June 2020

  • Troop B Weekly 05/18/2020-05/24/2020

    In honor of Memorial Day, Lt. Tilsley & Troop Secretary Sara Parsons placed a new flag on the gravesite of Glenn Strange in South Portland; Sgt. Hanson, Tr. Reny, and Tr. Paquette placed new flags on the gravesites of Gil Landry in Auburn; and Fred Foster in Lisbon.

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  • Troop F Weekly Report 05-25 to 05-31-20

    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          5/25/2020

    Town:                        limestone

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin was driving through Limestone and observed a vehicle make an abrupt stop at an intersection.  He also noticed the driver was not wearing his seatbelt.  Tr. Martin stopped the man for the violation and found he had a suspended driver’s license due to a recent OUI conviction.  Tr. Martin helped the man arrange for a licensed driver to come get him and the vehicle and issued him a criminal summons for the violation.


    Incident Type:         ASSIST OTHER AGENCY

    Date:                          5/26/2020

    Town:                        fort kent

    Trooper:                   Tr. Desrosier

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier assisted Fort Kent PD with an investigation.  The officer had information that a man, who is a felon, is in possession of a firearm.  The Fort Kent officer and Tr. Desrosier located the man on Main Street and consequent an investigation and being found in possession of a firearm, he was arrested and transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.


    Incident Type:         OP without a license

    Date:                          5/28/2020

    Town:                        blaine

    Trooper:                   Tr. Rider

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Rider was patrolling on the Robinson road when he recognized a female operating a South Carolina van with an expired license.  Tr. Rider pulled the van over and later found out that the driver’s license was suspended out of South Carolina.  Tr. Rider summons the female for operating without a license.


    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          5/31/2020

    Town:                        monticello

    Trooper:                   Sgt. Haines

    Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines stopped a vehicle for a traffic infraction on Route 1 in Monticello.  A license check revealed that the male operator’s right to operate out of Connecticut was currently under suspension.  He was summoned to Houlton Court for the violation and a licensed operator was allowed to drive the vehicle from the scene.

    Incident Type:         THEFT

    Date:                          5/30/2020

    Town:                        St. Agatha

    Trooper:                   Tr. Curtin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Curtin was contacted by a local business in St. Agatha regarding a shoplifting complaint.  A female was reported to have been seen on video stealing from a convenience store.  Tr. Curtin located the woman later in the day and was able to recover the stolen property.  The business owner wanted the woman to return and speak with them about the incident and the matter was handled by them internally.



    Incident Type:         ACCIDENT

    Date:                          5/31/2020

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Mahon

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Mahon charged a New Hampshire man for failing to report a crash.  Tr. Mahon’s investigation showed that the man had struck a moose just after midnight on Route 11.  The crash had been reported by a witness, but Troopers were unable to locate the vehicle involved.  At about 0430 an attendant from a local convenience store reported a vehicle that appeared to have been involved in a crash.  Tr. Mahon located the man and summoned him to Houlton District Court for failing to report his crash using the quickest possible means.


    Incident Type:         ACCIDENT - SERIOUS INJURY

    Date:                          5/25/2020

    Town:                        Silver Ridge

    Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

    Brief Synopsis:       State Police received a report of vehicle crash on the Pond Rd in Silver Ridge Twp.  Tr. Tim Saucier responded and investigated the crash.  The investigation determined that 39-year-old Henry Spurlock of Silver Ridge was traveling east on the Pond Rd in a 1994 Mazda pickup towing a small utility trailer.  Spurlock reported he swerved to avoid a moose and lost control of his vehicle leaving the roadway and rolling his truck on its side striking a rock and coming to rest in the trees.  Spurlock was wearing his seatbelt and suffered non-life-threatening injuries.  Spurlock was transported to the Millinocket hospital by Patten Ambulance.  The Sherman Fire Department also assisted at the scene. 

  • Troop J Weekly Report (05-24-20 to 05-31-20)

    # of School Visits conducted – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 3

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 0

    # of DV Arrests – 2


    Trooper Dana Austin was dispatched to Mariaville for a suspicous complaint. A camp owner called to report he had found a door open to his camp and he had also located a suspicous male walking around his camp. Trooper Austin responded to the scene and located the male walking on the Old Hay Road. The male provided a fake name to Trooper Austin and after some time it was learned that the male was James Newenham (36) of Milbridge. James was uncooperative and was subsequently arrested for Refusing to Submit to Arrest, Disorderly Conduct, Unlawful Possession of Schedule Z drugs, and for Violating his Probation Conditions. Trooper Austin was assisted at the scene by Sergeant Jason Sattler, Trooper Gavin Endre, and Warden Eric Rudolph.


    Trooper Caleb McGary summonsed Jasmine Thomas (19) of Brooksville, for Criminal Speed after a traffic stop in Surry.  (90-mph in a 55-mph zone).


    Trooper Dana Austin stopped a motor vehicle for a traffic violation in Hancock, as a result of the investigation, Kevin Venard (19) of Sullivan was summonsed for Exceeding the posted speed limit by 30 miles per hour or more (89-mph in a 50-mph zone).


    Trooper Dana Austin stopped a motor vehicle for a traffic violation in Hancock, as a result of the investigation, Joshua Wilbur (34) of Franklin was summonsed for Operating after Habitual Offender Revocation.

    Trooper Dana Austin responded to Sullivan for a fight between two individuals. As a result of the investigation, Justin Kane (24) of Sullivan was arrested for a Probation Violation. Trooper Austin was assisted by Corporal Christopher Smith.  

    Corporal Micah Perkins responded to a crash in Wesley where a pick-up truck pulled in front of a motorcycle.  Both the driver and passenger of the motorcycle were taken to the hospital.  The driver of the pick-up truck, Thomas Smith (33) of Steuben, was arrested for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol.    Washington Sheriff Office assisted.

    Trooper Keith York summonsed Christopher Grant (20) of Calais, for Violation of Conditional Release in Alexander after he was found to have been consuming alcohol in violation of his conditions of release.  Sergeant Jeff Ingemi assisted. 


    Trooper Owen Reed arrested Clint Curtis (47) of Blue Hill, for Operating Under the Influence of Alcohol after he was found spinning his tires in the middle of the road in Blue Hill. 

  • Troop G Weekly Report 05/25/2020 - 05/31/2020

    On 05/27/2020, Tr. Loder recovered a vehicle that had been stolen from Wells two days earlier. The vehicle was left on a closed/defunct departing ramp by the Exit 36 interchange which can only be accessed by driving behind a section of guardrail along the mainline. Wells PD processed the vehicle.

    On 05/29/2020, Tr. Darcy attempted to stop a vehicle traveling northbound on the turnpike in York. The vehicle took off at a high rate of speed. The chase was called off for the public’s safety. The occupants are believed to be known and the investigation is ongoing.

    On 05/29/2020, Tr. Darcy seized approximately 9 grams of fentanyl as the result of a traffic stop on Main St. in Saco. The investigation is ongoing. Tr. Williams assisted.

    On 05/30/2020, Tr. Welch stopped Omar S. Mehri (20) of Lincoln, RI for Criminal Speed (116 MPH) at mile 23 in Kennebunk. Mehri was cited accordingly.

    On 05/30/2020, Tr. Reaser assisted Wells PD with locating a stolen vehicle.

    On 05/30/2020, Tr. Reaser located a stolen vehicle at mile marker 8 northbound on the turnpike. It was towed to South Portland PD.

    On 05/31/2020, Sgt. Burton responded to Portland and Brunswick to assist the local PDs and Troop B with large protests.

    Tr. Physic summonsed the following 3 individuals for Criminal Speed: Dylan Montessor, Gisele Mukundwa, and Mitchell Moran.

    Sgt. Pappas assisted Troop C with an interdiction stop.

    Sgt. Pappas assisted Gardiner PD with a drug investigation.


  • Human Remains Found in Unity

    State Police are investigating the discovery of human remains in Sandy Stream in Unity.  The discovery was made by kayakers last Friday.  They contacted the Waldo Sheriff's Office.   State Police Detectives collected the remains and have consulted with the State Medical Examiner’s office. The remains appear to be an adult man and likely have been in the stream for several years.  Detectives, Game Wardens and State Police Evidence Technicians conducted searches of the area this week and more are planned, both in the stream and in the immediate area.  Investigators also have reviewed missing persons cases on file, but there is no obvious match.  Anyone with information about the case is asked to call State Police in Augusta at 207-624-7076. 

  • Auburn Death Being Investigated

    Maine State Police, Major Crimes Unit-South and Auburn Police are investigating the death of a man outside of an apartment complex at 116 Hampshire Street during the night.  Auburn Police responded to the scene Wednesday night, shortly after 11:00 PM after a witness called 911 and reported that two men were involved in a physical altercation.  Auburn Rescue also responded to the scene and transported the victim, who is in his 40s,  to the Central Maine Medical Center where he later died.  The other man involved in the altercation left the scene on foot. Investigators say there is no threat to the public and that they know who the man is, but have not been able to locate him.

    The victim’s identity is being withheld until family members can be notified.  An autopsy will take place later today at the Medical Examiner’s Office in Augusta.  Detectives from both agencies and the State Police Evidence Response Team will remain on scene throughout the day conducting interviews and collecting evidence.  

    Anyone with information regarding this case, should contact State Police at 624-7076 or Auburn Police 333-6650.  

  • Troop J Weekly Report (05-31-20 to 06-07-20)

    # of School Visits conducted – 0

    # of OUI Alcohol Arrests – 0

    # of OUI Drug Arrests – 1

    # of DV Arrests – 2


    Trooper Kim Sawyer received a report that someone had entered a garage in Crawford.   The suspects were gone upon arrival.  On June 4, 2020 the suspects were identified as Micheal Grimanis (21) of Baileyville and a juvenile of Chester.  Micheal was summonsed for Burglary and Theft and the juvenile was summonsed for the Juvenile crimes of Burglary and Theft.


    Trooper Keith York responded to a crash in Trescott where it was reported that a vehicle was spinning its tires in the roadway and caught on fire.  The operator, Nicholas Hatt (23) of Lubec, was arrested for Operating Under the Influence of Drugs.  Baileyville Police Department assisted as a Drug Recognition Expert.


    Trooper Dana Austin stopped a motor vehicle for a traffic violation in Hancock, as a result of the investigation, Felica Ridley (23) of Franklin was summonsed for Operating after Suspension.

  • Troop F Weekly Report 06-01 to 06-07-20

    Incident Type:         SPECIALTY - DRE

    Date:                          6/05/2020

    Town:                        sinclair

    Trooper:                   Tr. Desrosier

    Brief Synopsis:       The Aroostook County Sheriff’s Department requested a DRE respond to a crash.  Tr. Desrosier arrived and as he started talking to the male suspect, the man said he was not going to cooperate with the tests.  Further investigation revealed the man is prescribed Suboxone, Xanax, and Clonazepam.  The combination of the drugs likely resulted in his impairment causing the crash.  The man was arrested for OUI by the Sheriff’s Deputy.


    Incident Type:         operating without license

    Date:                          6/05/2020

    Town:                        caribou

    Trooper:                   Tr. Martin

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin was driving through Caribou while on patrol and observed a vehicle with a defective headlight.  Tr. Martin stopped the car and discovered the driver did not have a driver’s license.  The registration plates did not belong to the vehicle and the passenger stated she was in the process of purchasing the vehicle from a relative.  Tr. Martin issued the driver a criminal summons for operating without a license and had the passenger remove the plates from the vehicle.  There was no paperwork indicating the vehicle was recently purchased and Tr. Martin issued a summons for false attachment of plates.


    Incident Type:         criminal speeding / warrant

    Date:                          6/06/2020

    Town:                        orient

    Trooper:                   Tr. Kilcollins

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Kilcollins was conducting traffic enforcement in Orient when he met a vehicle driving 90 mph in a posted 55 mph zone.  Tr. Kilcollins stopped the vehicle and discovered the driver had two warrants Tr. Kilcollins arrested the man and arranged to have the vehicle removed from the road and he was transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.


    Incident Type:         criminal mischief

    Date:                          6/04/2020

    Town:                        madawaska lake twp

    Trooper:                   Cpl. Hafford

    Brief Synopsis:       MDOT called in a report of graffiti at the rest area in Madawaska Lake.  All the walls in the outhouse had graffiti written in black marker.  There are no leads or evidence, Tr.’s will watch the area during nighttime hours. 


    Incident Type:         oas

    Date:                          6/02/2020

    Town:                        new limerick

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton was traveling on Rt 2. In New Limerick when he observed a Go Cart/Dune buggy traveling South on Route 2. Tr. Cotton stopped the Dune buggy for lack of proper lighting, lack of registration stickers and poor operation. Ultimately the male had a suspended license and was issued a criminal summons.  The Dune Buggy was found to be part Suzuki four-wheeler, part go cart, and part Honda three-wheeler. Tr. Cotton allowed the male to drive it back to his house on Rt. 2 where he parked it.


    Incident Type:         assist pso

    Date:                          6/07/2020

    Town:                        PATTEN

    Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton was advised of a disorderly property dispute at a residence on the Clark Road in Patten. Tr. Cotton and the Deputy arrived on scene and determined that the situation was civil and there were no valid threats. The caller was able to retrieve some personal property and was advised of the eviction process.

    Incident Type:         oas

    Date:                          6/02/2020

    Town:                        castle hill

    Trooper:                   Tr. Rider

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Rider was patrolling on the State Road in Castle Hill when he observed a pickup truck with no inspection sticker.  Tr. Rider pulled the truck over and the man immediately admitted that he did not have a license.  Tr. Rider arranged to get a licensed driver to get the vehicle and issued the man a criminal summons for OAS. 


    Incident Type:         oas

    Date:                          6/02/2020

    Town:                        washburn

    Trooper:                   Tr. Rider

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Rider was patrolling in Washburn when he observed a man driving that he believed to be suspended.  Tr. Rider pulled the vehicle over and found that the driver did have a suspended driver’s license.  Tr. Rider arranged for a licensed driver to get the vehicle and issued the man a criminal summons for OAS.  It was later discovered that the same individuals in the vehicle were involved in a theft at Lowes’ an hour prior to the traffic stop.  The individuals were wearing the same clothes on the traffic stop as they were in the video surveillance at Lowes’.  


    Incident Type:         Instructor

    Date:                          6/05/2020

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Sgt. Haines

    Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines taught an eight-hour block of instruction on Use of Force to new officers at the 200-hour pre-service program.  Houlton PD hosted the training and once certified the new officers will be working in Houlton and Fort Kent.   


    Incident Type:         CRIMINAL MISCHIEF

    Date:                          6/05/2020

    Town:                        castle hill

    Trooper:                   Tr. Casavant

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Casavant began an investigation into a criminal mischief complaint in Castle Hill.  A resident reported that a window of one of his vehicles had been damaged overnight.  The investigation is ongoing.


    Incident Type:         WARRANT

    Date:                          6/06/2020

    Town:                        Houlton

    Trooper:                   Tr. Sylvia

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Sylvia arrested a 21-year-old Oakfield man without incident on an outstanding warrant for criminal mischief.  The subject turned himself into the State Police Barracks.


    Incident Type:         OAS

    Date:                          6/04/2020

    Town:                        Mars Hill

    Trooper:                   Tr. Mahon

    Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Mahon summoned a local woman for Operating After Suspension in Mars Hill.  The woman was pulled over for a seatbelt violation and a computer check revealed that her license was suspended.  A licensed operator was located and drove the vehicle once the traffic stop was completed.


    Incident Type:         THEFT

    Date:                          3/05/2020

    Town:                        Blaine

    Trooper:                   Tr. Casavant

     Brief Synopsis:      Tr. Casavant received information regarding the theft of a snowmobile and ATV from a location in Blaine.  The theft appears to be related to a similar incident in the town of Fort Fairfield.  Information has been developed in the cases and Tr. Casavant’s investigation into the incident is ongoing

    *UPDATE** 6-6-20 Tr. Casavant recovered the snowmobile and ATV during his investigation.  The suspect, a 22-year old male who is currently living in the Bangor area cut communication with Tr. Casavant.  Tr. Casavant will be seeking a warrant for his arrest for Class C Theft. 


    Incident Type:         DRUGS

    Date:                          6/06/2020

    Town:                        Monticello

    Trooper:                   Tr. Mahon

    Brief Synopsis: Tr Mahon was monitoring traffic on Route 1 in Montello when he noticed a vehicle, who’s operator was on bail conditions subject to search and testing, drive past him.  The bail conditions in effect were from previous drug convictions.  Tr. Mahon pulled the vehicle over and as a result of his investigatory stop he ultimately charged a Portland man with 2 counts of possession of schedule Z drugs, violation conditions of release, and operating without a license.  The man was arrested without incident and transported to the Aroostook County Jail.

  • Troop G Weekly Report 06/01/2020 - 06/07/2020

    On 5/31/2020, Tr. Welch stopped Jonathan A. Mulero (37) of Nashua, NH for speed at mile 20 in Wells. As a result of the stop, Mulero was charged with Operating with a Suspended Registration (Tolls).

    On 06/01/2020, Sgt. Pappas summonsed Brianna McArthur of Biddeford for Operating after Suspension.

    On 06/01/2020, Tr. Davis and Sgt. Pappas responded to a vehicle fire at mile marker 81 in Lewiston. The operator drove off the roadway, striking the embankment, then rolled the vehicle which caught on fire. The operator, Trevor Slyvester of East Falmouth, MA, was transported to Central Maine Medical Center. Slyvester was charged with OUI.

    On 06/01/2020, at approximately 2045 hours, Tr. Hager was called out to respond to Portland for a protest/demonstration in the area of the Portland PD. Tr. Hager assisted Troop G, Troop A, and Troop B units with the multi-jurisdictional response. All units cleared Portland at approximately 0230 hours.

    On 06/03/2020, Cpl. Cote arrested Joseph R. Johnson (30) of MN on the ME Turnpike in Sabattus at mile 89 NB for OUI. His BrAC was over the legal limit.

    On 06/04/2020, Tr. Darcy charged Ryen O’Connor (32) of Old Orchard Beach with Unlawful Trafficking Schedule W Drugs as the result of a traffic stop northbound on the turnpike in Ogunquit. Ryen was found to be in possession of 28 grams of crack cocaine. Tr. Williams assisted.


    On 06/05/2020, Cpl. Cote summonsed Andrew Gerrish (40) of Sedgwick on the ME Turnpike in Lewiston at mile 79 SB for Operating after Suspension.

    On 06/05/2020, Cpl. Cote, with Troopers Williams and Darcy, responded to a complaint of road rage northbound on I-95 in Wells. The complainant alleged another driver had pointed a gun at him through the window during the altercation. Tr. Williams located the suspect vehicle in the Kennebunk Plaza and made contact with the driver, who denied brandishing a firearm. During the contact, the driver ignored Tr. Williams’ orders not to walk back toward the truck, and was subsequently arrested for Refusing to Submit to Arrest on Detention Class D. No firearm was located, and no further charges were deemed appropriate as a result of the investigation.

    On 06/06/2020, Tr. Loder arrested Richard Stevens (53) of Old Orchard Beach for OUI-Liquor. Tr. Williams assisted.

    On 06/06/2020, after receiving several traffic complaints about a vehicle that was all over the road and struck a guardrail, Tr. Darcy stopped the vehicle southbound on the turnpike in Kennebunk. As a result, the driver, Marie Forbes (56) of Hampton, NH was charged with OUI.

     On 06/07/2020, at approximately 0645, Tr. Duda and Sgt. Pappas responded to a single vehicle crash near mile marker 61 northbound. The lone female driver, Meaghan Grunst (25) of Massachusetts appeared to be under the influence. Grunst was transported to Maine Medical Center with complaints of pain. Grunst was charged with OUI. Blood draw results are pending.

    On 06/07/2020, Sgt. Porter stopped a vehicle off Exit 42 after a passerby stopped to say they were following a vehicle from Wells to Scarborough that had the vehicle’s bumper hanging off. It was stopped and the operator, Tara Ann McLeod (27) of Worcester, MA, stated she hit a bump in the roadway and the bumper that was already loose fell off. The plates were illegally attached, and the vehicle was towed. McLeod was charged with Operating an Unsafe Motor Vehicle.

    On 06/07/2020, Tr. Welch stopped Ruth C. Barrett (44) of Wells for Criminal Speed (101 MPH) at mile 23 in Kennebunk. Barrett was cited accordingly.

    Tr. Physic attended a forum with some citizens of Maine dealing with race.

    Tr. Wilkinson assisted with the Portland protests on multiple days.

    Tr. Keim was activated for the Crowd Management Team to Portland, Guilford, Lewiston, and Augusta for protests this week.

    Tr. Keller was called out for the Member Assistance Team this week.

    Cpl. Cloutier, Tr. Keller, Tr. Keim, Tr. Worcester, Tr. MacKinnon, and Sgt. Porter all assisted with the protests in Portland this week.

  • Trooper Struck by Fleeing Car

    Belmain vehicleOn Sunday, June 14, 2020 at 4:35 pm the Maine State Police received a report of a green sports car with no registration plates failing to maintain its proper lane and driving erratically on Interstate 95 near mile marker 140 south bound in the town of Clinton.
    A Trooper from Troop C located the vehicle on the interstate in Waterville, and conducted a traffic stop after witnessing the reported erratic operation. Once the vehicle was stopped the Trooper attempted to identify the operator and noticed he was alone in the vehicle. The driver failed to remain at the scene, and a pursuit took place as the vehicle continued to operate erratically. Troopers from Troop D assisted in the pursuit as the vehicle continued south on Interstate 95 into Augusta where the operator exited at mile marker 113 and proceeded east on Route 3. Trooper Mickael Nunez, a 3 year Trooper with the department, was outside of his vehicle as he attempted to deploy a tire deflating spike mat on Route 3 in China when the offending vehicle struck him at a high rate of speed. The offending vehicle then crashed, and the operator was later identified as Robert Belmain (53) of Caribou. Belmain was brought to Central Maine Medical Center in Lewiston for injuries sustained in the crash. Tr. Nunez was brought to Maine General Medical Center in Augusta and is undergoing surgery for a broken leg. He is listed in stable condition.
    Charges are pending against Robert Belmain for Failure to Maintain Proper Lane, Criminal Speed, Eluding, Failing to Submit to Arrest/Detention, Destruction of Evidence, Reckless Conduct, Operating Under the Influence, Driving to Endanger, Possession of a Scheduled Drug, Sale/Use of Drug Paraphernalia, Operating After Suspension-Habitual Offender and Violating Conditions of Release.
    Our thoughts and prayers are with Tr. Nunez and his family for a speedy recovery.