Troop F Weekly Report 03-13 to 03-19-23

Incident Type:         DRUGS

Date:                          3/18/2023

Town:                        caribou

Trooper:                   TR. DESROSIER

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Desrosier stopped a vehicle in Caribou for a traffic infraction.  He was familiar with one of the men in the vehicle who gave him a false name and birthdate.  Further investigation revealed the man had several bail conditions and numerous arrest warrants.  Tr. Desrosier confirmed the man’s true identity and arrested him.  During a search, drugs were found inside the vehicle.  The passenger in the vehicle was also arrested for violating bail conditions and drug charges.  Both men were taken to Caribou PD.  One was bailed and the other was transported to the Aroostook County Jail.



Incident Type:         altering veichicle after inspection

Date:                          3/17/2023

Town:                        presque isle

Trooper:                   TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Presque Isle and observed a vehicle with several defects.  After stopping the truck and conducting an investigation, Tr. Roy discovered the owner/driver altered the vehicle after it was inspected by tinting the windows with an illegal tint and modifying the exhaust.  The man was given a warning for the defects and a criminal summons for altering the motor vehicle after inspection.


Incident Type:         warrant

Date:                          3/13/2023

Town:                        woodland

Trooper:                   TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Rider arrested a man in Limestone for having two active arrest warrants and was having approbation revoked.  The man tried to hide in a garage under some debris but was still found by Tr. Rider.  The man was arrested without incident and was transported to the Aroostook County Jail in Houlton.


Incident Type:         THEFT

Date:                          3/18/2023

Town:                        Perham

Trooper:                   CPL. KILCOLLINS

Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Kilcollins assisted Presque Isle Police Department (PIPD) with a crash on the Caribou Road. PIPD received a call that male had lost control of his vehicle and crashed. Cpl. Kilcollins arrived no scene and recognized the male from previous encounters. The male advised PIPD that he had been drinking and appeared to be under the influence of alcohol. The male was taken to the police department for further testing. The male advised PIPD officers that he had stolen his parent’s vehicle. Cpl. Kilcollins spoke with the male, and he advised he had in fact stolen the vehicle. Cpl. Kilcollins attempted to contact the parents but was not able to reach them. The male was taken to jail for driving with a Revoked License and Operating Under the Influence. Cpl. Kilcollins is continuing to reach the parents to see if the male had in fact stolen the vehicle.


Incident Type:         TRAINING

Date:                          3/15/2023

Town:                        Bangor

Trooper:                   TR. MARTIN

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Martin attended a three-day forensic statement analysis class at Brewer Police Department.


Incident Type:         firearms

Date:                          3/12/2023

Town:                        houlton

Trooper:                   sgt. haines/cpl. casavant

Brief Synopsis:       Troop F is doing an evidence room inventory and multiple firearms are in our possession that were found or turned in with no known owner listed.  If anyone has lost or is missing a firearm and has proof of ownership with a serial number, contact Troop F for Sgt. Josh Haines or Corporal Nick Casavant.


Incident Type:         Trespassing

Date:                          3/14/2023

Town:                        Island falls

Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Saucier investigated a trespass complaint in Island Falls.  As a result of the investigation a male party was trying to get a truck that he believed belonged to him from the property.  The man was issued a trespass warning and told not to return. 


Incident Type:         OUI Drugs

Date:                          3/15/2023

Town:                        Madawaska Lake Twp

Trooper:                   Tr. Curtin

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Curtin was traveling on Route 161 in Madawaska Lake Twp when he came across a vehicle pulled to the side of the roadway.  He checked on the driver found he was passed out behind the wheel.  The 25-year-old male was well known to police for drug and mental health issues, and he was arrested for OUI Drugs.  A DRE at Caribou PD attempted to have the subject perform tests and he refused.