domestic Violence Assault. McDonald was arrested without incident and transported to the Waldo County Jail. 

    On 2/1/2020 Tr. Harrington arrested Levar Green (42) on I95 in West Gardiner. Green held felony warrants for Domestic Violence related charges out of Kennebec County. Green was arrested without incident and transported to KCJ where bail was set at $5,000. Tr. Gleeson and Ofc. Sherland and K9 Jobe with Topsham P.D. assisted with the stop.

    On 2/1/2020 Cpl. Wesbrock conducted a traffic stop on Route 1 in the town of Warren for expired registration.  The operator Brooke Chase (38) of Rockland was charged with the criminal offense of operating with registration expired greater than 150 days. 

    On 2/1/2020 Tr. Martin stopped a vehicle for failing to stop at a stop sign in Prospect. The operator, Jennifer Beckwith Pierce (37), had a suspended license. Pierce was also found to be in possession of heroin/fentanyl. Pierce was arrested and transport to Waldo County Jail where she was charged with Operating After Suspension and Possession of Heroin, Priors. 

    0n 2/2/2020 Tr. Martin stopped a vehicle in Stockton Springs for an expired inspection sticker. Tr. Bureau assisted with the traffic stop and arrest of both occupants. The operator, Ashleigh Gibbs (29) of Brooks was charged with the following: 1. Operating after suspension 2. Violation of conditional release 3. Possession of hypodermic apparatuses 4. Use of drug paraphernalia. The passenger, Joshua Perry (38) of Brooks was charged with the following: 1. Unlawful furnishing of schedule drug 2. Unlawful possession of schedule drug 3. Violation of conditional release 4. Use of drug paraphernalia.  

  • Troop F Weekly Report 01-27 to 02-02-20

    Incident Type:         DRUGS / VCR

    Date:                          2/03/2020

    Town:                        St. John

    Trooper:                   Tr. Desrosier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement in Saint John.  He stopped a vehicle for an infraction and during the traffic stop he observed drugs in the vehicle.  Further investigation determined the driver, who had conditions of release for pending drug charges, was in possession of methamphetamines.  The man was arrested for new drug charges and for being in violation of his bail.  He was transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.

    Incident Type:         OUI

    Date:                          2/01/2020

    Town:                        fort kent

    Trooper:                   Tr. Desrosier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier was conducting traffic enforcement and was driving through Fort Kent.  He observed a vehicle with poor operation and conducted a traffic stop.  During his investigation, Tr. Desrosier suspected the driver was impaired from alcohol.  Field Sobriety Testing was conducted and at its conclusion the man was arrested for OUI.  He was brought to Fort Kent PD for an Intoxilyzer test which showed the driver’s BAC was over the legal limit.  The man was able to post bail and was released.


    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          2/02/2020

    Town:                        easton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin responded to a crash in Easton.  The driver stated she swerved to avoid an animal in the roadway and crashed into the snowbank.  She had called for her husband to come pull her back onto the roadway.  A Deputy from the Aroostook County Sheriff’s Office responded to assist Tr. Desrosier and was talking to the husband.  After an investigation, the man was arrested by Deputy for OUI.  Tr. Martin issued a criminal summons to the female for operating after suspension.  The vehicles were towed from the roadway.

    Incident Type:         Warrant

    Date:                          1/27/2020

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Tr Bell Tr Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Bell observed a male he was familiar with and knew had a warrant walking in Houlton.  The male was arrested without incident.

    Incident Type:         Traffic Complaint

    Date:                          1/29/2020

    Town:                        Reed Plt

    Trooper:                   Tr Bell Sgt fuller

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Bell has been dealing with reckless driving complaints at Hodgdon High School that have resulted in several dangerous close calls.  The student body had been warned by school staff that the behavior needed to stop.  Tr. Bell observed a truck leave school grounds while spinning and squealing its tires while multiple students were leaving school grounds.  The driver, a student, was stopped and wasn't wearing a seatbelt.  The driver was summonsed for unnecessary noise/acceleration and not wearing a seatbelt (second offense).  The student had just been told to drive safely by the Superintendent prior to the student leaving school grounds.

    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          1/30/2020

    Town:                        New Limerick

    Trooper:                   Tr Bell

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Bell observed a male driving in New Limerick that was known to frequently have a suspended license.  The male's suspended license was confirmed, and he was caught up to in Houlton when he pulled into a random house to avoid being stopped.  The male initially said he was going to buy an iPad but couldn't explain who he was buying it from.  Eventually, the male admitted to knowing he was suspended and that he pulled into the random house to avoid being stopped.  The male was given a ride to an awaiting appointment.  


    Incident Type:         WARRANT

    Date:                          1/30/2020

    Town:                        Fort Kent

    Trooper:                   Tr. Curtin

    Brief Synopsis:         Tr. Curtin was checking locations in his patrol area where he had obtained information that people who had outstanding arrest warrants were staying.  During one of the checks he conducted in Fort Kent, Tr. Curtin located a St. Agatha man that had an outstanding warrant for his arrest for failing to appear on theft charges.  He was arrested without incident and transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

    Incident Type:         FRAUD

    Date:                          1/31/2020

    Town:                        Perham

    Trooper:                   Cpl. Michaud

    Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Michaud took a fraud complaint from a woman in Perham.  The woman reported that a check of hers for over $3,000 had been stolen and apparently cashed without her consent.  The investigation is in its early stages but is active and ongoing.


    Incident Type:         SPEAKING ENGAGEMENT

    Date:                          1/29/2020

    Town:                        Presque isle

    Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr.  Saucier conducted an intoxilyzer re-certification class in Presque Isle.  Tr. Saucer re-certified officers from several departments.

    Incident Type:         trespass

    Date:                          2/01/2020

    Town:                        St. Agatha

    Trooper:                   Tr. Curtin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Curtin responded to a St. Agatha residence when a property owner reported that a man she had evicted had returned to the property, entered a building, and removed property.  The man was located by Tr.  Curtin at another residence in St. Agatha.  He was charged with criminal trespass and criminal mischief.

    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          2/01/2020

    Town:                        Smyrna

    Trooper:                   Tr. Sylvia

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Sylvia stopped a vehicle on I-95 in Smyrna for a traffic infraction.  A license check on the operator revealed that the operator’s license was currently under suspension.  He was cited for the violation and a licensed driver was allowed to drive the vehicle after the stop.

  • Machias Shootings

    State Police say one man is in custody following shootings in Washington County this morning, which took place in Machias and Jonesboro.  There are multiple victims. Troopers, Sheriff’s Deputies, Machias Police, the Maine Warden Service and the Maine Forestry Service all responded to the scenes.  State Police Lt. Troy Gardner will update reporters at 5 PM at the Washington Sheriff’s Office in Machias.    

  • Troop J Weekly

    # of School Visits conducted – 3

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 1

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

    # of DV Arrests – 2


    Trooper Keith York responded to a shoplifting complaint in Harrington where Nicole Rezendes (30) of Harrington, was summonsed for theft after stealing alcohol. 


    Trooper Kim Sawyer summonsed Shawn Bohanon (50) of Big Lake Township for Operating After Suspension, Class E for failing to maintain liability insurance after a traffic stop in Baileyville for an expired inspection certificate.


    Trooper Dana Austin stopped a motor vehicle for a traffic violation on Route 1A in Dedham, as a result of the investigation, Steven Goodin (57) of Bangor was summonsed for Operating after Suspension.

    Trooper Andy Foss arrested Richard Williams (46) of Robbinston, for Operating after Suspension.


    Trooper Caleb McGary summonsed Trevon Debois Smallwood (26) of Pennsylvania, for Operating Without a License after a traffic stop in Clifton.

    Trooper Dana Austin stopped a motor vehicle on the Lily Road in Dedham, as a result of the investigation, Anthony Allen (22) of Lincoln was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Schedule W drug. A passenger in the vehicle, Bert Overlock (27) of Bangor was arrested on a Probation Violation. Sergeant Jeff Ingemi assisted.


    Trooper Owen Reed arrested Cory Downing (24) of New Hampshire, for Violation of Conditional Release after he was found to be in possession of alcohol after a suspicious vehicle check in Penobscot.  Reiner Brown (20) of Vermont, was summonsed for Possession of Alcohol by a Minor and John Consavage (19) of New Hampshire, was summonsed for Possession of Liquor by a Minor and Possession of Drugs by a Minor.


  • Troop G Weekly Report

    On 01-27-2020, Sgt. Porter assisted Troop A units on a traffic stop on Route 109 in Wells, just past the I-95 tolls. Cpl. Schmidt and Tr. Handzel had two subjects detained and were searching vehicle. Ultimately, both subjects were arrested for drug charges after narcotics were found. 

    On February 02, 2020, Tpr. Physic arrested Matthew Stiteher for OUI.  Matthew took an intoxilyzer test and blew over the legal limit.

    DARE 1Tpr. Physic had concluded his DARE class at Leeds Central School with a celebration this past week.  The topics Tpr. Physic talked about this past winter was team building, bullying, tobacco, vaping and other various topics.  Tpr. Physic also awarded Rylee Stevens a citizenship award.  Tpr. Physic awarded Rylee with a commemorative license plate with an encouraging license plate.  Below are pictures of the celebration.DARE 2

    Tpr. LiBritz stopped a vehicle south of the York toll for a brake light out. The passenger immediately stated she wasn’t driving because she had the flu. Upon further investigation it was discovered the driver, Nelson Martinez (37), did not have a license and he was on probation. Martinez was arrested and summonsed for operating after habitual offender revocation and violation of conditional release. His probation officer put a hold on him as well. 

    Sgt. Doughty stopped Abigail DeGregoris (28) of Kennebunk for criminal speed, 84 mph in the posted 50 mph construction zone, by Exit 45 in South Portland. 

    Chris Cureton pleaded of Wales plead guilty to fentanyl trafficking and a probation violation stemming from a traffic stop Sgt. Pappas and Trooper Darcy conducted. He received a 30-month state sentence.
    Arthur Miles changed his plea to guilty in Federal court for distribution of fentanyl stemming from a traffic stop Sgt. Pappas conducted in 2017.  He will be sentenced in late spring. 

    Tpr. Darcy and Sgt. Porter assisted Cpl. Schmidt (Troop A) with a traffic stop where a large amount of fentanyl was seized. After the stop was clear, Tpr. Darcy responded to Troop A and assisted in interviews with the subjects involved as well as evidence processing.

    Tpr. Darcy seized a small amount of crystal methamphetamine as the result of a traffic stop northbound on the turnpike in Wells. 

    On 2-1-20 Tr. Kelley stopped and summonsed a 19-year-old female from Colorado who was driving 105 MPH in Litchfield.  

  • Richmond Murder Arrest

    State Police today arrested an Augusta man in connection with the death of a Richmond man in October.  42 year old Tyon Shuron was arrested outside his home at 7 Washington Place about 2PM and charged with murder.  Shuron is charged in connection with the death of 48 year old Andrew Sherman, whose body was found inside his Richmond home on October 11.  Shuron will be taken to the Two Bridges Jail in Wiscasset and will make his first court appearance in Bath Monday or Tuesday.  Additional information could be released in court paperwork at Shuron's court appearance.

  • Saco Turnpike Crash

    Saco CrashState police say a young Massachusetts man was seriously injured this afternoon when his car skidded into the path of a delivery truck.  The crash took place on the Maine Turnpike in Saco, just before 1 PM   Troopers said 25 year old Marco Yeung of Quincy, MA is being treated at Maine Medical Center for head injuries.  The crash was the most serious of several that took place along the turnpike in the Saco area during today's Snow and ice storm.   Troopers said Yeung lost control of his car in the passing lane and it spun out and into the path of the truck.  The truck driver - 51 year old Kevin McCrillis of Westbrook was not injured.  The truck is owned by New England Gypsum of South Portland.

  • Three Killed in Clinton Crash

    Clinton CrashState and Clinton Police say three Clinton teenagers and pre-teens died early Sunday morning when the car they were passengers in slammed into a tree on the Hinckley Road in Clinton.  Two others in the car, including the driver, survived the crash and are being treated at Maine Medical Center for non life threatening injuries . Troopers said the car struck an icy patch on the road, went into an uncontrolled skid and struck the large tree on the passengers side of the 2007 Toyota Corolla.

    The three victims are 15 year old Thomas Porfirio , 14 year old Emily Baker and her 12 year old sister, Ashland Baker. The three were dead inside the car when first responders arrived at the crash site.

    The injured ,who were also found inside the car, are 14 year old Nevaeh Wilson of Clinton  and the driver is a 16 year old Clinton boy.  His name is being withhold as investigators and district attorney's office continue to review the crash investigation.  The cause is likely to be driver inexperience and speed and the boy did not have a driver's license.Clinton Crash 2

    The crash was reported at 7:16 AM by another driver and a team of troopers joined  Clinton Police and Fire Department personnel at the scene.   The crash took place on a straight section of the Hinckley Road, near the intersection of the True Road. 

  • Troop J Weekly (02-03-20 to 02-09-20)

    # of School Visits conducted – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 0

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

    # of DV Arrests – 0


    Trooper Caleb McGary summonsed Collin Chamberlain (22) of Ellsworth, for Violation of Conditional Release after a traffic stop in Ellsworth found that he was in possession of knives in violation of his bail.

    Trooper Owen Reed responded to a burglary complaint in Blue Hill where a business had been broken into and tools were reported stolen.  Investigation continues.

    Trooper Owen Reed summonsed Ryan Williford (33) of Blue Hill, for Operating Without a License after a traffic stop in Penobscot.


    Trooper David Barnard responded to a single vehicle crash in Lambert Lake. The operator, Thomas Farnham (24) of Vanceboro was charged with Operating after Suspension.


    Trooper Dana Austin responded to Route 9 in Amherst for a tractor trailer that had jackknifed. Route 9 had to be closed down for approximately 3 hours while the tractor trailer was pulled back onto the roadway. Trooper Austin was assisted by Warden Alan Curtis of the Maine Warden Service.