January 2020


    On Jan. 1, 2020, State Police charged a Harmony man in connection with a shootout with police two Sunday's ago that started in Waterville and ended in Canaan after a police chase.  Richard Murray-Burns was arrested as he was being released from Eastern Maine Medical Center in Bangor Sunday afternoon, where he had been treated for gunshot wounds since the shooting on December 22.  Murray-Burns was charged with aggravated attempted murder and was taken to the Somerset County Jail.  He was released from the hospital early this afternoon and arrested by State Police detectives who transported him to the jail.  The arrest was made following consultation with the district attorney's office and Murray-Burns will likely make his first court appearance either Thursday or Friday. 

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  • Troop F Weekly Report 12-30-19 to 01-05-20

    Incident Type:         passing stopped school bus

    Date:                          1/02/2020

    Town:                        mars hill

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin investigated a complaint of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus in Mars Hill.  The suspect vehicle was observed travelling at a high rate of speed and was closing on the school bus.  The bus had its red lights flashing and the vehicle passed the bus.  Tr. Martin located the driver and she admitted to passing the school bus.  The woman was issued a criminal summons for the offense.


    Incident Type:         fictitious inspection

    Date:                          1/04/2020

    Town:                        crystal

    Trooper:                   Cpl. Quint

    Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Quint was conducting traffic enforcement on Route 159, Crystal.  He observed a vehicle driving towards Island Falls and the inspection sticker appeared to have been tampered.  Cpl. Quint stopped the vehicle and spoke with the driver.  An investigation determined the inspection sticker was not for that vehicle and it was removed.  The driver was issued a criminal summons for the fictitious sticker and a traffic summons for not having insurance.  The driver was less than a mile from home and was allowed to take the vehicle back to his residence.


    Incident Type:         pd tt unit crash

    Date:                          1/04/2020

    Town:                        island falls

    Trooper:                   tr cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       HRCC received a call about a Tractor Trailer Unit that was up against the guard rail in the area of I95 MM276 South. Tr. Cotton arrived on scene and contacted the operator of the TT Unit. After brief investigation, Trooper Cotton determined the operator was traveling in the driving lane when he lost control of the truck. The TT unit crossed into the passing lane and then into the guardrail. The TT unit took out approximately 100 yards of guard rail. The TT unit came to rest when the trailer jackknifed in the median and hit the RT. 159 Bridge upright, breaking the trailer in half. The operator complained of minor pain but refused an ambulance. A wrecker service will be removing the truck when the weather improves. A DOT bridge inspector was called to the scene and determined that one lane of the Rt. 159 bridge needed to be shut down until they conclude their damage investigation. 


    Incident Type:         noise disturbance

    Date:                          12/29/2019

    Town:                        sherman

    Trooper:                   tr cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       HRCC received a complaint of trucks revving their engines in the parking lot of the Sherman Irving, which was waking up her children. Tr. Cotton had received complaints from the same individual in the past about the same activity but was never able to locate the trucks in the parking lot. Tr. Cotton contacted two trucks and two males in one of the pickup trucks and determined that they were the cause of the loud and unreasonable noise. Tr. Cotton warned both operators for Disorderly Conduct and advised them of the consequences if the noise continued.

    Incident Type:         traffic violation

    Date:                          1/04/2020

    Town:                        presque isle

    Trooper:                   Tr. Levesque

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Levesque was on routine patrol when he noticed a black pickup being evasive.  Tr. Levesque noticed it had a temporary registration plate and it was issued in October.  Tr. Levesque stopped the pickup and the driver had bought the truck from a private sale and the truck was not registered.  The driver admitted that the plate was falsely attached and there was no inspection sticker.  Tr. Levesque issued the driver both criminal summon and traffic summonses



    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          12/30/2019

    Town:                        Monticello

    Trooper:                   Cpl. Michaud

    Brief Synopsis:         Cpl. Michaud responded to a motor vehicle crash in Monticello.  During the course of the investigation he learned that the female operator’s right to operate was currently under suspension.  She was cited for Operating After Suspension and a licensed driver was able to drive the vehicle from the scene.


    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          12/30/2019

    Town:                        patten

    Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Saucier stopped a motor vehicle in Patten for a registration violation.  During the course of his investigation, he learned that the operator’s right to operate was currently under suspension.  The operator was cited for Operating After Suspension and a registration violation.

    Incident Type:         CRIMINAL MISCHIEF

    Date:                          12/30/2019

    Town:                        patten

    Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr Saucier responded to Patten when a report was received that someone had damaged property at a home in town.  Tr. Saucier’s investigation led him to a suspect that had shot at 2 windows in a residence because he was upset with someone at the home.  The suspect was charged with criminal mischief.

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  • Troop J Weekly

    # of School Visits conducted – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 2

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

    # of DV Arrests – 0


    Sergeant Jeff Ingemi arrested Gordon Moores (36) of Calais for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol and Violation of Bail after a traffic stop in Marshfield. 


    Trooper Caleb McGary summonsed Leroy Turner (40) of Steuben, for Operating with a Revoked License after a traffic stop in Steuben.

    Trooper Dana Austin investigated a trespassing complaint in Surry, as a result of the investigation, Laurel Doughty (48) of Surry was summonsed for Criminal Trespass.

    Trooper Dana Austin stopped a motor vehicle for a traffic violation in Hancock, as a result of the investigation, Michael Church (48) of Franklin was arrested for Unlawful Possession of Heroin (Class C) Unlawful Possession of Cocaine (Class D), and Violation of Conditional Release. Trooper Austin was assisted by Corporal Christopher Smith and Trooper Joshua Lander.



    Sergeant Jeff Ingemi arrested Francis “Sony” Pike (54) of Princeton, for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol in Princeton.  Trooper Kim Sawyer assisted. 

    Trooper Caleb McGary summonsed Michael McNamara (48) of Bar Harbor, for Criminal Speed after a traffic stop in Dedham.  89 in a 55 zone.

    Trooper Blaine Silk responded to a report of an assault in Milbridge. When Trooper Silk arrived at the residence, he encountered Anthony Beal (63) of Milbridge who was combative. BEAL was summonsed for Refusing to Submit to Detention. Sergeant Timothy Varney and the Washington County Sheriff’s Office assisted.

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    State Police say Interstate 95 in Augusta was shut down on the northbound side as police dealt with a man sitting alone inside a car with a gun. The incident was on the off ramp at exit 113 in Augusta, and State and Augusta Police are on scene.    Northbound Interstate traffic was diverted at exit 112 ( Civic Center Dr. )  and motorists traveling north had to use secondary roads to get back on the Interstate at Sidney.  Southbound Interstate traffic was not effected.  The situation resolved around 8:30 a.m. No further details are being released at this time.

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  • Troop D Weekly Report

    Troop D weekly activities for time December 30th 2019, to January 5, 2020

    On 12/29/19 Tr. Peckham stopped Jennifer Beattie (54) of Waterville and Abdul-Rashid Bilal (22) of New York, New York on I-95 in West Gardiner for a vehicle defect and expired registration. Jennifer was on bail for drug possession and a search was conducted. Jennifer was summonsed for operating with a suspended registration, VCR and the vehicle was towed.

    On 12/29/19 Tr. Belanger stopped a vehicle on Water St in Augusta for Speeding 30mph in a 25mph zone. The passenger, Jessica Shaughnessy (33) of Augusta, had an active warrant for FTA. Shaughnessy was also found in the possession of unprescribed muscle relaxers. Shaughnessy was arrested on her warrant and possession of schedule Z drug.

    On 12/29/19 Recruit Mattson and Tr. Belanger stopped Ethan Mitchell (19) of Searsmont on Rt. 173 in Searsmont. Mitchell was operating with a permit only and transporting 4 juveniles. Mitchell was issued a summons for operating without a driver’s license. 

    On 12/30/19 Recruit Mattson and Tr. Belanger stopped David Dineen (56) of Gardiner on Water St in Randolph for an expired inspection. Dineen had an expired registration and was ultimately charged with operating with an expired registration greater than 150 days.

    On 12/30/19 Tr. Nunez responded to a slide off on Rt 126 in West Gardiner. The occupant was not hurt, and there was no damage to the vehicle. 

    On 12/31/19 Sgt. Quintero arrested Evan West 21 of Belmont. West was found traveling in a vehicle with one 16-year-old female and two 17-year-old females.  All parties admitted that West was providing the juveniles with Schedule Z drugs.  The drugs were recovered from the vehicle. West was Charged with Class C Furnishing of Schedule Drugs.

    On 1/1/2020 Tr. Verhille stopped John Kiermaier (67) of Augusta for operating an unregistered motor vehicle greater than 150 days.  Kiermaier was summonsed for the offense. 

    On 1/3/2020 Trooper’s Dunn and Belanger conducted a bail check of Devere Cudo (31) of Farmingdale at 7 Lauryn Lane in Farmingdale. Cudo was on bail for OUI following a Christmas Day crash on Rt. 1 in Wiscasset where he struck another vehicle. Tr. Dunn observed Cudo attempting to hide a bottle of alcohol inside the apartment and Cudo was arrested for VCR based upon his possession and consumption of alcohol.

    On 1/3/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Leo Coutu (34) of Augusta on Grant St in Farmingdale for a defective tail light. Coutu attempted to Elude the stop, ultimately crashing into a snow bank. Coutu was arrested on 3 warrant, OAS, and possession of schedule Z drugs. Coutu was transported to Kennebec County Jail.

    On 1/3/2020 Tr. Belanger stopped Deanna Jones (37) of Farmingdale for an expired registration on Maine Ave in Farmingdale. Jones was charged with operating with an expired registration greater than 150 days.

    On 1/4/2020 Tr. Harrington summonsed Richard Sears (31) of China for attaching false plates on Western Ave in Augusta. 

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  • Island Falls Tractor Trailer Wreck

    island Falls 1A tractor trailer truck travelling south on Interstate 95 lost control and slammed into a bridge support, cutting the trailer in half.

    On Jan. 4, 2020, at approximately 7:50 p.m., Houlton Regional Communications Center received a call advising them that there was a tractor trailer leaning against a guard rail in the area of mile marker 276 South bound (Island Falls). Trooper Cotton arrived on scene and observed a white Tractor Trailer Unit wrapped around the Rt. 159 concrete bridge support. Trooper Cotton determined that the tractor trailer had lost control due to the poor weather and road conditions, slid into and broke approximately 100 yards of guard rail, before sliding into the median and into the bridge support. The impact from the bridge support broke the trailer in half. The driver suffered minor injuries.

    A DOT bridge inspector was called to the scene. Westerdahls towing will be removing the truck when the weather improves.

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  • Troop G Weekly Report

    On 01-05-2020, Troopers were asked to BOLO for a vehicle heading northbound on I-95 from the NH line. The request was from Biddeford PD who had just issued arrest warrants on a Caleb Pelkey (28) out of Portland for DV Terrorizing and DV Stalking on 01-03-2020. Biddeford PD stated that Pelkey was an Outlaw MC Gang member and had just been seen in a photo with a firearm. There was reason to believe that an occupant of the vehicle was Pelkey. Trooper MacKinnon spotted the vehicle NB and Trooper Paradis and Keim pulled behind him in order to do a felony stop. Three subjects total were in the vehicle, all three showed as active Outlaw MC Gang members in METRO. The vehicle was stopped just prior to the Kennebunk Service Plaza. Pelkey was driving the vehicle and was arrested on the warrants and transported to the York County Jail. The other two members in the vehicle were identified as Mark Morin (41) and Howard Kraft (61) both of Portland. 

    12-31-19- Tpr. Darcy arrested William McCall (38) of Biddeford on an active failure to appear warrant as the result of a traffic stop northbound on the turnpike in Wells. William was also issued a summons for Operating after Suspension. The vehicle was towed from the scene as the registration was suspended for tolls.

    1-2-20- Tpr. Darcy arrested Alex Lane (43) of Cornish on an active, unpaid fines warrant as the result of a traffic stop northbound on the turnpike in York. 
    On 1/5/2020      Tr. Wilkinson responded to a slide off in the area of mile marker 36 in Saco. Subsequently, the male operator was arrested for OUI and tested above the legal limit. Sgt. Pappas assisted. 

    On 1/5/2020     Tr. Wilkinson and K9 Pinny were requested to assist Westbrook Police Department with a sniff of two subjects they had detained for suspicious activity. K9 Pinny indicated on the buttocks crack of the male subject and did not indicate on the female subject. The male refused to relinquish the narcotics on his own and Westbrook PD officers were not willing to put in the effort for a search warrant for an involuntary strip search. The female corroborated K9 Pinny’s indication and stated she was going to purchase crack cocaine from the male subject prior to police contact and that he had it in his genital area. 

    On January 1, Tpr. Physic arrested Steven Walker for OUI who blew over the legal limit. Tpr. Libritz assisted. 

    On January 4, Tpr. Physic arrested Hadin Ngouabi Okombi for OUI, who blew over the legal limit.

    Tr. Vanadestine stopped Christopher Bean of Augusta for operating 102 MPH on the turnpike in Augusta. 

    Tr. Vanadestine responded to a crash at mile 99 in the construction zone. A Rory Colby crashed his car into the jersey barriers.  He was arrested for OAS and OUI.  
    Tr. Vanadestine responded to a crash with minor injuries.  A Timothy Card of Lisbon crashed his pickup truck in to the embankment, he was transported to the ER for injuries.  Card was refused to submit to chemical test.  CARD was arrested for OUI and his truck was totaled.

    On 01-01-2020, Tr. Duda summonsed Anthony Beard, age 31, for operating with a suspended registration in York.

    On 01-02-2020, Tr. Duda summonsed Clarence Stevens, age 56, for operating after revocation in York. 

    On 01-04-2020, Tr. Duda arrested Gerard Lapierre, age 64, of Augusta for operating under the influence. Tr. Duda was working an OUI detail and observed Lapierre operating erratically on State Street in Augusta. Lapierre was subsequently arrested and brought to the Augusta Police Department for a breath test. Lapierre blew over the legal limit.

    Tr. And K9 Mack conducted 4 exterior K9 sniff this week for Troop G troopers. No indications were present.

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    There has been a multi-vehicle crash in the Northbound lanes of I95 by Mile Marker 174 in Carmel. 50 to 60 vehicles are reportedly involved, and the northbound lanes are closed and will likely remain closed for much of the day. The public is urged to seek an alternate route. Traffic that is currently on the interstate is being diverted at exit 157 in Newport. LifeFlight has been dispatched and there are injuries, though the extent of them are unknown. Multiple wreckers have been dispatched out of the Bangor region to assist Troopers on the scene.

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    Approximately 30 vehicles were involved in the pile-up. (Photo from Maine Forest Service Helicopter, courtesy of the Maine Forest Rangers).

    State Police now say about 30 vehicles were involved in this morning’s chain reaction crash on Interstate 95 in Carmel.  The crash has closed the northbound lanes.  There have been some injuries, including one serious that the Lifeflight helicopter landed in the road, north of the crash site, to transport that person to a  Bangor hospital.

    Several hundred motorists have been stranded behind the crash site and troopers  and the Maine Department of Transportation are making plans to utilize a crossover to get those vehicles turned around.

    Initial reports say blinding sun may have caused the first crash about 7:45 AM, and then several other vehicles collided in a chain reaction.   A team of troopers and a fleet of wreckers are on scene to clear the road of the wrecked vehicles and the northbound side is expected to remain closed until – at least – noon.

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    State Police have charged a Newport man with the death of his wife inside their home at 16 North Street in Newport.  State Police Detectives were called  by Newport Police after they were called to the home as a result of a 911 call at 10 AM .  Dead is 37 year old Anielka Allen and under arrest and charged with murder is her husband -- 40 year old Frederick Allen.  State Police say this was a domestic violence homicide .  
    Detectives and Evidence Technicians have been at the home all day and were expected to continue work at the home on Friday.  Allen was arrested  late Thursday afternoon and taken to the Penobscot County Jail.  He is expected to make his first court appearance on Friday.   The couple have been living at the home since 2012.  The body of Mrs. Allen was transported to the State Medical Examiner's Office in Augusta where an autopsy is scheduled Friday.  This is the state's first homicide in 2020. 

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